Wagyu beef and cocaine hot dogs

Over the past few months, New Mexico has been getting quite a lot of media attention for unfortunate reasons, including a recent biker gang shootout in Red River over Memorial Day weekend, a Sonic hot dog found with a bag of cocaine in it, and Democrats’ extremist abortion up-to-birth policies, to name a few. 

Jeffrey David Salazar, 54, of Española, faces felony charges after he “lost” his bag of cocaine during his shift at Sonic, where a woman found the drug bag in her hot dog.

“(Salazar) stops cooking and appears to be frantically searching the area as if he lost something,” a detective wrote in the affidavit.

This made national news

Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s move to try and ban localities from halting abortions in their communities and pushing “gender-affirming care” on children via H.B. 7 recently made national news also – further enshrining New Mexico as the abortion capital of the United States. This sad record was affirmed by another bill that will harbor criminal abortionists in New Mexico who are wanted in other states.

A biker gang’s recent shootout in Red River, killing three and injuring at least five, made national news also, with Democrats almost in unison, using the dispute to push for extreme anti-gun laws. It splashed the headlines of national news outlets for days.

These are just national headlines from the past few weeks — not counting the other horrible things New Mexico is now known for under far-left, failed leadership that has failed to prevent such tragic stories.

We also make national headlines about our most prolific export — box-checking Washington, D.C. bureaucrats like Deb Haaland, who can’t even form a coherent sentence in a U.S. House or Senate hearing, much less run a federal agency. More national shame and embarrassing headlines.

Instead of helping quell the illegal drug trade in New Mexico, Democrats have repeatedly refused to increase sentences for drug possession and trafficking, even fentanyl — leading to “COCAINE HOT DOG” being plastered across even international headlines as far-reaching as India

Democrats couldn’t stand not having any protections whatsoever for babies, women, or doctors, as passed in a 2021 law legalizing abortion up to birth. They wanted to push abortions and transgender surgeries/hormone blockers on children also. Now, New Mexico is Texas’ back-alley abortion mill.

And instead of New Mexico legislators passing laws preventing crime by punishing thugs who break the law, three are now dead due to the recent Red River shootout. 

In recent years, New Mexico has grabbed national headlines for things such as Democrats working to weaken the state’s election laws to open the floodgates to fraud, Albuquerque Police officers fleeing the state amid anti-police policies, as well as the governor’s lavish spending on booze and Wagyu beef, not to mention her $150,000 crotch grab payout to a former campaign staffer. 

Other headlines focus on New Mexico’s worst education system in the entire country, the state’s wide-open southern border, deadly crime statistics, and the worst state for drug use in the entire country.

By electing the same people and the same failed weak-on-crime, anti-moral “leaders,” New Mexico will remain in the same sad place, with headlines focusing on our failures instead of our successes, which are few.

People need to start waking up, or else we will remain in the cadaver state (for all the children we kill via abortion, not to mention those being slaughtered through assisted suicide), biker gang shootouts, taxpayer-funded Wagyu beef steaks, and, embarrassingly, cocaine hot dogs. 

We can do many things to start fixing New Mexico, including signing a referendum petition to help stop the extremist laws recently passed in the 2023 Legislature, making sure not to stay home during ANY election, staying informed by reading what is happening in New Mexico in places like the Piñon Post, and by seizing upon every opportunity to take action in the state. 

It can be as simple as sending an email to a lawmaker or more involved, such as knocking on doors to support your local anti-Critical Race Theory school board candidate. It’s not that hard. We need to fight even harder to reclaim this state because it is a very achievable goal. We love New Mexico. Now, let’s fight for it.


15 thoughts on “Wagyu beef and cocaine hot dogs”

  1. Hey John,
    I appreciate all the hard work you do for us.
    I was however wondering if the Red counties in the state can detach and form their own state or become part of Texas.

    1. I’ve thought that. With California moving to Texas, they’re wanting to turn it blue which will ruin Texas. Stupid people leave places because they don’t like the way it’s run and vote in the same crap they left, not thinking it will become what they left. I LOVE the redness of Lincoln County!!! Don’t want to change a thing.

    2. Years ago all land in NM East of the Rio Grande was part of the Texas Republic. I am all for returning. NM can keep Albuquerque.

  2. Representative Block’s analysis is exactly right. It all leads back to a pandering Democrat Party whose extensive power for decades has led to today’s quagmire. Thank you, Representative, for your efforts in the other direction.

  3. NM is in deep doo-doo. Sadly, I seriously doubt if voters will ever step up and do what needs to be done, and that’s kicking out Democrats who are ruining our state.

  4. I’m taking action by going out and gathering signatures for the referendum on the extremist bills MLG just signed into law. Please join this effort. Together, we can do it.

  5. I’ve lived in NM most of my life and what a shit show it has become underneath the idiot we have as a governor. It’s become a joke with the DemonRat’s we have in charge. Wake up people

  6. We still need to FIX Election Fraud. Plain and simple. None of this matters until that is really addressed. Democrats own it. Power & Control.

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