President Trump endorses Ronchetti, calls Lujan Grisham ‘terrible’

In an early morning Truth Social post Monday, President Donald J. Trump threw his support around New Mexico Republican gubernatorial nominee Mark Ronchetti, who is running against far-left Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham.

The 45th President said, “New Mexico has an absolutely terrible Governor, Michelle Lujan Grisham. She is WEAK on Crime, bad on the Border where illegal aliens are pouring into our Country at record numbers, & has almost no support from Law Enforcement, which fully understands what a disaster she has been. Also, Drugs & Human Trafficking are OUT OF CONTROL.” 

He then praised Ronchetti as an “outstanding” candidate.

Trump wrote, “The good news is that Republican Nominee Mark Ronchetti is outstanding. He will be tough & smart on Crime, the Border & everything else. Mark [has] my Total Endorsement!”

Ronchetti is polling within single digits of Lujan Grisham. He has consistently outraised the embattled Democrat, who has been plagued by her scandal-ridden tenure as governor.

Early voting is through November 5 and Election Day is on November 8.

A previous version of this article incorrectly said Trump made the announcement in a “tweet.” He actually announced it in a Truth Social post.


37 thoughts on “President Trump endorses Ronchetti, calls Lujan Grisham ‘terrible’”

  1. I believe Trump’s endorsement of Ronchetti will help with conservative Democrats and Independents. I’m fairly certain the vast majority of Republican voters are already supporting Mark. How sweet it will be if Mark pulls off a great upset in the governor’s race.

    1. People need to educate themselves on what’s really true about the candidates running, even Trump. Most people don’t know the truth about Ronchetti, and how he made fun of Trump and even stated ‘I use to be a Republican until the orange one’. Watch the video below and see for yourself:

      A vast majority of voters are NOT supporting Ronchetti, but are supporting Bedonie because they know the truth. Bedonie is the only one who understands New Mexico and can make the needed changes to save us and our children! Go to and see for yourself.

      1. Yes Debbie, but the problem is Republicans are just splitting their votes by voting for someone other than Ronchetti. I saw that video a couple years ago & confronted Ronchetti about it. He’s definitely not a perfect candidate but we have to vote for the candidate MOST likely to win to get rid of Grisham.

  2. The one subject that has not been brought to light in Mark Ronchetti’s campaign is the children that are maimed and killed every year by parents and “care takers” that have been , or are being investigated by CYFD. CYFD needs to be totally gutted and rebuilt by a Governor that puts our children first. Heads of these departments need to be appointed by skill level, and knowledge, not by repayment for donations or favoritism….

    1. CYFD has been a mess for many years but seems like politics have completely taken over. They DON’T care about the kids; they’ve demonstrated that repeatedly.

    2. Russell:

      You’re absolutely right. CYFD is a travesty and NM children will continue to suffer greatly until MLG is shown the door.


      John Onstad

    3. you need to look deeper into cyfd. they traffic kids and are paid to do it. the clintons set this up back in the 90’s. they need to be completely dismantled for they are a criminal organization that does not abide by our founding documents. fbi stats show 85% of trafficked kids were involved in foster care.

      the only way to stop the abuse of children is to admit what a dysfunctional culture we have in nm that is abusive and creates crime. this is why our politicians are sociopaths and nm is consistently last . the people vote for corruption for they are corrupt. the people need to take responsibility for enabling this sickness or nothing will change.

  3. Trump is so uninformed!!!! I’m very much a Trump supporter but someone has gotten to him and lied to him. Ronchetti said in 2019, “I used to be a Republican until the Orange One! But that’s taken part of my soul that I don’t think will ever come back!” Ronchetti is a Never Trumper! Believe me, if Trump knew the truth, he would call Ronchetti out and endorse Karen Bedonie who has been a Trump supporter from the beginning! But what do we expect when the Democrats AND the GOP control ALL of the media! That’s the same reason that Karen was excluded from the debates!

