Fury erupts after Meow Wolf bigots shut down sold-out Jewish artist’s show

In Santa Fe, New Mexico, hip-hop fans were disappointed as a much-anticipated Matisyahu concert at Meow Wolf was abruptly canceled just two hours before it began. The artist, known for his vocal support of Israel amidst Hamas’ attacks, found his show halted under circumstances that have sparked widespread conversation.

Local pro-Hamas groups claim their pressure influenced Meow Wolf’s decision to cancel the event. In response, Meow Wolf cited vague safety concerns due to insufficient staff to manage the sold-out event as the reason for the cancellation. Kati Murphy, Meow Wolf’s Vice President of Public Relations and Communications, emphasized the importance of prioritizing the safety of both employees and guests.

Matisyahu took to social media to express his dismay, stating, “My fans and I should have played a sold-out show at Meow Wolf in Santa Fe last night… Instead, the staff at these venues refused to come to work, forcing cancellations.” He criticized the venue in Santa Fe for misleading fans by attributing the cancellation to “security concerns” when the actual issue was staff unwillingness to work the show.

The artist lamented the missed opportunity for unity through music, stressing that actions dividing people only serve to escalate tensions. Matisyahu vowed to continue promoting peace and unity through his music, promising his fans in Santa Fe and Tucson that they would sing together again soon.

Matisyahu at Republik Music Festival 4, Honolulu, Hawaii, June 9, 2014. Peter Chiapperino via Wiki Commons.

Santa Fe’s Mayor, Alan Webber, weighed in on the controversy, differentiating between protesting government policies and obstructing a Jewish-American artist’s performance. He condemned all forms of bigotry and called for peace in the Middle East, emphasizing the need for the safe return of all hostages and an end to violence.

The Jewish Community Relations Coalition-New Mexico also voiced concern in a letter to Mayor Webber, highlighting the cultural and economic significance of the arts in New Mexico. They expressed worry that the cancellation might set a precedent that limits artistic expression based on an artist’s background or views, potentially harming Santa Fe’s reputation as a nurturing environment for diverse artistic talents.

“Let us be clear: Matisayu, an American artist, became a target only because of his identity as a Jew with an affinity toward Israel.  This kind of targeting cannot be normalized,” the group wrote.

Antisemitic workers at Meow Wold spewed blatantly bigoted comments, with one writing that the show was canceled because they “disagree with the Zionist political ideals that Matisyahu holds.” 

Sen. Martin Heinrich’s wife, Julie Heinrich, serves as the executive director of the Meow Wolf Foundation. So far, it is unclear if she was involved in the venue’s decision to cancel the artist’s performance. 

The story has since hit national headlines, with outlets such as TMZ, the New York Post, and NBC News reporting the story.


60 thoughts on “Fury erupts after Meow Wolf bigots shut down sold-out Jewish artist’s show”

    1. Do you stand with the killing of 28,000 and 67,000 wounded since October 7th? You think “they deserved it” even though Hamas doesn’t represent every man woman and child in that prison they were born into?

      1. I don’t stand with any war, but Palestinians aiding and abetting Hamas shouldn’t be tolerated. Palestine is just as responsible as Israel. No one “deserves” it, but the Israeli people don’t have any option besides zero tolerance. They tolerated Hitler and naziism.

        1. Do you think those 100,000 Palestinians were aiding Hamas only because they were born in Gaza and couldn’t leave? Guilty by breathing there? That is not a realistic view of citizens in the world. Most of them aren’t political for these wars, they are just trying to live their lives the best they can. The news media wants us to think everyone is on political sides and war is good.

          1. wrong. The reports of a survey in Gaza and the west bank shows that more than 90% of those folks side with Hamas. And they hate and wish to destroy England and the US at almost that level. Those people are taught to hate and hate they do. And unless you are Jewish they hate you to.

      2. Right on, JT. Here we have people re-creating the same holocaust they have marketed to the rest of us for nearly a century now in order for support.

        1. Since Palestinians Arabs are Semites and most Ashkenazi Israelis are not, what does that say about your understanding of Semitism?

          Language used correctly, the greatest Anti-Semites are the Israelis.

      3. If Hamas didn’t use civilians as human shields many of them would be alive today. And if Hamas would release it’s captives, the assault could slow down.

