MLG got KOB 4 debate questions ahead of time: Texts

According to texts released by attorney Thomas Grover, Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham received questions ahead of time for the October 18, 2018, KOB 4 television debate during her first run for governor. 

The texts appear to show multiple correspondences between the governor and a KOB 4 representative, who asked, “I’ve seen the questions. Want them?” 

“Chris: Yeah, guys Theresa Cardenas and Theresa you have a question about water,” another text reads. 

“Cardenas: Yes I do. Through the Rio Grande Compact, New Mexico is forced [to] share water with other states. As governor, how would you deal with the water compact case the is before the US Supreme Court,” they continue. The texts appear to be from a teleprompter script.

Other texts included those about immigration, crime, among other issues.

The texts also appear to show the individual from KOB was supporting Lujan Grisham’s candidacy, writing she will “kill it” and “I’ve never wanted someone to be our governor more than I want to see Michelle.”

Following the release of the texts, Republican gubernatorial nominee Mark Ronchetti’s campaign released a press release, where Ronchetti’s communications director Ryan Sabel said, “This governor has repeatedly dishonored her office and disrespected the people of New Mexico. She committed sexual assault and then paid off her victim with hush money. She played by her own set of rules during COVID. Now we see where it all started – brazenly cheating during a statewide television debate.” 

Ronchetti said in a statement, “These bombshell text messages show that Michelle Lujan Grisham will brazenly cheat and deceive New Mexicans in order to attain and hold onto her power. This governor is corrupt to the core and must be held accountable.” 

The campaign also released a timeline of the texts:

After the texts were released, KOB’s Vice President & General Manager, Michelle Donaldson, wrote the following in a statement:

“The Ronchetti campaign’s allegations that KOB-TV colluded with the Michelle Lujan Grisham campaign are patently false. For over 70 years, KOB-TV has adhered to the highest standards of journalism integrity and would never engage in behavior that would undermine our standards, the respect of our viewers, or the public trust. We take accusations like this, even unfounded ones, very seriously and if we find that a staff member acted on their own and without our knowledge they will no longer be part of the team at KOB-TV.

We actively invite the Ronchetti campaign and the alleged anonymous source to contact KOB-TV and share all relevant evidence so we can fully investigate these allegations and maintain our commitment to transparency and the high standards we have set for the people we serve in New Mexico.”

Ronchetti clapped back on Twitter with the identity of the text writer, KOB 4 photojournalist Joseph Lee Lynch writing, “What say you now @KOB4. Your ‘high standards’ demand a public apology on every newscast. And a rebuke of the governor for her participation in this highly unethical situation. Character matters. Accountability matters.” 

The governor’s race is hotly contested, with Ronchetti polling statistically even with Lujan Grisham, according to Emerson College’s survey. Another poll shows Ronchetti leading Lujan Grisham by one percentage point.


7 thoughts on “MLG got KOB 4 debate questions ahead of time: Texts”

  1. I called KOB and spoke with “Chris” and gave him the name of the reporter. He said “Ok, thank you” and I sent a comment- still no change on their website as to their participation in the scam debate. They refuse to apologize or investigate even though they have the name of the reporter. KOB is untrusted worthy and should be canceled immediately.

  2. It’s a common tactic the dems use now……it’s called a “Brazilien.”

    Dems have no shame the end ALWAYS justifies the means for them

    They really believe they are better and smarter than you…. time to wake up.

  3. It’s telling how the Grisham campaign is not actually denying it…they just change the subject implying that he (and all people who disagree with them) are just nutty conspiracy theorists (oh… and Fascists too!).

    You people (especially the young ones) better wake up…. I’m retired, I’m set….I’d just hate to see America taken over by cultural fascists the it is now.

  4. This is nothing new. Both sides have used this in the past. Yeah it’s embarrassing when caught, but it’s really no big deal. I sort of expect candidates to cheat.

  5. KOB and The Today Show ON AIR STAFF all lean to the dems. Actually WATCH the COMMENTS made on these show and Anyone with 1/2 a BRAIN can see it. Managers of NBC should THINK ABOUT BEING MORE EVEN in ALL THEIR BROADCAST.

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