    1. Karen was excluded because she’s not a real candidate. Self admitted that she wants Michelle in office. She’s human garbage

    2. One thing that the Bedonie supporters and she, herself have refused to see is that if MLG gets in, New Mexico FAILS! Bedonie’s self-aggrandizing speech, bragging that if she is in the race, “That man” will never become governor.” How freaking selfish is that.
      You think Trump isn’t stupid? You think he actually doesn’t know what MR said? He’s willing to endorse someone who said that to save our poor destroyed state. That is much bigger than Bedonie will EVER be. And Bedonie also put out a fabricated “truth” that DJT endorsed her several months ago! What a bold-faced LIAR! I have the screen shots! Narcissistic to the nth degree. She only took it down after being confronted, but she had the audacity to even put it up, without ever recanting or apologizing. “It was a joke.” Whatever.
      We’ve got a lot of business to do to save this state, and personal feelings have ZERO place in getting the job done! A real poser, spoiler, & a fraud. Thank God, Trump endorsed Mark Ronchetti. Let’s get on with fixing NM. The Bedonie group has been snowed by emotionalism and religious shaming of KB. I’m sorry that she did that. It’s manipulative and wrong. Also very hard to see. She needs to step down immediately. Most bizarre thing I’ve seen in recent history. Good, well-meaning people persuaded by someone like her. This whole thing is much bigger than we can see.

      1. typical victim mentality. we need someone to save us. the people need to step up demand impeachment and remove from office all errant public servants. the sheriffs can do this, but they have no back bone and there are not enough people willing to step up and demand this be done.

      2. nothing and no one can save the culture/people of nm which is based in abuse theft and grifting. only the Divine can assist us in this if we ask and then do the work to change. it does not matter who is in office, so long as the people remain corrupt, unrepentant and unwilling to end generations of abuse served up as normal.

    3. I agree that Trump is uninformed. Trump does not realize that Ronchetti is PRO-ABORTION up to 15 weeks. Per Ronchetti in Pinon Post after Roe vs Wade overturned: ” I believe permitting abortion up to 15 weeks and in cases involving rape, incest, and when a mother’s life is at risk is a very reasonable position that most in New Mexico will support regardless of party affiliation.”
      Karen Bedonie is the only PRO-LIFE candidate running – PRO-LIFE AT CONCEPTION. 15 weeks is NOT PRO-LIFE!!!

    4. Karen didn’t have the required 10% support needed to qualify for the debates. Those are the rules that exist for everyone running. Are people not taught this in school anymore?

    5. Emotions put aside, let’s look at this logically. What does it matter if Ronchetti doesn’t like Trump? It doesn’t! We need to vote Grisham out and right now Ronchetti is our best chance to do so. Trump knows what he doing. He endorsed Oz, of all people…why? To beat out Fetterman!!! Strategy, not emotions! We need to win this and free ourselves from tyrannical Grisham and take back our state. Ronchetti is our chance, whether people like him or not. Honestly, this late in the game, we need to pull together and make this happen or this state will never recover.
      The governor answers to us. If he’s elected, hold his feet to the fire and makes sure he upholds the Constitution and does the will of the people. It doesn’t matter if he likes Trump or not.

  4. Bedonie admitted she is staying in the race only to Keep MLG in office. She cannot stand Mark Ronchetti. Shame on her and for everyone who votes for her. It is a vote to keep the bruja in office.

    1. I don’t know where you are getting your info, but it is totally a wrong source. I have spoken directly with Karen and I know that she is NOT running as a spoiler candidate. She truly loves New Mexico and wants to turn this State around and make it something we all can be proud of. No one would spend as much effort and time crossing the State and putting 180,000 miles on her vehicle if she didn’t have a genuine desire to reach New Mexicans with a message of positive change for our government. Karen is a leader we can believe in and trust. A vote for Bedonie is NOT a vote for anyone else because SHE WILL WIN!!!

  5. I hope Mark appreciates this and has respect for President Trump. He didn’t have to do this. As for Bedonie I don’t understand the obsession with Mark. Shouldn’t she be fighting MLG the real criminal here?

