City of Hobbs passes pro-life ordinance banning abortion facilities

On Monday, the City of Hobbs in Lea County voted 7-0 to pass an ordinance banning abortion facilities from operating in the city, a move that will effectively stop the big Texas abortion business “Whole Woman’s Health” from relocating to the city, as it previously planned. The ordinance is the first of its kind in the state of New Mexico. Other cities in states such as Texas have passed similar measures.

The sanctuary city for the unborn ordinance “blocks abortion clinics from operating,” according to Reuters. 

The full text of the ordinance reads, in part, as follows:

WHEREAS, Federal law imposes felony criminal liability on every person who ships or receives abortion pills or abortion-related paraphernalia in interstate or foreign commerce, see 18 U.S.C. §§ 1461-62, and all such acts are predicate offenses under the federal Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO), see 18 U.S.C. § 1961; and 

WHEREAS, the state constitution of New Mexico does not and cannot secure a right, privilege or immunity to act in violation of federal statutes such as 18 U.S.C. §§ 1461-62, or to engage in criminal and racketeering conduct as defined by federal law; and WHEREAS, the members of the City Commission are bound by oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States, and the statutory provisions codified at 18 U.S.C. §§ 1461-62 are the “supreme Law of the Land” under Article VI of the Constitution and must be obeyed and respected by every person within the municipal boundaries of Hobbs and by every judge in the State of New Mexico. See U.S. Const. art. VI (“[T]he Laws of the United States . .. shall be the supreme Law of the Land; and the Judges in every State shall be bound thereby, any Thing in the Constitution or Laws of any State to the Contrary notwithstanding.”); and 

WHEREAS, the City of Hobbs City Commission calls upon the United States Attorneys for the District of New Mexico, both present and future, to investigate and prosecute abortion providers and abortion-pill distribution networks under 18 U.S.C. §§ 1461-62 and the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO); and 

WHEREAS, the City of Hobbs City Commission encourages all victims of abortion providers and abortion-pill distribution networks, including the mothers, fathers, and surviving relatives of aborted unborn children, to sue these racketeering enterprises under civil RICO…

Right to Life Committee of Lea County member Lori Bova shared, “I have long advocated for life at the local, state, and national level. Sadly we just don’t have the numbers in Santa Fe to advance pro-life legislation. That is why I am thrilled our city and county leaders have been willing to listen to their constituents and take positive actions to ensure we don’t become an abortion destination in southeastern New Mexico.”

Bova continued, “With our proximity to the Texas state line, we knew even if our cities had protections in place, abortion providers would be able to set up shop in the unincorporated areas. I was encouraged last week as our Lea County Commissioners unanimously voted to move to publish an ordinance requiring clinics to abide by federal statute. I am grateful for their continued willingness to keep the life issue at the forefront.”

Clovis previously tabled a similar ordinance, while Alamogordo recently passed a sanctuary city for the unborn resolution. It is unclear if either locality will soon follow Hobbs and act upon ordinances banning abortions in their cities. 

The Lea County Commission last Thursday voted 5-0 to proceed with a similar ordinance following suit with the City of Hobbs’ to ban abortion facilities from the county.

Athens, Texas voters approved in the Tuesday midterm elections a proposition that will make made them a “sanctuary city for the unborn.”

The move by Hobbs angered rabidly pro-abortion Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham, who erroneously claimed on Twitter that the “extremist” measure would “criminalize essential reproductive health care,” which is not accurate. 

She added, “This is an affront to the rights & personal autonomy of every woman in New Mexico, and we will not stand for it.”


27 thoughts on “City of Hobbs passes pro-life ordinance banning abortion facilities”

  1. I pray all towns will have an Ordinance banning abortion clinics .MLG and who ever agrees to this will have Blood on their hands when the Lord comes. I am sure she gets a kick back off of this.

  2. William Roy Puckett

    GOD is Provider and abundant sustainer of Life!
    Act 17:24  The God who made the world and everything in it is the Lord of heaven and earth. He doesn’t live in shrines made by human hands, 
    Act 17:25  and he isn’t served by people as if he needed anything. He himself gives everyone life, breath, and everything else.

    1. What’s so wrong by NOT killing a baby? Would YOU be here if your mother chose abortion?? If it’s OK to kill a baby, eventually it will become OK to kill off anyone ELSE who doesn’t meet the approval of the so called majority, which could eventually include YOU!!!

      1. It does exist. Killing anyone who’s not “viable”, according to medical standards in several states, including New Mexico. They have labeled it “medically assisted suicide.” California has passed a bill,or it’s on the table, to commit infantcide up to 28 days post birth. Not kidding.

  3. Well, if it is a federal constitutional law, how can it be allowed in any state? And when I check the remember me box this site continue to ask me for the info ???

    1. because things are of two NMU & NMSU / AFC & NFC /
      USA INCORPARATED & usa our republic / STATE OF NEW MEXICO & new mexico state / Websters dic. & BLACK LAW DIC / US CITZEN & american state nationals / JOHN DOE & John Doe

      If you look into it. It’s right there for you read & understand.

      The CORPARATIONS = STATE OF NEW MEXICO – PUBLIC SCHOOLS are indoctrination services for the US CISITIZENS WASHINGTON DC ( DISTRICT OF COLOMBIA ) 14th amendment slave hood to them there CORPARATION.

  4. So there is light at the end of the dark tunnel that was cast with MLG’s win. If we are to save the unborn every city, every county needs to follow Hobbs moral decision. MLG is allocating thousands upon thousand of tax payer dollars to build these so called Women’s Health Care clinics. OK New Mexican’s let’s get started. To you Niccie , I will pray for your conversion. One day you will be grateful I Prayed for YOUR SOUL.

  5. Baby murdering MLG

    Awesome, praying more towns and cities follow suit. Nobody born and raised Catholics should support any abortion clinics. Those Catholics that voted for MLG, you should be ashamed of yourselves. She is evil and you did the devils work when you voted this demon back into office. Be ready to be under communist control for the next 4 years. Oh and who gives a crap about anything MLG wants.

  6. Killing babies is called infanticide. It’s a crime in EVERY state in the United States. Ending a pregnancy is not infanticide. Words have meaning and we should choose them with care. Communicating with each other is very difficult if we do not speak the same language.

  7. Well, it’s your lucky day! I’m a female. I also know what it’s like to have an unplanned pregnancy. That surprise is now 23 years old.

    Abortion isn’t a “right.” If you need one or want one, you can visit your doctor and pay for it yourself. If a town doesn’t want a clinic in it, that is their perrogative to outlaw it. I want my tax dollars going to education and pre-K services, NOT abortion.

  8. i am so happy for hobbs, too bad clovis doesn’t have anybody who will stand up and do the right thing. the commissioner’s keep going on about some legal bullcrap because they are a bunch of sheep, all they are looking at is the income, they are such losers. IT’S MURDER NO MATTER HOW YOU LOOK AT IT.

  9. Yo nicci, go and subscibe to a pro murder website. Get out of our faces. We have had enough of people like you and your disgusting murderous friends. Your kind is sick

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