Ex-Senate candidate Mark Ronchetti quits job to ‘consider’ run for NM governor

On Thursday, KRQE 13 announced that “meteorologist” Mark Ronchetti, a failed candidate for U.S. Senate against Ben Ray Luján, was quitting his job at the news station to “consider” a run for New Mexico governor.

Although the ex-candidate has not made a formal announcement, his website MarkRonchetti.com reportedly was caught giving a glimpse into a potential gubernatorial bid, showing the site’s logo reading “Mark Ronchetti [for] Governor” and the line, “together we’ll win in 2022.” The website is no longer up.

The sudden resignation of Ronchetti from KRQE 13 appears to give credence to rumors of the ex-Senate candidate’s possible run. Ronchetti has done backflips to attempt to claim he supports President Donald J. Trump. This came after he was caught telling a crowd of George Soros-funded activists in 2019 — two full years into Trump’s term — at 350, an extreme climate group, that President Trump is “the Orange One” who drove him to leave the Republican Party. He added, “I’m afraid that that has taken a part of my soul.”

At the same presentation for 350, Ronchetti appeared to endorse scandal-ridden alleged serial groper Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s “Green New Deal,” known as the Energy Transition Act.

Previously, Ronchetti called Trump supporters who were critical of his run, “little Facebook trolls who are in their parents’ basement with their Cheeto-stained fingers.” He had never previously voted in a Republican primary until running for U.S. Senate.

After Ronchetti’s apparent loss to Luján in 2020, he did not contest allegations of election fraud in the race and refused to help the Republican Party of New Mexico file a lawsuit regarding alleged fraudulent activity. He has not spoken out on any important political issues since returning to KRQE 13, especially not regarding forced jabs for employment or masking children at schools.

Gov. Lujan Grisham is up for reelection in 2022, facing off against seven Republicans, including businesswoman Karen Bedonie, Sandoval County Commissioner Jay Block, state Rep. Rebecca Dow, Right to Life of New Mexico executive director Ethel Maharg, businessman Louie Sanchez, former Gary Johnson staffer Tim Walsh, and financier Greg Zanetti. Note: These candidates have been listed in alphabetical order.


6 thoughts on “Ex-Senate candidate Mark Ronchetti quits job to ‘consider’ run for NM governor”

  1. I think we have enough candidates to choose from for replacing MLG. Mark needs to keep his day job and sit this out. He won’t get my vote.

  2. As a person whom i have never met i have no qualm with him. However i didn’t care to listen to him on the news or when he was running for office. i have a hard time taking him seriously. Nothing personal!
    i can’t speak for anyone else but to Mark: The to adults in our home will not vote for you. I hope that helps you make up your mind.

  3. During the senate campaign, Mr. Ronchetti misrepresented and misstated Ben Lujan’s position on healthcare, which politicians tend to do. However, he used his children in the campaign ad to repeat the misstatements. Fundamentally, children should not be used in campaigns but more upsetting is having your child basically lie for your campaign. Bad move and shows a man with very low morals.

  4. I attended 4 different events that Roncheeto was supposed to speak at during his senate run. He never showed up for any of them and never answered my emailed questions regarding his stance on policies. He strikes me as someone who is in it for their own personal power and not for the people. He is a RINO.

  5. NO!!! You did a terrible job last campaign.. if you do run… leave your kids of the commercials! You can’t to hide in Angel fire and expect to win! You can knock President Donald Trump and expect to win! I hope you lose big time!

  6. There are quite a few potential candidates vying to oust MLG. NOT ONE (!) is saying anything about a forensic audit in New Mexico. What’s going on? My vote goes to the one who takes action.

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