Biden’s NM campaign stop could hurt MLG: Report

In an article by The Hill about Joe Biden’s scheduled Thursday campaign stop in New Mexico to help far-left Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham, it noted how Biden is political cancer for many Democrat politicians in tight races. Biden has a severely low approval rating nationwide, with only 40% of New Mexicans thinking of him favorably, according to a Civiqs poll conducted November 2, 2022.

The Hill wrote, “Lujan Grisham, who has been governor since 2019, is considered a rising star in the Democratic Party and was in the running for a Cabinet position in the Biden administration. Biden’s focus on New Mexico also comes as recent polling has shown that Hispanic support for Democrats has dwindled since the last midterm elections in 2018.”

“One strategist working on midterm campaigns described it as a ‘go hide and do no more damage’ approach, noting that when Biden was in Oregon last month, neither Democratic candidate in competitive House districts joined him for events.”

Biden admitted that he is hurting Democrats, especially with his low poll numbers. “At an August event with Sen. Chris Van Hollen (D-Md.), who is up for reelection in a state the Cook Political Report rates as ‘solid Democratic,’ Biden quipped that he told the senator ‘I’ll come campaign for him or against him, whichever will help the most,’” the report noted.

Former Democrat National Committee official Ivan Zapien said to The Hill that Lujan is a “rising star” in the Democrat Party, which is why Biden is turning his attention to New Mexico’s gubernatorial race.

Lujan Grisham’s campaign spokeswoman Delaney Corcoran claimed Lujan Grisham is “excited” for Biden’s visit, telling the Santa Fe New Mexican, “Governor Lujan Grisham is excited to host [Joe] Biden in New Mexico to help galvanize voters to elect Democrats up and down the ballot and encourage turnout across the state.”

Currently, Lujan Grisham is polling within the margin of error against Republican gubernatorial nominee Mark Ronchetti, who is hitting the scandal-plagued governor hard over her failures in office. These include locking down the state during the pandemic, releasing violent criminals out on the streets, and her $150,000 hush money payoff with campaign funds to a former staffer who claims Lujan Grisham groped him. 

Lujan Grisham has had other prominent Democrats on the campaign trail to help boost her candidacy, including Kamala Harris and far-left California Democrat Gov. Gavin Newsom.

Early voting goes through this Saturday, and Election Day is on November 8.


12 thoughts on “Biden’s NM campaign stop could hurt MLG: Report”

    1. You said “only” 40% percent in this state think of Biden favorably. For me, that number is very discouraging and too high.
      I could go on to why I think people can’t, or won’t see the truth, but what’s the use anymore.

  1. Sleepy Joe,Moochie Loserjan-Gruesome and pretty boy Keller all together.. The average IQ level in Albq dropped several points!

  2. Is Delaney even out of college yet? Georgetown is a very different world than new Mexico, sweetie. Given that her family are Republicans and also in politics (her daddy is Evan Corcoran…Steve Bannon’s lawyer), I’m sure her liberal antics make them proud. That’s an MLG strategy though….get young woke women from semi-high profile families to work for her. This is her, what, 5th or 6th spokesperson?

    You can’t make this shit up.

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