Liz Thomson says woman’s brutal slaying could be ‘QANON’ distraction

On Monday, the Albuquerque Journal reported on the brutal slaying of 21-year-old Santa Fe woman Grace Jennings, who appeared to have been stabbed multiple times with a sword. Her neck “appeared to have injuries consistent with attempts to decapitate,” according to criminal complaints filed in the Santa Fe County Magistrate Court. 

Isaac Apodaca, 25, and his girlfriend, Kiara McCulley, 19, are both being held on open counts of murder for Jennings’ death.

Instead of grieving the brutal murder of the young woman, state Rep. Liz Thomson claimed the gruesome slaughter could be a “QANON” distraction, referring to an anonymous group known to be demeaned by the left for promoting theories about political events.

Thomson wrote in a now-deleted tweet, “QANON?? Or just an attempt to divert attention?”

The insensitive comment prompted swift backlash from New Mexicans floored by the far-left legislator’s disregard for the victim.

One account called “AngryMom,” wrote, “I think I am going to be sick. Did a sitting state representative REALLY tweet this?  You’re a very sick woman @lizthomsonnm Delete this an apologize to this family. Shame.” 

Another person wrote, “​​Liz-you need serious mental evaluation. As a sitting representative you have crossed the line. As a pediatric physical therapist you have crossed the line. Enough is Enough @NMDEMS address this. We cannot enable this grotesque behavior any longer.”

According to the Journal’s report, Apodaca is said to have told McCulley in a text message, “I am wanting you to kill her, you have to end your suffering by ending her joy.”

Thomson has not yet apologized for her comment, nor has the Democrat Party of New Mexico.

Thomson is known for making inflammatory remarks via social media, such as comparing police officers to the Ku Klux Klan and mocking parents concerned over the COVID-19 vaccine for their children.

Following Thomson’s latest remark, her Republican opponent, Dr. Khalid Emshadi, wrote in a press release:

On Monday, the brutal and tragic murder of a 19-year old woman from Santa Fe was made public. The young woman, Grace, is more than a victim… She was a daughter, a friend, and like any other young person, the future of our state. For those of us with children, one could only imagine the grief we would feel receiving a phone call that something terrible has happened to our child. This has too often become a reality in New Mexico. My prayers and condolences go out to Grace’s family, friends, and community.

As candidates and elected officials, we must hold ourselves to the highest standard of behavior. Representative Thomson’s most recent failure to meet this standard came through her disgusting and insensitive comments on this tragedy. In a now deleted tweet, Thomson wrote, “QANON?? Or just an attempt to divert attention?” Only Thomson can explain whether this comment was meant to be a joke or the promotion of what she believes to be a conspiracy theory, but one thing is certain: Thomson’s behavior, to say the very least, is tone deaf and out of touch with reality. Thomson not only owes an explanation, but an apology for her comments.

Thomson also failed to realize that her words and actions are no longer only a reflection of herself, but also a reflection on the political institutions and individuals in elected office that promote and endorse her candidacy–these same entities must hold candidates and colleagues accountable. For this reason, I call on the Democratic Party of New Mexico to make it clear to New Mexicans whether or not the party endorses the comment made by Thomson, and to immediately disavow her shameful words.

A previous version of this article identified Jennings as a 19-year-old, based on inaccurate reporting from the Albuquerque Journal. This has been updated to state her correct age, which is 21.


8 thoughts on “Liz Thomson says woman’s brutal slaying could be ‘QANON’ distraction”

  1. Both MLG and the Speaker should Sensure this pathetic individual and then her constituents need to start a Re-Call movement… this is about the most inconsiderate I have ever heard… DISGUSTING…

  2. AngryTXARNGVeteran

    Talk about the disregard for the innocent victim and the victim’s family. Resign Thomson. Better yet, remove her from office.

  3. This nutty thing must be removed from office. Immediately. Her only saving grace would be to be found legally mentally ill & committed to a mental institution for life. If not, It is just flat out despicable that this….thing….is allowed to serve in office. Who votes for these nut cases? Or should I say, who’s helping in the cheating scandals to place sickos like that in public office?

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