Guilty ‘Rust’ armorer who called jurors ‘a**holes’ gets max sentence

Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, the armorer involved in the tragic 2021 shooting on the set of the movie “Rust,” has been sentenced to the maximum of 18 months in prison for involuntary manslaughter in the death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins. The sentence was handed down after intense deliberations, where Gutierrez-Reed’s legal team had pleaded for probation based on her lack of prior criminal history and youth. However, prosecutors argued for a severe sentence, citing her “extreme recklessness” on set.

During the sentencing, Judge Mary Marlowe Sommer emphasized Gutierrez-Reed’s critical role in the incident, stating, “You alone turned a safe weapon into a lethal weapon,” and highlighted the profound loss caused by her actions: “But for you, Ms. Hutchins would be alive. A husband would have his partner, and a little boy would have his mother.”

After she was found guilty, “she blasted jurors as ‘idiots’ and ‘a–holes’ for convicting her of involuntary manslaughter,” as reported by the New York Post:

“She referred to the jurors as “r—-ds,’ ‘idiots’ and ‘a–holes,’” [prosecutors] wrote as proof of how she “continues to deny responsibility and blame others.”

“She calls the jury r—-ded. ‘When they say jury of your peers they mean f—in r—-ds,’” the filing states, saying that the armorer also called the judge “terrible.”

Gutierrez-Reed, appearing remorseful, addressed the court, expressing her sorrow for the impact of the incident on Hutchins’ family, friends, and colleagues. “My heart aches for the Hutchins family and friends and colleagues, as well,” she said. Despite her plea for leniency, she acknowledged her responsibilities on the “Rust” set, “When I took on ‘Rust’ I was young and I was naive. But I took my job as seriously as I knew how to, despite not having proper time, resources and staffing, I just did my best to handle it,” she added, “I beg you, please don’t give me more time.”

The court also heard from Hutchins’ friend, Jen White, who expressed her ongoing grief and the void left by Hutchins’ absence. “I still look for her. I still expect to see her. I still wonder what adventures she’s on … then my heart drops through my feet,” White conveyed. Asserting the need for accountability, she urged the court, “I beg you to impose the maximum sentence.”

Supporting the prosecution’s stance, White argued that if Gutierrez-Reed had adequately performed her duties, Hutchins would still be alive, emphasizing the preventable nature of the tragedy.

The issue of gun safety and protocol on set was a focal point throughout the trial. Prosecutors highlighted that the mishandling of firearms under Gutierrez-Reed watch was a direct violation of industry standards, contributing to the fatal outcome. They argued that her failure in this crucial role warranted the maximum sentence to underscore the seriousness of her negligence and the irreversible consequences it inflicted.

This case has stirred broader discussions about safety protocols in film production, highlighted by the ongoing legal proceedings against actor Alec Baldwin, who also faces charges related to the incident. His trial is set to commence in July, further continuing the legal examination of responsibility and safety on movie sets.


22 thoughts on “Guilty ‘Rust’ armorer who called jurors ‘a**holes’ gets max sentence”

  1. She’ll likely criticize this entire state when her prison time is up. I think she deserves a longer sentence for combining weapons with illegal drugs.

  2. You always treat a gun as this if it is loaded. Baldwin’s responsibility was to check it as soon as it was put in his hand. And he knows this. Nice try and deflecting the responsibility.

    1. Marcello T Hinojosa

      She made the mistake on the Ammo. Alec pulled the Hammer back and pulled the trigger. New Mexico don’t let Baldwin get away with manslaughter.

  3. Nothing more than a slap on the wrist; she deserves more time in prison. Baldwin should know not to point a gun at anyone unless he intends to shoot them. I hope he gets years in prison.

    1. 21stCenturyCassandra

      This was the maximum sentence allowed under NM law as it stood at the time. Legislature has modified the law since then, but those changes (which provide for a 5 year sentence IIRC) do not apply to her nor to Alec Baldwin.

  4. She’s not the only one GUILTY of murder!!! I pray that she doesn’t become the scapegoat for that POS Baldwin!!

    1. I agree and the Hutchins family should sue Baldwin and her for wrongful death. Baldwin should not get away with this senseless murder. He is totally guilty for not checking the gun first to see what it was loaded with…

  5. I think her defense team erred. She may have given Baldwin a weapon loaded with blanks. But what did Baldwin do after she handed him the weapon? Who knows. The truth is that she was not the “last” person to have that weapon. That person is Alex Baldwin.

  6. I was not at the trial but seems she was quit young to have such an important job. She was just the scrap goat. Who certified her to be the armor/safety/??? I would bet folks took advantage of her and she was trying to be that “good” safety that lets folks have fun. Why would there be any live ammo on a set, I could see security guards but would think you would not have the same ammo size to ensure prop weapons could only use prop/blank ammo. Would also think that every weapon would be checked by two different safeties whenever a weapon was shot with prop ammo. I could be wrong but she is too young and stupid (as we all were when young) to have that job, that is the fault of who hired her. Common sense states if a young person showed up to the job interview the leadership would say “whhaaatt?, and start asking questions to be sure she was the right person for the job. Just saying.

  7. She is young and inexperienced, making mistakes as people like that do. Doesn’t excuse her for her bad choices and she got an appropriate sentence for that.

    Now let’s talk about the REAL CRIMINAL: Baldwin. Running a cut-rate production. Ignoring safety protocols. Playing with a gun and disregarding all accepted gun safety practices. Throw the book at that smug motherf**ker. John, why don’t you investigate the rumors that Halyna was working on a film about human trafficking and this was no accident. You know, as we all do, that Hollywood wasn’t going to allow a movie like that to be made.

  8. They better make Baldwin pay for his actions in all of this. He should have never pointed a gun at anyone. He needs prison time for years.

  9. I think she was set up. No one can mistake a blank for a bullet that has a visible lead slug. Someone but that bullet in that gun on purpose.

  10. I had some sympathy for her because she’s very young – until she went off on the jury. No matter how young and immature you are, you simply must behave in adult circumstances. Like at her job and in a courtroom. She probably was not as responsible as she should have been with all of the weapons. As a professional, you shouldn’t be trying to be popular. I think every single person who touched that gun that day has something to answer for.

    Somebody put live ammo in that gun but who was it?

    Why were they using that gun for target practice anyway?

    Blanks can kill people – people playing at Russian Roulette have accidentally committed suicide. People who are not serious about firearms are a danger to everyone! Even if she was technically able to do the job, she was too immature to be doing it. They made a big mistake by hiring her but the whole production was a train wreck.

    I don’t like Alec Baldwin; does anyone? He is waaaaay too old to mess with guns and there should be some jail time. How much? No idea. He’s responsible, no matter who the armorer was.

  11. All of the comments about (her) age are baseless. My firearms safety training started at age 11, then hunter safety, once offered in schools, then range time and shooting with experienced hunters. The problem might be the extension of childhood, we now want eternal adolescence instead of adult responsability, welcome to sesame street.

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