After election win, MLG flees NM for Egypt ‘climate’ excursion

One day after winning a second term as governor, Michelle Lujan Grisham was reported to be leaving the state to go to an eco-leftist climate conference in Egypt.

The Santa Fe New Mexican’s Daniel Chacón reported, “New Mexico @GovMLG is traveling to Egypt on Friday to attend the second week of the 27th United Nations Climate Change Conference.” 

This is certainly not the first time the governor has fled New Mexico to go to a climate change function. 

In October of 2021, Lujan Grisham jetted off to a swanky climate conference in Glasgow, Scotland, where she brought along many of her political appointees to wine and dine with world leaders and speak about “climate change.” 

It is unclear how Lujan Grisham will travel to Egypt or how she will offset her carbon footprint, especially if she flies via jet as she did to Scotland.


14 thoughts on “After election win, MLG flees NM for Egypt ‘climate’ excursion”

  1. 4 more years of demonic. Rule, great job NM

    Who gives crap. As a from birth New Mexican I have finally realized the people of New Mexico are beyond stupid. This evil Demon is going to shut down your gas and let you and your family freeze this winter. And she will laugh while it’s happening. Great job dumb asses from NM and those idiots that moved here from Commifornia and New York hell. You have officially condemned New Mexico to the same hell you left. F@CK Mlg!!!!

  2. MLG baby killer. Climate change bs

    Tried multiple times to leave a negative, true comment about the evil Demon MLG but the site does not allow me to. Guess this site no longer supports free speech. Communist NM here we come.

    1. If a comment is too long, if it uses swears, or if it includes links, it will get flagged for approval. We try to check these daily, but thank you for letting us know. – John

      1. Of course MLG so loves NM, she haas an elaborate wedding in Washington DC and takes every opertunity t have expense aid vactions on the tax payers dime. I can only surmise that this is her honeymoon trip.

  3. NM needs to wake up! You can’t push the same buttons over and over then expect different results! Loserjan-Gruesome only needs New Mexicans money. “Sign your money over to me and be gone ye peasant!” It’s time the corrupt Loserjan regime be shut down!

  4. Be assured it was not the people of New Mexico who voted for MLG. It was the Dominion machine. I pray the military steps in, on this is tyranny and TREASON, not only on the elections but also ON THE PART OF THE NMSC, SOS, THE CRIMINAL SHERIFF AND AG WHO STEAL HOMES EVEN AFTER GIVEN PROOF OF FRAUD-ALTERED DOCUMENT AND DESTRUCTION OF THE COURT RECORDS. TAKE A LOOK AND SEE THE COURT RECORDS FOR YOURSELF ON D-101-CV-2013-00911 THE FRAUD IS OBVIOUS AND EXPLOSIVE.

  5. Or trying to flee to buy here time for this Fraudulent election

    How the heck could uncle fester ( Fetterman ) beat this Dr. OZ (who doesn’t impress me) ? The same for Hobbs no debate no fan support beat Mrs. Kari Lake? Mrs. Lake is a local celerity in Arizona for twenty years.

    Shit show for us all

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