Man charged with murder after Red River biker gang shootout

Following a Saturday shootout in Red River between two biker gangs, at least three people are dead, and five are injured. The shooting happened on Red River’s Main Street during the town’s 41st annual Red River Memorial Day Motorcycle Rally.

State Police say the violence happened after an altercation between the Bandidos and the Water Dogs motorcycle gangs. The Banditos, originally from Texas, started in the 1960s and operates as an outlaw motorcycle gang, according to the U.S. Department of Justice. 

According to the Water Dogs’ now-deactivated Facebook page, the group “is dedicated to developing a Fraternal Brotherhood of men with loyalty, discipline, and character.”

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The three deceased have been identified as Anthony Silva, 26 years old from Los Lunas, who was a member of the Bandidos motorcycle gang; Randy Sanchez, 46 years old from Albuquerque, a member of the Water Dogs motorcycle gang; and Damien Breaux, 46 years old from Socorro, a member of the Bandidos Motorcycle Gang. 

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According to State Police Chief Tim Johnson, “For everyone, there will be zero tolerance from this point forward,” adding, “That is traffic violations for 1 mile an hour over, seat belts, jaywalking. We are going to stop and talk to everyone if they violate any law — traffic or criminal.”

“Anybody with warrants or anybody who can be arrested will be arrested,” concluding, “I’ll apologize initially to the law-abiding citizens that came to Red River to have a good Memorial Day weekend, not the gangbangers that are ruining it for all of them.”

The Red River mayor has also implored businesses to close up shop if they can over the holiday weekend following the deadly shootout. 

Three have been charged so far. Jacob Castillo of the Waterdogs was charged with murder, Matthew Jackson of the Bandidos Motorcycle Gang has been charged with unlawful carrying of a firearm in a liquor establishment, and Christopher Garcia of the Bandidos Motorcycle Gang has been charged with possession of cocaine.


7 thoughts on “Man charged with murder after Red River biker gang shootout”

  1. Come on … You are missing the point… Taos voted as a sanctuary county, #30 of #32 for firearms and gun possession-ownership…then a week later due to the snowflake unicorn population of Raton -Red River-and Taos the county rescinded that passage…whereas 29 of 32 counties are still sanctuary communities preserving the right to bear arms. The ( for lack of a genuine better term) pussifucation and communist takeover of Red River was complete when the Mayor and the CHIEF OF the NMSP, AFFECTIVELY PLACED EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING IN lockdown… They do not trust any of you living there, doing business there, playing there, visiting there…or breathing air there. Your elected politicians have declared… You are all…the enemy of the State right now…all of you… honest law abiding or not…you are all put in the same category by the men in black and your elected…and it is official now with the curfew of the community and the threats from the governor’s henchmen in dressed in black to harass everyone… for every minor infraction. This…is…what…you…voted… for…and…this…is…what…you…get. The true question to ask…Is or was it worth it? The dead are dead, the injured are injured, the shooters are all in jail ..the threat was resolved.. the court will convict, the guilty will serve time and then be released back into society after serving say 3-9 years instead of serving life due to activists DNC elected judiciarys. Build more prison beds…long term incarcerations…employ all resources including the death penalty… more people equates allways to more crime…reducing time to serve or letting out early is not a deterrent to reoffending…eliminating some… for life…from society… Absolutely reduces the chance to reoffend in public… Just saying…welcome to socialism fascism totalitarianism dictatorship Red River… Bend over and kiss the mayors and governor’s feet…

  2. Let’s hope this does not fall under the “Alec Baldwin Gun Law” of New Mexico. This is a Unlawful state. The absolute DECLINE of New Mexico is astonishing.

  3. Is anybody surprised? This state is going to hell. The politicians, judges, and DA are condoning all of the crime.

  4. Satan comes to kill steal and destroy…any question about who was really pulling the strings? Satan did all three in just a moment of time.He came and took someones family member, perhaps a child’s parent, He destroyed two families and he stole somebodies future…
    My sincere condolences to the families of those who have died.I pray no children will be without a dad and I will pray for the wives (in any) who will face the coming days, weeks, months and years without a person they loved.
    The world gets darker as time passes….someday the real Prince ( Jesus Christ) will come and this world will be no more. Until then…it will only get worse.

  5. With a criminal squatted in the roundhouse and her surrounded by crooks and thugs it’s not surprising to see this crap at a rally that is intended to be a celebration -AND yes there are kids attending.. What a shame!

  6. In a touch of irony included in the Red River shootings, a Rock ‘N’ Roll band from nearby Angel Fire was playing at one of the venues in Red River goes by the name Warning Shot.

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