Amid crises in NM, MLG to travel to Scotland for ‘climate’ excursion

On Friday, it was reported that scandal-ridden alleged serial groper Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham is not in New Mexico this week. She’s is in Washington, D.C. for events with the Democratic Governors Association, which is reportedly paying for her travel expenses. 

The Albuquerque Journal wrote, “Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham is visiting the White House and meeting with congressional leaders this week to highlight the importance of a federal public works package for New Mexico and other states.”

Lujan Grisham is not done traveling, however. She will fly to Glasgow next month to “represent New Mexico” at the United Nations Climate Change Conference.

“I am so proud of the work we have done in under three years, and I am honored to represent that work, and the work of so many New Mexicans, on the world stage,” said Lujan Grisham in a statement. “But I know that we – as a state, as a nation, as a planet – must go further by pursuing bold, equitable and just climate solutions. I am looking forward to this significant opportunity for collaboration and action at the global level.”

During her time at the climate change excursion, Lujan Grisham will meet with parties that want to help her further erode New Mexico’s energy infrastructure, even after she signed the job-killing “Green New Deal” in 2019 in the form of the Energy Transition Act. The bill aims to completely wipe out the oil and gas industry in New Mexico by the year 2045. 

Lujan Grisham will hold a “public conversation alongside Secretary of State Tony Blinken, White House climate advisors John Kerry and Gina McCarthy, and Michael Bloomberg on the America is All In initiative.”

She will team up for “an open-press event with the Powering Past Coal Alliance,” and another event with Washington Gov. Jay Inslee and “governors from around the world.”

In New Mexico, Lujan Grisham and House Speaker Brian Egolf are holding a far-left “climate summit” on October 25-26, which is costing the taxpayers at least $14,000 to promote the radical climate change agenda. The cost of Lujan Grisham’s Scotland trip, no doubt, will cost the taxpayers many thousands more as the Governor wines and dines with global far-left leaders at the summit.

“New Mexicans deserve better than a Governor who depends on fossil fuels to travel and for her budget but then undermines our energy workers at elitist resorts among her friends,” Larry Behrens of the pro-energy group Power The Future, said in a written statement.

The Piñon Post previously reported:

In 2019, Grisham also took a vacation to Gran Canaria, an island in Las Palma Spain, according to documents obtained through an Inspection of Public Records Act request, showing the Governor had Lt. Gov. Howie Morales serve as acting-Governor while she was out of the country. Iberdrola (AVANGRID) has multiple service points and locations on the Gran Canaria island. 

AVANGRID is currently seeking approval by the elected Public Regulation Commission to acquire PNM Resources, New Mexico’s largest utility. AVANGRID is the third-largest wind utility company in the U.S. The Spanish Iberdrola, S.A owns the company. 

Lujan Grisham’s global galavanting comes as New Mexicans remain at the highest unemployment levels, 40% of all small businesses have been crushed due to her pandemic lockdowns, and working families are struggling to make ends meet in the state.


12 thoughts on “Amid crises in NM, MLG to travel to Scotland for ‘climate’ excursion”

    1. You expect Michelle to listen and learn from peons? Are you new here? She is on the Marxist path and that’s it. She gives not a crud about the little people.

  1. New Mexico needs to be represented at the UN? NM isn’t a country and has no business at the UN, this is nothing but more graft.

  2. Hope she stays out of New Mexico forever

    MLG thinks she is a social elite. There is nothing elite about her. She is evil and self serving. She is doing everything she can to beg the evil Washington democrap elites to pay attention to her. She is a pathetic sad human being. If New Mexicans vote her in again as governor, our hell is our fault.

    1. Many will not vote for her again. But that matters not to her, she’ll just cheat like the fraudulent election of LetsGoBrandon.

      1. And I saw the Ballot stuffing for this election live on frank But everyone gave up and did not ask for an audit.

  3. Isn’t that where Hillary Clinton is? I’m sure it’s just a coincidence 🤣 governor Wuhan already met with the Chinese communist party, so this doesn’t surprise me but it’s not about climate change! Corruption at it’s finest.

  4. Bridget Harrington

    How much more does she have to do to prove that she is unworthy of office? Why is one of the poorest states in the country going to an international climate summit outside of the US? I’m not seeing other governors going there. HOPE SHE STAYS OUT OF NEW MEXICO FOREVER is 1000% right. If New Mexicans vote her in again, then they deserve the hell that she is going to continue to dig for us. This “woman” is concerned with one thing and one thing only and that is herself and her next job. Do you want your state, your way of life and your livelihood to be tools for her gain? VOTE. HER. OUT. I want to see her prosecuted for financial mismanagement and ethics, but with the liberal judges in this state, I don’t see that happening.

    Citizens: PLEASE start opening your eyes and start doing your legwork on who you are going to vote for. Look at the people who are lining up to run against her. Learn the names and agendas of the people who will be on the ballot. My personal choice is Jay Block, but Karen Bedonie brings a lot to the table as well.

  5. If it’s such a “progressive” group, why not stay here and teleconference the meeting? Oh right, cash bribes won’t go over the internet and transfers leave a trail for investigators.

    Plus she wants to hit the links at St. Andrews. She’s heard that the caddies there sport some nice stuff “irons” and very impressive “woodies” under those kilts, so she’s looking forward to tossing those Scots cabers…

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