        1. That is an interesting comment, Rebecca. In all sincerity I’d like to read your reasons for arriving at that conclusion. It is a complicated topic. Can we not be certain that the Ashkenazi themselves are not indigenous to Palestine? Who then, in your view, is indigenous to Palestine?

    1. That won’t be hard for me since I never heard of them before and they look like a bunch of people I would cross the street to avoid.

    2. They need a sign on their front door and their website:
      “We are 100% for DEI except: NO MAGAS, pro-Lifers, Christians, or Jews!” Signed Julie Heinrich (but don’t take that against my Martin. He needs the Jewish cash and votes. Gracias.)

      And American Jews will still vote for the Democrats who ban them and Israel. The vocal ones are JINOs… Jews in Name Only! They’re FAKES like Rev. Al Sharpton and Rev. Jesse Jackson!

    1. The Jewish terrorists as well? Now maybe you are on to something. Instead of randomly killing normal, peaceful people on each side, just toss the terrorist palestinians and israelis into the deep sea.

  1. 28,000 Palestinians killed and 67,000 wounded by Benjamin Netanyahu in an open-air prison where they were born into and are heavily controlled and cant even freely travel.. That is a sick and disgusting genocide.

    It’s time for you to wake up from the Zionist deception masquerading itself as “Christian.” It is a deception and a lie.

    1. Thank you JT I had made a comment but apparently it was too factual for our communist/ Zionist censors. You are 💯 correct.

    2. Amen. When does hatred between humans end? As Reb Tevye said in Fiddler on the Roof, “an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth – that way the whole world will be blind and toothless”

    3. Which side uses SUICIDE BOMBERS that attack buses, weddings, restaurants, schools, hospitals, and just on streets which then causes that side to protect itself, close borders, require permits?

      Gazans worked in Israel, were trusted, now trust no more ever again because many of them aided in the slaughter that History will remember along with the Communism and Nazism for its brutality.

      1. I’m confused. Are you speaking of the Israeli systematic elimination of the people they stole the land from? If the US would send them fighter jets and weapons of war like they do the Israelis they wouldn’t be forced to use more crude means.

        1. Amazing. The population of paliparasite land has grown exponentially. Worst “genocide” ever. I want my money back, Fake Goldstein.

  2. I have traveled by land through many Islamic countries. I have always had tremendous respect for islamic people, but at the end of the day, after several decades I have realized that we have the most in common with shared values, ideals, government and democracy with the state of Israel. The beliefs and values of a movement within the U.S. of people who have not shared my personal experiences abroad are those of people that really see things in black and white terms

    1. I bow at thy feet, o erudite and well-traveled wise man. I have been so ignorant. It was not until I read these words of yours that I realized that the true measure of the worth of a civilization is its resemblance to our own. Those of us who have not shared your “personal experiences abroad” are surely narrow-minded simpletons.

    1. You are exactly correct! How long would these Hamas-lovers tolerate hundreds of rockets sent into their country day after day after day? Perhaps all these pro-Hamas fools in this country should move to Gaza since they love those people so much. Anyone who clearly admits they want to kill all westerners just because they are westerners should be exterminated.

  3. NO ONE WINS IN WAR. Sad that as long as hate exists, war will too. Jesus asked us to “love one another”, even our enemies. HARD TO love someone who hates you.

  4. This war between Israel and Hamas will continue until the Second Coming. What is sad is that the ugliness and hate has been going on since the Old Testament. Israel is God’s chosen people. Hamas will not stop, not even if peace is brought to the table. They want the Jewish nation obliterated. God and His infinite plan will not let that happen. The innocent will suffer due to those whose hate is more important. I stand with God. The diabolical prince knows who wins, but his goal is to instill as much hate and destruction before his defeat.

    1. Do you think Jews don’t sin? You think Christians are supposed to agree with 100% of what Benjamin Netanyahu decides? That is completely flawed thinking. You have built your Christianity around dispensational eschatology, and it has blinded you from the most basic doctrine and calling that Jesus has called you to. Jesus is interested in saving lives not destroying them. He also included the Gentiles into His kingdom just as much as the Jews. If you want to obey God, then preach the Gospel to both Palestinians and Jews. Political factions and wars are what have destroyed Christianity all throughout the Boomer generation, and it’s time for this generation to stop calling evil as good.

