MLG’s alleged sexual assault victim breaks silence, implicates other Dems

On Friday, the Santa Fe New Mexican’s Daniel Chacón dropped an interview with Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s alleged sexual assault victim, James Hallinan, where he finally broke his silence on the incident after threats to his life. This comes as Hallinan signed a non-disclosure agreement and was paid, through his lawyers, $150,000 in hush money.

Hallinan told the New Mexican, “I’m tired of the continued death threats on social media and everybody trying to muscle me. I’m real tired of it. They’ve pushed me too far.”

He disclosed that directly after the incident, where Lujan Grisham poured a bottle of water over his jeans and then groped his penis through his pants, he immediately contacted Democrats Lt. Gov. Howie Morales, Attorney General Hector Balderas, and State Auditor Brian Colón for help. The New Mexican’s requests for comment were denied by all but Balderas, who said he would leave the matters up to the two parties’ attorneys. 

Hallinan told the paper, “It’s a weird thing to talk about, you know, that a male is going to be abused by a female, right? But it’s a female in power,” adding, “Why is it OK for a female to treat a male like she did and it’s not OK for females getting molested by men? … That really frustrates me. It’s my [expletive] life. Why is it OK for Michelle to do the bad things that she did but [Democrat ex-New York Gov.] Andrew Cuomo and everybody else has to go away?”

“Think about this,” he said. “If I was a female and the governor was a male, oh my God, it’d be like the biggest scandal in the the world. She’d be done.” 

He said he wouldn’t put it past Lujan Grisham to try and “claw back the money,” but he said he doesn’t care about that because it never was about money.

“They’ve ruined my life so much and my family’s life so much, I don’t [expletive] care anymore,” he said.

The New Mexican detailed more of what happened at the meeting where the alleged crotch grab took place. After Hallinan criticized two of Lujan Grisham’s ads, one about crime where he said she came off as elitist for wearing fancy designer shoes, and one with her hair bleached blonde, which she did not look Hispanic enough, in his opinion.

“That’s when she grabbed the water bottle, which was probably about 75 percent full, and dumped it on my crotch … and then she does the slap and grab,” he said.

He said, “She is getting the free pass, and it’s ridiculous,” he said. “Just because I’m a manly homosexual does not mean I don’t matter for being molested.”

Michelle Lujan Grisham’s campaign and official office have been contacted for comment, but they have not yet responded. If they do, their statements will be added to this report. 


19 thoughts on “MLG’s alleged sexual assault victim breaks silence, implicates other Dems”

  1. The plain fact of the matter is, it’s always the person in power who does the Sexual Harassment.

    I hope this man finds peace, and closure after everything he has been through.

  2. Why the silence from the left? This is worse than Trump saying he liked to grab women by the P….y. She didn’t say she liked to grab men by their junk. She actually did it!!! No outrage. No headlines to speak of. Typical.

  3. Did she really beat Steve Pearce or did they put codes in the dominion machines . Who really wants her representing the good people of New Mexico? A baby killer has no morals , and we have no righteous justice. Dems worship Government, environment, and s e x u a l i t y Clinton got away with it. Joe gets away with sniffing little girls

    1. charlene. hope you’ve been well. i have a just had some apple slices and they are hitting me like coccaine. i think your post is morally unacceptable. two things. you have made an allegation that MLG my queen cheated. WRONG! and one more thing. you said “sexuality” spaced out. unacceptable. have a good night.
      xoxo shanince

  4. Well, What do you expect? Look at WHAT we have in the White House!!!! Look at WHAT we have in the Senate and House of Representatives!!! DON’T VOTE DEMOCRATE!!!

  5. Feminist are full oh sh##t

    MLG is a PIG feminist psycho. Feminism made women crazy. Now they think they can do whatever they want. Mens lives are destroyed by these women for any reason they can come up with. MLG proved women can be just as bad if not worse. Why did she not get kicked out out of office? Being a crotch grabbing female is no different, then a man who does the same. MLG needs to register as a sex offender.

      1. Listen up Groper. You need to be voted out of office. Any self respecting person can see through your charade. If I GROPED a member of the opposite sex, I’d be brought up on charges. And you should be.
        Where’s the #metoo movement now? You’re a disgusting POS and I’m being as nice as I can. Tale your $150k in hush money and try to buy some morals ya sex offender.

  6. Northern New Mexico District 3. Vote for who will work for you. Your towns/villages have been dying with little help but no expansion. Do you want your towns to move forward? Or stay where they are at. Very little help for you. Who has ruled your towns? I say no more. I remember the days we were thriving.

    We need someone who will save your towns not let them deteriorate as they have for years. No more grabbing please.

  7. I want to know how many Democrats marched in a PENIS AND TESTICLE hat parade for men’s rights after 3 men came forward with their stories of MLG doing this? I wish the other two would stand up and join the fight!

    I have friends who actually put a vagina hat on and marched in a parade for “women’s rights”…..cuz Trump said the word pussy in a private conversation with a couple guys. Democrats are pure hypocrites.

    I sure hope these Democrat hypocrites see how evil their governor really is.
    Arrest her now. It’s the right thing to do.

    Not to mention ZORRO RANCH and her suspected involvement there.


  8. Eddie Dehart….. MLG is a serial sexual abuser.

    “But this is not the first time Lujan Grisham has been faced a sexual assault scandal. In 2018, before Lujan Grisham became governor, another man named Eddie Dehart came forward accusing the Governor of similar conduct at a 2005 party, which led to the crumbling of Dehart’s relationship.”

    Eddie Dehart speaks out

  9. Hello, James Hallinan here. Just want to make sure that folks know I am not the “James” who keeps commenting on this post. Also, was that really MLG commenting or her staff?


    James Hallinan

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