Woke Meow Wolf laying off an eye-popping number of employees

Four years after its significant layoffs at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Meow Wolf, an increasingly woke arts corporation known for its immersive experiences, is facing another major workforce reduction. 

CEO Jose Tolosa announced in an internal company email, which the Santa Fe Reporter later obtained, that the company will cut approximately 10% of its expenses and reduce its workforce this Wednesday, April 17. Tolosa described the decision as part of a “reorganization” aimed at resizing the business to fund growth and drive future success.

The impending layoffs will impact 165 employees across Meow Wolf’s locations in Santa Fe, Texas, Colorado, and Nevada. This includes 111 employees from both the exhibition and corporate teams, as well as an additional 54 bargaining unit positions from the Meow Wolf Workers Collective union in Las Vegas.

In his communication, Tolosa emphasized that “Expansion is still an important part of our business strategy, and these changes will enable us to continue to grow in a way that is smart and sustainable.” He acknowledged the difficulty of saying goodbye to team members who have significantly contributed to the company’s achievements. Tolosa reassured that Meow Wolf is committed to supporting the affected employees through this transition, promising to disclose specific details of this support soon, thereby demonstrating the company’s empathy and care for its workforce.

The decision to downsize follows a series of challenges and controversies, including a bigoted staff refusal to work during a concert by artist Matisyahu at the Santa Fe location, which stirred debates and possibly contributed to decreased demand and financial strain. The antisemitic employees did not want to staff the Jewish musician’s concert

Back in 2020, Meow Wolf attributed its layoffs to the financial pressures unleashed by the pandemic, although leaked audio later revealed plans for reductions were already in place due to unsustainable rapid growth. Jim Ward, one of the then-CEOs, was recorded stating, “We knew we were going to hit our financial wall in June. The company grew too big, too fast, without a clear view about what is truly core to us, what core contributions we must make to our projects, and how we should organize our projects.”

Amidst these changes, the company has been actively engaging with the Meow Wolf Workers Collective, the employee union formed two years ago. However, the union has previously accused the company of engaging in unfair labor practices. Employees laid off in 2020 were reportedly required to sign non-disclosure agreements that included a non-disparagement clause to receive their severance packages.

A union member hinted that the Meow Wolf Workers Collective plans to issue a statement regarding the current layoffs, but legal constraints prevent them from doing so until Wednesday. 


13 thoughts on “Woke Meow Wolf laying off an eye-popping number of employees”

  1. They are cutting jobs for working people but not executive positions even posting a position with an annual salary of 250k+

  2. Stephanie McKenzie

    I will never take my grandchildren to Meow Wolf or go myself gain. They should have fired every employee who would not show up to work at that time. That they didn’t just showed where their hearts were. So now I do not care what that company does, it is not worth it.

  3. critical to think

    And CEO accused of sexual harassment, but it doesn’t apply to these
    wokesters. It seems like a creepy place in Land of Enchantment.

  4. ‘Woke business’ is an oxymoron. Any business owner must realize socialism/Communism/Progressive is not compatible with your business.

  5. My wife and I went to Meow Wolf last year. Supposedly this venue is artistic and avant guard. My wife sort of liked it, but to me it was simply creepy and weird. Good riddance as far as I’m concerned.

  6. I went to Meow Wolf a few years ago, with family. We had fun but let me say this…. it was way too expensive, and we all decided right then and there we would not be revisiting Meow Wolf. So yeah, if they want customers stop charging so much money. At least in this poor broke Bu** state.

  7. I have no desire for meowolf or zozobra burning.
    Both are demonic and draw in ignorant people and their $.

    Basically both are the same as this
    state and country leaders.

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