      1. How do you know what Christians are to believe? Jesus is interested in saving us from our sins. The Boomer generation does not want to believe they are sinners in the first place.

        1. Your last sentence is certainly true of a whole lot of us Boomers. Your first sentence has an answer but this is not the forum for it.

  5. Correction… there are a few winners – those who keep manufacturing the machines of war. They need to PROFIT from ALL lost lives. Can’t even imagine if resources were used instead to punch wells for peoples who need clean drinking water, medical care for those who never receive it, turn trash into something beneficial to all, like turning trash into building blocks to build shelters… where’s the WILL to end war and do something for a change to benefit humanity? BTW: this is a question for ALL nations, not just the USA. Alas, as long as there is greed and big egos, this will never happen.

    1. Therein lies the problem: people think they’re the chosen. What do people do when they think they’re the chosen?? Things are not at all as they seem. This is another war to keep us all divided as they make their plans for upcoming catastrophes and we’re none the wiser as we are so distracted.

    2. Christians have been going around the world doing what you have said they should do. It doesn’t seem to have an effect on non-Christians. And, Israel has a right to exist, regardless of what the Arab states surrounding them believe.

      1. Do Palestinian Arabs and Christians have a right to exist, given that they were in Palestine before shiploads of Europeans were brought in?

  6. As long as the Palestinian people continue to allow Hamas to operate within their ranks and spread death among Israelis I will have no sympathy for their plight. It’s up to them to purge these killers from their ranks. That’s the only option to ever achieve peace in that region.

  7. Refuse to do your job? Can you spell fired? I appreciate those getting to the fundamentals of the argument rather than addressing the story even when they are wrong about it as these employees that refuse to show up for their job are wrong as well. Get steppin. I’d close that place for as long as needed to replace every one of them if need be

  8. Sports Fans…I Ain’t Got a Dog In This Fight So I Can’t Care.
    One group of Racist Fools pissin on Another Racist Fool… Idiots Inc.

  9. You are right J. Blaming the employees just seemed to me a way to let anti-Semitism prevail without sounding like an anti-semite. The employees had a job, refused to do it, so they should be fired. I don’t always like all the artist’s works at Meow Wolf, but that is my opinion, doesn’t mean I want the artist shut down, someone else might like what they do. I don’t have to view art or go to a concert I don’t like. That’s the beauty of the First Amendment. Seems to me that the employees of Meow Wolf are not supportive of artists unless they agree with them.

  10. Personally I couldn’t care less about Israel or Palestine. I care about the United States and the State of New Mexico. I care about why are we sending taxpayer money to other countries when our economy is tanking, Veterans can’t get medical care and poverty and homelessness is on the increase. It is time we took care of our house and let the rest of the world figure out their own problems.

  11. Sue the venue! Next time they will not hire woke Marxists. A venue is there to make money for them and their employees. Heck, the venue should sue every employee that would not come to work. I am sure the little bitches would run to their mommies and daddies to bail them out. When there folks kick them to the curb maybe they will realize what life is about.

  12. First of all, there has never been a “palestine.” Those people are originally from Jordan, another Jew-hating country. Who also shoot rockets at Israel. That land has belonged to Israel for thousands of years. “Palestinians” are squatters; no ownership of that land at all. The Israelis originally let them use it in the (vain) hope that they’d stop attacking Jews. Didn’t work so the Jews had to build a big wall to protect themselves. Hamas, the voted-in government of the Gazans/”palestinians”. They chose Hamas! And if the “palestinians” are so wonderful, how come no other muslim country wants them? I’ve read that the civilian casualties are far lower than in most conflicts. If those people were legit, they wouldn’t have murdered all of those Jewish people and the others. Go have a look at the photos. A good look at them!

    Over a thousand people massacred just for being Jewish! By a group of heathens that STILL operates a thriving slave trade. (Only our gov’t trafficks more people.)

    “Palestinian” children are taught to hate Jews from their early childhoods. The koran is not a holy book; it is a manual for conducting jihad. They will continue their war against Jews and Christians until there aren’t any of us left.

    The saying is, “First the Saturday people, then the Sunday people.” Those of you who are pro-Hamas are pro-terrorist. Another saying is, “Not all muslims are terrorists but most terrorists are muslims.”

    If you love terrorists so much go and join them and don’t come back.

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