    1. Bedonie doesn’t need to spend an ounce of effort exposing MLG’s shortcomings–anyone who has been around and suffered under her draconian rule knows what I am talking about. When a majority of businesses fail under her leadership, nobody needs to be told how bad she really is.
      But RINO Ronchetti is a puppet of the DC Washington regime and has no real experience leading people at all. Bedonie is exposing what a RINO puppet that Ronchetti really is, and she needs not to have any effort expended against MLG because Ronchetti’s campaign is spending $Millions doing just that.
      Everyone already knows that MLG is a criminal, but do we truly want to replace a criminal with a RINO puppet?

  6. I WAS a strong supporter for Bedonie. WAS. Her last three videos show that she has changed. Using the phrases “They are a piece of crap” “They are dry humping the people’s legs” just to name a few. There are more. This is extremely unprofessional and crude. Demanding people vote for her. Shouting that she has been abused because she is Indian. She has an obsession with Ronchetti. I believe in her desperation to win she has become a little unhinged. If this is how she performs under pressure I do not think this will be good for New Mexico.

  7. Ronchetti is a rino plant. The only reason Trump endorsed him is because of the little R… pathetic. Forget voting Christian values. People would rather sell out of convenience instead of standing on their feet and fighting.

    1. New Mexico Voice, do you honestly think Trump wants us to lose this country, or this state? Since day one, he’s been fighting for us.
      Desantis came out to campaign with Ronchetti, Trump endorses him. This is not a game, it’s a strategy to win back what is ours.

      IF Ronchetti is what you say he is, then we’ll deal with that later. Right now, our job is to unite and vote the democrats out! Ronchetti is the most viable candidate to overtake Grisham. There are no more alternatives! One week to go and we’re still squabbling over this…….

  8. Mark Ronchetti is running as a conservative, but he is a RINO. And he hates Trump, I cannot understand why Trump would endorse him given what Ronchetti has said about him. Trump is listening to the wrong advisors.
    Ronchetti is a WEATHERMAN, not governor material. He is all appearance but no substance. We need someone in the governor’s office who has real experience in business and whose values are truly Pro-New Mexico.
    Ronchetti is owned by the “Machine”, and so he will to Washington’s bidding, not New Mexico’s. Bedonie is not beholden to special interest money or Party money. She is free to do what is best for New Mexicans.
    MLG cannot win, unless the D’s rig the machines again, like they have in the past. Anyone who has lived in New Mexico for the last four years knows what havoc her policies have played on our people. Over sixty percent of our businesses were destroyed by MLG’s terrible policies.
    But Ronchetti is no better. A fake conservative and a Never Trumper will not do New Mexico any good at all.
    I’m supporting Bedonie, and I believe that come election time, everyone will be surprised who the voters of New Mexico ultimately turn out for when she wins.

  9. Definition Insanity

    Being a television weatherman is a great job, wake up…every time I hear this being said, it’s from a low energy loser.

  10. Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham

    hey guys, its your favorite gov michelle! Lisa i saw you called me a bruja and unacceptable. i brought your pay check up. because trump endorsed WRONGchetti he will lose. new mexicans love me.
    xoxo Michelle

  11. I thought that the low information voters who will brainlessly vote for MLG were pathetic.

    Bedonie supporters are proving that a new low is possible.

    It should be all about tossing MLG from the governorship, not some losing crusade that will only insure her winning and another 4 more years of pain.

    1. Exactly, Bob!

      Our job next week is to vote Grisham, and all democrats out!

      One week to go, and I sure hope we are more unified in this state than the comments here reflect. If Grisham wins, kiss this state goodbye.

  12. All you Bedonie trolls are hilarious. RINO Ronchetti is still better than that Marxist hag Grisham, and still better than someone who is only staying in the race out of spite. NM voters wouldn’t know a true Libertarian if one was standing in front of them. Better offer prayers up to St. Jude, because NM is a lost cause.

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