Democrat gerrymandering ends in win for anti-police Gabe Vasquez

On Wednesday afternoon, Democrat Gabe Vasquez declared victory in New Mexico’s Second Congressional District race against incumbent Republican Rep. Yvette Herrell, who has held the seat since 2021. 

Rep. Herrell wrote the following in a concession statement: 

While we are disappointed by the final results, I am incredibly proud of our team and the work we did serving our district, and I am grateful for the steadfast support of so many who helped us along the way. I’d also like to congratulate Gabe Vasquez on his victory.

Two years ago, the Democrats in Santa Fe announced they would gerrymander our district to ensure they would totally control our state’s federal delegation. Unfortunately, they did just that, ignoring the will of the people in the process by splitting up communities of interest and concentrating power in urban areas at the expense of rural New Mexico voices. While this was enough to give them a victory by less than 1% in this election, I am confident in our party’s ability to retake this seat next cycle as Joe Biden’s agenda continues to damage our great nation. Stay tuned!

Vasquez, who was hand-picked by Democrat Sen. Martin Heinrich, who lives in Maryland, to run for the seat, only won due to Democrats’ aggressive partisan gerrymandering of New Mexico’s congressional map, which is currently pending in court. The map totally disregarded communities of interest and cut major chunks of the formerly conservative district into others, leaving three Democrat-dominated districts.

During the redistricting process, Democrat groups paid activists to show up at Citizens Redistricting Committee meetings and spew leftist propaganda to push for gerrymandered maps. The Democrat-controlled Legislature ultimately chucked out all the work of the supposed “nonpartisan” committee and instead just rammed through extreme partisan maps for political gain.

If the case is won by the Republican Party, it would switch the district back to the compact, non-gerrymandered previous maps, which had one central Albuquerque District and the northern and southern districts, the north leaning Democrat, while the south leaning Republican. 

The move was pushed by Democrat soon-to-be former New Mexico House Speaker, who was accused of using his power to ram through nakedly partisan maps via a dark money group, the Center for Civic Policy. 

As of Tuesday night, Vasquez and Herrell both were tied at 50 percent, with the Democrat narrowly leading by 1,277 votes.

The loss in the Second District comes as national Democrats, including U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, dunked tons of cash into the race to help Vasquez cross the finish. Polls in the race consistently showed a nearly tied contest.

Vasquez is a rabid opponent of the police, who backed “deconstructing” and defunding police departments. He supports full-term abortion, the Green New Deal, and a whole swath of other extremist left-wing policies.


10 thoughts on “Democrat gerrymandering ends in win for anti-police Gabe Vasquez”

  1. Now NM has 5 communists representing them in the sewer that is Washington . Gerrymandering, vote fraud and a welfare mentality all contribute to a very sad situation for the few noble New Mexicans that want a better future. The poorest state in the Union is about to get poorer with people like Vazquez in office. The so-called leaders don’t care at all about the people, only their Marxist agenda which has failed throughout the world. NM is now an empty shell devoid of Gods spirit except for the few that stand strong. The wicked walk on every side when the vilest men are exalted. Proverbs KJ B.

    1. EXACTLY this is due to all the brain washed who believe if they don’t vote demoncrap, they will lose all their “FREEBIES.” Having served as a system clerk during elections I see demons turn their ballot sideways and just mark the circles. Sad to say, but the only way to compete against this mantra is to offer more freebies.

      1. (Rhetorical question) Are oil and gas subsidies, farming subsidies, tax loopholes and tax reductions to the largest corporations in the country considered freebies?

  2. The lies worked because too few people will do the digging to get to the truth. Lazy people who believe anything the Dems say on tv and social media. Did Herell do anything to try and stop the redistricting? R.I.P New Mexico.

  3. Here in N.M. we are at the very bottom of EVERY quality of life ranking, from income to education. Keep on voting (D) and we will stay there. Before too long, New Mexicans will be jumping the border to the south to improve their economic conditions. Then reality will slap them in the face – Mexico doesn’t give illegal immigrants any special privileges.

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