Ronchetti team trolls Kamala Harris amid NM campaign stop for MLG

As Kamala Harris visits Albuquerque Tuesday to support far-left pro-abortion Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s re-election efforts, Republican gubernatorial candidate Mark Ronchetti’s campaign is bringing up her past tweets that say sexual abuse accusers must be heard.

Lujan Grisham paid a former staffer, James Hallinan, $150,000 in hush money and forced him to sign a non-disclosure agreement after he claimed she mocked his manhood after she poured water over and groped his crotch.

Harris, in previous tweets, claimed she supports “all survivors of sexual assault or abuse. We won’t let them be silenced or ignored. #BelieveSurvivors.” Yet she is campaigning for Lujan Grisham, who not only was accused but paid off money to alleged abuse victims. 

Ronchetti’s campaign had a mobile billboard with Harris’ tweets drive around the event venue at Keller Hall on the University of New Mexico campus. The billboard also asked, “Kamala, #ItsOnUs to stop sexual assault, so why have you not called out MLG for committing sexual assault?”

The Ronchetti campaign wrote on Twitter, “Right now, @Michelle4NM is campaigning with VP Kamala Harris in Albuquerque. In the past, the VP has taken a strong stance against sexual assault. So, we sent a mobile billboard to their event to ask her if she still supports sexual assault victims.”

See what it looks like: 

Ronchetti is currently polling ahead of Lujan Grisham, whose scandals are taking a toll on her re-election prospects. Instead of debating issues, she has pivoted almost exclusively to talking about abortion.

The in attendance for the event included far-left U.S. Sen. Ben Ray Luján, U.S. Rep. Melanie Stansbury (CD-3), state Sen. Leo Jaramillo (Rio Arriba), and lame-duck state Rep. Roger Montoya, also from Rio Arriba County — all Democrats.

Some views from inside the event, per the Santa Fe New Mexican’s Daniel Chacón:


12 thoughts on “Ronchetti team trolls Kamala Harris amid NM campaign stop for MLG”

  1. MLG has been assaulting New Mexicans throughout her governorship, and not just sexually, either. Her draconian lockdowns were a brutal attack on our liberty and psyche.

  2. As much as I’d LOVE to see MLG forced to resign in disgrace because of her sexual assault guilt (and so much for than this!) whose going to prosecute her. She owns the state Supreme Court, she owns the State Police, she owns all the state legislators. What does that leave us ?
    In light of this reality, lets simply VOTE HER OUT OF OFFICE, and then demand that Ronchetti prosecute her !!

  3. I so wish that I had been there when kamala showed up. I had some questions to ask..but even if I was there, I would not have been allowed to ask my questions because they would not fit the socialist agenda of the president, her and the Wicked Witch of the North, MLG.

  4. This was a private fundraiser for MLG. They are “controlling the narrative” as far as what this really was and how it went. Keller Hall has a limit of 250 or so seats. The local papers only photographed the first 5 rows. I counted less than 75 people in the photos, so it wasn’t a full house. And the attendees were mostly elderlies and students (I saw a lot of very young women in the audience). So did this “do” anything in the large scheme of things? Probably not. The rolling billboard was genius. A little immature and bombastic, but I thought it was brilliant. Kamala is famous for backtracking and claiming she didn’t say what she really did say. Ditto for MLG. She was all over Cuomo and screaming for him to be held accountable. But the rules were somehow different for her.

  5. I keep praying that people here in NM will wake up and get rid of all the far left radical Democrats in our state. They have totally destroyed our states small businesses and evil MLG has celebrated the law to abort (murder) innocent babies in the womb up to birth. She is ungodly and should not be reelected for a second term. If that happens (God forbid) NM will be lost like CA.

  6. We as a party love immature and bombastic statements, so the rolling billboard was perfect. I’m not sure that will do anything to change the mind of the ultra liberals who showed up to this pathetic event. I’d love to hear her whole speech because I’m sure it was hilarious. She is most bumbling mumbling vice president since Dan Quayle.

  7. I’m glad that they did that. When I found out what the Worst Ranked Governor in America did to that young man; I was livid.

  8. albert lowenstein

    Hopefully NM voters will look at the candidates and not just blindly vote Democrat because they have always done so. The party isn’t what it used to be and now stands for nothing good.

  9. Great job Ronchetti. This is hilarious and what they deserve.
    Dumb (MLG) and Dumber (Harris) supporting each other. Two of America’s most evil women.

  10. Love the billboard. Brought out the hypocrisy of the stinking Democrats! Don’t vote Democrat if you want any changes!

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