In latest gaffe, Biden says he’s visiting ‘Mexico’ to campaign for Lujan Grisham

On Sunday, while speaking with reporters, Joe Biden said he’s going o be busy campaigning in many states for Democrat candidates. 

He told reporters while speaking from Wilmington, Delaware, “I’m gonna be engaged. I’m gonna be back in Pennsylvania, gonna be in Maryland, gonna be, I believe, in Mexico, California. So I’m gonna be all around the country.”


It appears Biden meant New Mexico, where he will stump on Thursday for far-left Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham, who has a tight single-digit lead over Republican Mark Ronchetti. 

Last week, Kamala Harris visited New Mexico to stump for Lujan Grisham and promote abortion up-to-birth, while Biden previously visited New Mexico over the summer to talk about wildfires started by the federal government in the state.

Biden has made many similar gaffes in the past, including calling the Chinese coronavirus the “Lujan Virus,” when attempting to say “Wuhan,” the province where the pandemic originated. 

Biden has a 39% approval rating in New Mexico, according to the latest Civiqs poll conducted on October 29, 2022.

As polls tighten, New Mexicans have until Saturday, November 5, to cast their early votes ahead of November 8 — Election Day. Polling locations and sample ballots can all be found by visiting


6 thoughts on “In latest gaffe, Biden says he’s visiting ‘Mexico’ to campaign for Lujan Grisham”

  1. Reminds me Of New Mexico Magazine’s “One of Our 50 is Missing.”
    Yes a long time Liberal rag. Is geography still taught in school?

    1. I bet you would have cared if it had been a republican. Would you have been as blasé if it had been President Trump who had said it?

  2. He’s not far wrong, for once. New Mexico, under continuous Democrat rule, is becoming more and more like Mexico or another third world country

    1. Agree. There’s some restaurants in Albuquerque where the wait staff are mainly Spanish speaking with poor understanding of English, but they do try.

  3. Lujan are you listening? Bidens got you covered!
    Wuhan lab now Lujan lab!
    Hes going to visit u in Mexico?? R u packed or r u headed to China?
    Border wide open so 54 states would be correct! Make sure u help him out there but don’t tell him our state fails in all levels of education! He is gonna fit right in!

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