Karen Bedonie announces candidacy for New Mexico governor

On Saturday, businesswoman Karen Bedonie of Mexican Springs, north of Gallup, entered the 2022 race for governor of New Mexico, making her the second Republican to announce their candidacy following Sandoval County Commissioner Jay Block who announced last Saturday. 

In an announcement video, Bedonie says, “I am a woman of courage and I have worked tirelessly to formulate a liberating plan for the beautiful state of New Mexico.”

“The heaviest burdens that weigh my mind are what we need to do to save our state: energy, safety, law enforcement support, education, reducing taxes, cutting the red tape for small businesses, freedom, independence, jobs, agriculture, forestry, and all of our very precious industries here in New Mexico. And we also need to keep God in our endeavors.” 

“I have respect for the moderate Democrat[s] that are also the same as my Democratic parents. The common ground is based on conservatism. It’s the teachings that have shaped my life to become a loving person and a hard worker.”

The announcement video, which features inter-spliced photographs of Bedonie holding a rife, posing with law enforcers, her husband, and her family, portrayed her campaign’s focuses on a family, faith, and freedoms-based message.

“I believe the Second Amendment of the Constitution is absolute, written so beautifully that the builders of this nation installed these rights to withstand tyranny and the trampling of our liberties and freedoms. As a mother of five daughters, we will bear arms to protect ourselves. Missing, murdered, and indigenous women is real and is also unresolved,” Bedonie said in the announcement video. 

Bedonie’s formal announcement took place at Allen Hall in Grady, New Mexico, where people from across the state, including Albuquerque-area and Hobbs, gathered to support the candidate. At the event, Bedonie and her daughters served fry bread to attendees and spoke with supporters about issues to turn the state around. She previously ran for Congress in 2020 for the Third District, which covers most of northern New Mexico.

If Bedonie wins the GOP nomination, she will face embattled Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham, who was accused and later settled $62,500 for sexual assault. Lujan Grisham has been a controversial figure in New Mexico, grabbing national headlines for her hostility toward New Mexicans during COVID-19 and her penchant to ram through extreme far-left legislation to further her agenda.

3 thoughts on “Karen Bedonie announces candidacy for New Mexico governor”

  1. Barbara Hamaker

    Thank you Karen for running for Governor in New Mexico to defeat the current disastrous governor MLG. She must be defeated in order for New Mexico to move forward into the new free world to come that is sweeping the US Republican Party and beginning to wake up “woke” Dems who do not see what has been happening to us for centuries. I look forward to hearing and seeing more of you in the coming months.

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