Matisyahu’s incredible response to anti-Israel Meow Wolf staff canceling concert

In an interview with Billboard, Matisyahu delved into the unforeseen challenges he encountered during his scheduled performances in Santa Fe and Tucson, Arizona, earlier this month. Anti-Isael Meow Wolf employees stymied the artist from being able to perform in Santa Fe. The reggae musician, who is Jewish and supportive of Israel, faced abrupt cancellations at Meow Wolf in Santa Fe and Rialto Theatre in Tucson, attributing the disruptions to security concerns spurred by protesters. Undeterred, Matisyahu swiftly organized a complimentary concert at The Rock in Tucson to the delight of his fans.

Matisyahu recounted the sequence of events, noting, “There have been protesters at my shows, and two shows got canceled. One of them in New Mexico, where after we had driven hundreds of miles set up, had a sold out show, fans were starting to come, the staff claims that they were afraid to come into the show because of like, tenant protesters.” 

John Phelan, Wiki Commons.

He further explained the skepticism surrounding the staff’s claims, which led to the last-minute cancellation in Santa Fe. The following night in Tucson presented similar issues, prompting Matisyahu to take matters into his own hands. “I myself started making phone calls and found another venue, a legendary reggae venue down the street. […] They claimed there that it was a security issue at the Rialto, so we moved everything, found a completely new staff in two hours and had a beautiful concert with no security issues.”

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Matisyahu expressed his resilience and determination to continue his tour despite the obstacles, stating, “People can say what they want, but we know why these shows are being canceled. The bottom line is that we’re going to continue and we’re going to play every show on the tour and any venue that cancels, I have backup venues in every city in America. I’ve been doing 200 shows a year for 20 years in this country, and so we will play our shows regardless.”

Following the cancellations, Meow Wolf and Rialto Theatre both cited safety and staffing concerns as the primary reasons for their decisions, emphasizing their commitment to the safety of their employees and guests. Meow Wolf’s statement claimed its dedication to free expression, respectful discourse, and the unifying power of art, while firmly rejecting any form of hate or discrimination — although the hate-filled staffers who shut down the concert have not reportedly been fired or had reprimands from the art space.

Matisyahu at Republik Music Festival 4, Honolulu, Hawaii, June 9, 2014. Peter Chiapperino via Wiki Commons.

Amid these tour challenges, Matisyahu also shared his recent experiences in Israel, where he found a renewed sense of hope amidst Hamas terrorists violently attacking the country in an unprovoked war. “I was feeling really hopeless about what the future is going to look like for all of us and went to Israel and renewed like my faith in humanity and renewed my faith in God,” he shared. This journey profoundly impacted him, infusing his music and performances with a sense of light and strength drawn from the resilience of the people he encountered.

Matisyahu’s experience underscores the complexities Jewish artists face in today’s toxic political climate, filled with antisemitism, yet his story is also one of perseverance, hope, and the transformative power of music.


9 thoughts on “Matisyahu’s incredible response to anti-Israel Meow Wolf staff canceling concert”

  1. Meow Wolf, I think the name says it all; a bunch of conspiracy theorists afraid of their own thoughts…because cowardly pussy cat liberals tend to be violent in nature. They are unwilling to accept individual rights given to us by God and our US Constitution guarantees them.
    Meow Wolf, a Marxist’s wet dream of domination over mind and body through cowardly behaviors.

    1. I could not have said it better myself! I so agree with you. And here in NM with an evil corrupt governor, I am so glad to know that he still had his concert and a different venue.

  2. The party of “tolerance” in Santa Fe – but only if you tow their line, are some of the most disagreeable, despicable people anywhere & they strike again

    1. And people here in NM need to stand up and stop these evil socialist from continuing to be in the round house. Vote these fools out of office and take back NM!

  3. Stephanie McKenzie

    I had always thought MeowWolf was a place aimed at encouraging different types of artists, an outlet for creativity that may not always fit in to other venues. How wrong I have been. I will never go there or encourage my grandchildren to go there. If they can hate an artist for being Jewish they cannot be trusted with any creative person.

  4. The dude is a Racist Pig. This whole thing is an exercise in STUPID. Y’all just want an opportunity to smash those Idiot Children at mewolf or whatever it is. Stupid People Perpetuating Stupid Shit….

    1. Baruch Goldstein

      Hahahahahaha! Good on ya’, Dwaine. Who knows if you and I would agree on much, put we sure agree this is SPPSS.

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