Documents show Gov. Lujan Grisham is defying her own ‘Green New Deal’

On Wednesday, the pro-energy group Power The Future released Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s power bill, which revealed that the Governor has not been living by the “Green New Deal” standards she had enacted through her “Energy Transition Act” signed in 2019. 

“New Mexico’s Energy Transition Act requires utilities to provide no less than 20 percent renewable electricity to customers and set a deadline of nearly one year ago,” according to Power the Future.

The September energy bill provided by Power the Future shows that the Governor’s residence at 58 Mansion Drive in Santa Fe only uses 13.7% renewable energy, falling far short of the 20% mandated in her bill, yet “taxpayers are still paying more to keep her lights on,” says the group. 

The documents they obtained show the Governor’s electric bill for August 2020 was $2519.02 compared to August 2019 when it was $1766.63. The jump in price for New Mexico taxpayers is over 42%. 

“The Governor isn’t living by the standards she sets for New Mexico’sfamilies. Even worse, those same families not only have to pay for the Governor’s skyrocketing electric bill, but also their own,” said Larry Behrens, Western States Director for Power The Future. “Keep in mind, the Governor’s hypocrisy takes place at the same time New Mexico ranks among the worst in the nation for unemployment.”

During her Democrat National Convention speech, Lujan Grisham’s pre-recorded remarks were shot behind a field of solar panels, where she claimed “time is running out to save our planet” and that Americans must “embrace the clean energy revolution our country, our young people are crying out for, and the leadership the rest of the world is waiting for.” 

Lujan Grisham was previously snubbed for the U.S. Department of Health in former Vice President Joe Biden’s fictitious cabinet, leading her to announce her intention to run for re-election in 2022. She is likely to enact more sweeping anti-oil and gas proposals if she remains the Governor. 

The Governor’s energy bills for August and September are linked here.

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