MLG is so toxic, she caused a far-left legislator to leave the Democrat Party

On Monday, the second 2021 Special Session commenced in Santa Fe, with the public being required to wear masks, have jabs, and leave their guns at home in an increasingly hostile environment begun by Democrats at the Legislature.

The special session, meant for redistricting congressional, legislative, and Public Education Commission districts, began with a bang. Following weeks of hostility from Democrat leaders, such as Senate Pro-Tem Mimi Stewart (D-Bernalillo), far-left state Sen. Jacob Candelaria (D-Bernalillo) finally had it with the Democrats’ bullying. He announced he was leaving the Democrat Party over its partisanship and toxicity.

Candelaria said, “I don’t think anyone can look at … the unconstitutional acts of this governor and not conclude that this partisan virus is starting to affect who we are as a country,” referring to Michelle Lujan Grisham

He mentioned how the Democrats’ special session was merely a way to ram through as much partisanship as possible by gerrymandering maps to benefit Democrats. 

“I don’t think that the decisions we make should be based on partisan ambitions, and it broke my heart to see already that the Senate maps deliberately dilute and gerrymander the west side of Albuquerque to preserve perceived partisan advantage for some members of the Democratic Party,” he said, according to the Santa Fe New Mexican. “You would strip representation from people that I represent, many of whom are Hispanic, simply because it benefits you at the ballot box.”

Candelaria said he’s “done playing this game” and has submitted forms to change his party registration to “Decline to State.”

Will Reinert of the Republican Governors Association said, “Senator Candelaria saw the same thing New Mexicans are beginning to recognize — that Michelle Lujan Grisham always thinks she is above the law,” He added, “Senator Candelaria’s wise decision is just the beginning of what is going to be a long campaign season for Governor Lujan Grisham as voters begin to examine her failed record.”

The toxic Governor, who many believe is a lame-duck one with her reelection around the corner, has done nothing to benefit her image, including dining on $200 per pound Wagyu beef steaks on the taxpayers’ dime, allegedly grabbing multiple men’s crotches which led to a $150,000 settlement to one accuser, paying her own daughter over $8,000 in campaign funds for hair and makeup, locking down the state which caused over 40% of small businesses to close their doors and her radical far-left policies that have plunged New Mexico into further decline. 

Now, with Lujan Grisham forcing members of her own party to jump ship, she might not think she’s as comfortable in her reelection chances amid the turmoil.

14 thoughts on “MLG is so toxic, she caused a far-left legislator to leave the Democrat Party”

    1. Karen stands for the Rule of Law and is the best candidate for gov. Everyone needs to support her and learn your rights and demand all public servants uphold their oath.

      Do not comply to unlawful, unconstitutional orders. This is just the beginning of an evil NWO agenda that is available for everyone to read about and has been in place and being set up for a hundred years. Read up on Klaus Schwab, the singularity and the great reset. Get your kids out of the poisonous public schools.

  1. Mark Ronchetti for Governor, the one honest candidate that will save our state~get this toxic witch Grisham out for good! Time to be pro-active and stand up for New Mexico and this country!

  2. Good to hear! The comment about Mark Ronchetti, however, is disturbing. Mark Ronchetti is totally for Biden’s “green” policies and is NOT a good choice for the next gubernatorial race. Please research!!! He is on record stating his platform and it sounds like it came from the far-left playbook. He should keep his day job.

    1. I agree CJ. We need someone who will uphold the state and national constitutions and defend our God given rights.

      Ronchetti lost last time. He does not stand for anything.

  3. Evil Dem's ruined NM, worthless Rhino's sit and do nothing

    What a bunch of nonsense. A democrap calling other democraps bad. They should have all been doing their jobs from the very beginning. They were put in their positions by the public. They were not born into so called “privilege’s.” They all need to be thrown out of office especially our evil governor MLG. I will be shocked if New Mexicans ever do the right thing and get these selfish people out of office.

  4. If MLG would allow titer tests for covid then we could reopen the state, rip off the masks and still keep our wonderful drs, nurses, ems, working. So many were exposed at the beginning most have natural immunity. This woman has the Napoleon complex she’s too short to be powerful so she abrogates all New Mexican rights. Hopefully we will actually get a educated experienced candidate with expertise in funds, business, and move forward using our all our resources for the betterment of New Mexico, Greg Zanetti.

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