MLG skipping Biden swearing-in after being snubbed for HHS cabinet post

On Monday, it was reported that Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham will not attend the inaugural ceremonies of former Vice President Joe Biden in Washington, D.C. on January 20th, citing her discouragement of “non-essential travel during the pandemic,” according to KOB 4 News. the Nation’s Capital is a restricted area, per the Governor’s executive orders.

However, the Governor’s orders have never stopped her from violating them before. Despite demanding New Mexicans stay home during the Christmas holiday, Lujan Grisham went with her financé to visit her mother, a violation of her public health orders.

Grisham also purchased luxury jewelry from a shuttered “non-essential” business back in May of 2020, a clear violation of her orders. She also allegedly had salon visits during this time, which also care clear violations of the public health mandates. 

The Governor’s supposed reason for not going to the Biden inauguration could very well be just an excuse, since Biden previously snubbed her for a role as Health and Human Services (HHS) secretary after she declined a Department of the Interior secretary post. 

The move came after Ben Ray Luján, Lujan Grisham’s alleged cousin, and other far-left members of Congress begged Biden to consider the New Mexico governor for the HHS role. 

Once news got out that the Governor was “no longer favored” for the post, leftist members of Congress blasted Joe Biden’s incoming chief of staff, Ron Klain for rejecting Lujan Grisham so publicly.

Rep. Ben Ray Lujan, a member from New Mexico, spoke up first, according to Grijalva, but was followed by a chorus of members in the CHC about the harm it had done to Lujan Grisham’s reputation and other women who had been interested in positions in Biden’s Cabinet.

“You can’t be cavalier with this stuff. Their reputations are on the line and when something comes up like, ‘We offered her something and she didn’t take it,’ it puts a bad light on her and on other candidates,” Grijalva said.

Grijalva said that members were also frustrated that it had hurt Rep. Deb Haaland, a Democrat from New Mexico, who had expressed an interest in the top job at Interior.

“Most of us interpreted it as a slap in both their faces,” Grijalva said. He added that Klain “shared both the concern and sometimes the anger that members were expressing.”

Now, the move for Lujan Grisham to sit at home and watch the inauguration “virtually” appears to be a strategic one, as the may not want to align with an incoming administration that publicly shunned her–most likely due to her absolute failure during the COVID-19 pandemic to lower case numbers, while simultaneously wrecking her state’s economy to shreds.

Governors from all across the country, including from bordering states, are attending the Biden inauguration, even RINO (Republican in name only) Gov. Doug Ducey of Arizona is making the trek to D.C. for the event. 

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  1. “I’ll show them”…I guess after Gov. Boss Hog theatened to hold her breath if she didn’t get the hhs position, she ultimately failed even that after 3 seconds, she’ll deprive them of all her fake intelligence and aura of nauseating BS by shunning them! Yeah she’ll show them alright!

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