Lujan Grisham officially declares special session

Far-left Democrat Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham of New Mexico has declared that she will convene a special legislative session on July 18 to address so-called urgent public safety concerns within the state, although she has said she refuses to address the border crisis, as all other border-state governors have. This decision follows what the governor described as incomplete efforts in the regular session to bolster the safety of New Mexican communities. “While we made some progress toward a safer New Mexico during the 30-day day session, we agree that we must do more,” Lujan Grisham stated.

The Governor emphasized the necessity of this special session to implement critical legislative measures to diminish the threats facing residents daily. “The special session in July will enable us to deliver additional statutory changes that reduce the danger and risk New Mexico communities face every day,” she elaborated.

Lujan Grisham also mentioned that she is open to suggestions on how to enhance the state’s safety laws, inviting lawmakers to propose effective solutions. “The best proposals for making our state safer will be under consideration, and I welcome input from my colleagues in the legislature,” she added, refusing to give specifics. 

The session, which marks the fifth special session called during Governor Lujan Grisham’s administration, is expected to be brief. “Based on discussions with legislative leadership, the governor anticipates that the special session will be completed within several days,” her office disclosed in a news release.

Recently, the governor sat down with “New Mexico In Focus” on PBS to talk about the potential of a special session.

She told the program, “It’s a decision I can make. I have the authority to do that as governor [of] the state of New Mexico, so why not just decide? You know, part of it is I want to be successful for the public.”

She added, “We have a lot of public safety issues that still require, in my view, immediate and dramatic attention. And what I want is these strategies to get through a very narrow, very tight, special session.”

In the New Mexican’s report, the governor claimed she was leaning “80/20” in favor of calling a special session. Previously, the governor called a special session in 2021 to ram through a bill to legalize recreational marijuana sales in the state.


28 thoughts on “Lujan Grisham officially declares special session”

  1. ooo Yay! More wasted tax dollars and more Santa Fe parties for the politicos to attend. same story, same results…. NADA!

  2. This is all about taking away our 2nd Amendment rights. She does not know we will not comply and that they are going to cost the SAtate millions in legal fees because what the Dems want is unconstitutional.

  3. You know, border security and allowing peace officers to do their jobs would both be ways to keep New Mexicans safe… Not having an incompetent Governor would also help.

  4. Waste of taxpayers money. She thinks she is so smart, but unless people stand up and vote out her comrades, we will have her for 2 more years of evil doing. She so needs to be impeached, why is that taking so long? oh, right, her comrades have all the power in the round house.
    Well, one thing for sure, come Judgement Day, she will be judges harshly and most likely thrown into the “lake of fire.” For that is where all ungodly and evil people go…
    Praying for Gods mercy on us all.

  5. The oompa loompa tyrant throwing her “power” around. Never using it for the betterment and safety of New Mexican but as a reminder that she has “power” to do anything to destroy the quality of Life for NM and it’s citizens.

  6. This is just grisham’s way of stopping people from raising money. Their team is losing because they have failed policies. They destroyed the state. They can’t stand when Republicans have a better message than them so the only way that she can keep people from raising money is to have a special session. What an evil genius! Because the State rules say that you cannot raise funds during legislative sessions. And I’m sure that the Democrats always follow their own rules. What an absolute loser! Sore loser and someone who hates the state of New Mexico. People stop voting Democrat. And Democrats need to either fight against them or change parties if you truly don’t like being labeled leftist

  7. She is a complete embarrassment to this state. The only “public safety” issue that she needs to address is the one she refuses to address- border security. Instead she’s trying to strip 2A rights. How on earth do fools like this get elected to public office?

  8. “Father forgive her.”…for she really doesn’t quite understand the long term consequences for others, and for herself. “As you sew you reap.” We might not get to see the reaping part, but God knows what he is doing. I think he allows all of this, to wake people up. Many are still asleep, so it’s our job to wake them up, to pray a lot, and educate…
    It’s not smart to project your anger on someone. It actually ties you to this person. MLG doesn’t deserve your attention.
    God bless you all, for your alertness. “Pray without ceasing”, and teach the ignorant ones…
    Most Christians don’t do a lot of prayer, why? Remember ” Ask, and it shall be given unto you…” Think of the story of The Unjust Judge. We have to ask God repeatedly …..

    1. You are completely wrong…. she knows EXACTLY what she is doing and until more people wake up and realize that we will continue to be victims of benign ignorance.

  9. It’s all about her. How about We the People? Just close the border wall! Lot of farmers are suffering and rural as well.

  10. MLG is just following the dictates of the Joetaterhead Admin and the DNC. She promised them more unconstitutional restrictions on the 2nd Amendment and was unable to fulfill the promise so must take another shot at it.

    1. You sure hit the nail on its head!!! She loves power!!! And her equally left leaning comrades are eager to help her destroy anything left that is good.

  11. This is all about taking away our 2nd Amendment rights, she could care less about punishing the criminals, hell they vote for her and and her socialist party

  12. The biggest safety problem in NM is when the Legislature is in session.

    When they are in session your life, land, gold, guns, job, business, family and your burros, nor your pig, cow and horses are not safe from government interference.

  13. Drugs, the border, the permanent welfare class those issues should be addressed. The honest law abiding people will have to endure more stupid laws passed by stupid people!

  14. She is calling it after the primary election so that her ‘pets’ aren’t primaried out by the laws proposed and rapidly signed. She would not have called for a special session unless she had the votes.

  15. Her idea of keeping NM safe is to keep the border wide open, turn convicted criminals out on the street, refuse to allow law enforcement to do their jobs all while disarming the people! What a novel idea! Why didn’t we think of all these things sooner???? This will no doubt keep New Mexicans safe!!! Evil personified!!!

  16. So the piglet didn’t get her way during normal session so she wants to waste more tax dollars.. If she and the rest of the crowd in Santa Fe would address the REAL issue of mental health and the druggies and punks running amuck it would be different but instead she wants an unarmed – compliant people to fund her antics! WRONG answer!!! Enough of her nonsense! It’s time to arrest and drag her useless ass out of the roundhouse!

  17. Impeach this pos governor! Worst governor in history ! What part of shall not be infringed do these communist demonrats not understand ? Never vote blue again ! Red all the way ! Trump 2024

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