New info reveals Dem state treasurer candidate’s alleged abusive behavior

As things heat up in the final stretch of election season, one race that hasn’t gotten much attention is the New Mexico state treasurer’s race. That is, until now. 

Recently, allegations have resurfaced from the past of Laura Montoya, the Democrat candidate for New Mexico state treasurer. Montoya was called out in the Democratic primary for her prior arrest for domestic violence in front of a child. 

The primary attacks came from the current Democrat State Treasurer, Tim Eichenberg, who, it is said by some, is supporting the Republican nominee for State Treasurer, Harry Montoya (no relation to Laura Montoya). 

Now Harry Montoya is giving voice to a previous employee of Laura Montoya at the Sandoval County Treasurer’s Office. 

Judi Walker worked at the Sandoval County Treasurer’s Office for three years and reports in her story of the abuse she suffered at the hands of Laura Montoya that she was also ordered to do campaign work on county time–an order that she refused numerous times.

She also states that every employee in the office went to HR and asked for help or for someone to do something about Laura Montoya’s behavior. She also states that she was not the only one who also complained to the EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission). Unfortunately, since Laura Montoya was an elected official, there wasn’t anything anyone could do. People in other county offices were said to have loathed Laura’s behavior as well since it would spill over into other offices and divisions of county government. 

Walker also says that more than 12 people were fired or resigned during the time she worked for Laura Montoya–the turnover in the office was unheard-of. 

Sandoval County Commissioner and former candidate for governor Jay Block weighed in on the controversy this week by backing up Judi Walker’s account of what happened, saying that he has talked to multiple people who experienced the same abuse first-hand. He also talked about an email that had been sent by another former employee of Laura Montoya’s, which has been shared and circulated online as the result of a public information request.

In the shocking email, Young details the abuse and ugly language that Laura Montoya directed at her employees. 

“You know, if it was just Judi’s word against Laura’s, you could just kind of throw that out,” Block said. “I get that. But then you throw Richard’s word into that. And then you look at Laura’s legal issues. People are petrified that this woman could be elected state treasurer. You talk about somebody who’s narcissistic, … abusive, and [has] a toxic work environment…I won’t name who told me this, but they literally performed an exorcism in the office after she left.”

Block also hinted in his video that Richard Young, who is black, was also the target of racist abuse hurled at him by Laura Montoya.

Watch all of the testimonies from Walker:

Laura Montoya has also been seen photographed with members of the Los Padillas Gang, including Jerry Padilla, among other questionable figures. Read more about some of the Gang members’ federal guilty pleas here.


7 thoughts on “New info reveals Dem state treasurer candidate’s alleged abusive behavior”

  1. Didn’t her Daddy get in trouble for embezzling money from HUD?

    She sounds like she went to the Michelle Lujan Grisham School of Management. Same playbook.

  2. Would love it if Harry hits hard with inspiring messages of hope and a sound plan of managing the State’s funds. The Permanent Fund, for one is “free-dipping” for MLG along w/everyone else under the auspices of Early Childhood Development, even though the use of the word “abortion” repeatedly escapes the Dems that they are sending of message of murder, violence and teaching this word to “toddlers” and young children. It’s the only thing they can promote to upend the Supreme Court, utlimately. Our Oil and Gas Revenues and reserves have never been mentioned and how much has been depleted after Gov. Martinez left a surplus. Has MLG once, touted a surplus? What has been done with all the COVID relief money? How much total was received? There are still many homeless people, mentally ill from addictions, etc., on the streets that we should have seen addressed by now.

  3. Nobody should be surprised . She’s a Democrat and all of them seem to feel entitled to do whatever they want just because they are Democrats! !!

  4. Yes. it’s voting time These 2 key positions in Santa Fe – the auditor & the treasurer help to keep the State’s CORRUPTION Train rolling down the tracks. Vote Harry!!!!

  5. the fact that this guy did so many things for this sociopath shows how sick nm society is and abuse is ingrained and expected and encouraged. Why in God’s name would he continue to support her? Dem until death, actually after death too, right for the votes?!?

    the hispanic culture needs a serious enema. nm is a violent arrogant horrible place and the people worship the white witch gruesome cause she is just like them. the too few good people do not outweigh the bad, unfortunately. co dependency needs to stop and abusers need to be culled from office and arrested as well as all parts of society and called out and this must end.

  6. The article states that I said every employee in the county treasurer’s office went to HR. I want to clarify that is not correct. I said ALMOST every employee went to HR.

    1. Thank you for the correction….these people need to be jailed for life….i am sorry you had to go through her abuse….as a citizen of the state of NM i take your words very deep….bless you….

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