ABQ police union grabs national headlines after officer resignations from APD rapid response team

On Monday, Albuquerque Police Officers’ Association president  Shaun Willoughby appeared on Fox News to talk about the recent resignations of Albuquerque Police officers from the “Emergency Response Team” following an arrest at a recent Albuquerque protest, which the Piñon Post covered last week. 

Willoughby said on Fox & Friends that officers don’t feel supported and ‘don’t trust their leaders.” He stressed that Albuquerque officers are “tired of being managed by politics.” 

The outrage from the police union followed nineteen officers quitting the team over Seventeen officers, one lieutenant, and two sergeants resigned from the team after “an armed man who was taunting demonstrators was detained by field officers during the protest and at the time of his arrest, the man was not charged.”

“We have an individual that’s being removed from this counter-protest for doing absolutely nothing wrong,” Willoughby said. “He didn’t violate any laws. He was exercising his constitutional rights within the city of Albuquerque and we had a sergeant taken off of his job, gun and badge removed.”

Willoughby noted how the Emergency Response Team is “an extracurricular activity” and that he doubts APD “will get anybody to replace these jobs.”

“Who wants to take on that professional liability … [of] being involved in these protests that just are never-ending?” he asked.

Previously, Willoughby said, “We are seeing a dramatic increase of Albuquerque police officers applying to go to other departments,” He added, “Morale, let’s not even talk about it because it doesn’t exist. There is no morale. Your Albuquerque police officers are absolutely miserable at work— nobody’s happy.”

According to Willoughby, over 20 APD officers have quit the force altogether within the last two months, following an all-out assault on law enforcement during the legislative session earlier this year and Albuquerque Mayor Tim Keller having social workers respond to some calls instead of officers. There have also been many proposals from the Albuquerque City Council to “defund” parts of APD.  



6 thoughts on “ABQ police union grabs national headlines after officer resignations from APD rapid response team”

  1. I loved Albuquerque, its diverse culture and the beauty of the city. Now, I’m so glad that I don’t live there. The rest of our beloved state is being destroyed by forces that have infriltrated us and our trying to take away our rights and the traditions we hold dear.

  2. Albuquerque used to be a halfway decent city. I’m so glad I no longer live there. When I do have to go there, I lock my doors even when I’m IN the car no matter what neighborhood I’m in. The police who work for the city deserve to be treated much better than they are. Back The Blue!

  3. Tired of NM Democrats

    MLG,, (Evil Queen, not Governor of NM) and Albuquerque Mayor (Worthless), are destroying our state and our police. They hate the police and they hate New Mexico. Without our officers who is left to defend the people? Vote them out New Mexico. It is time for them to go. They should never hold office again anywhere. Especially not in New Mexico.

  4. The city of Albuquerque has become one of the most dangerous cities in America to live in. It has gained that notoriety under Democrat overrule, not leadership. I don’t blame the police for resigning or leaving. After 18 years in ABQ, I am selling my property in the city and moving to the East mountains (for now) because of crime and the lack of law enforcement in this city. I understand how our police do not feel supported or appreciated by these liberal Democrats politicians, because they are not. These politicians say they support them, but right around, cut funding., and back stab them. Their job is law enforcement and keeping the peace, not promoting a political agenda. I back the.BLUE 100 percent!

  5. I did some Research , a comparison of 2 cities in the southwest , PHX. AZ. & ABQ. NM. as of 2018 ABQ averaged 879 Felonie crimes reported each day , Phx . 363 , ABQ population 879,000, where PHX has 4.4 MILLION over twice the population of the Entire state of NM.

    That said , PHX has a Law enforcement density of 21 Police officers for every 10,000 Citizens , whereas ABQ was 29 per every 10,000 ! So what are the reasons for ABQ having a higher actual NUMBER of crimes ( not Per capita , actual number ) 1 AZ is ranked #1 in Firearms rights #2 in self defense rights , where NM is 23rd & 24th ! AZ is Republican majority , NM is Democrat Majority !

    There are some factors Liberals would try to use to explain the disparity like Proximity to Drug smuggling routs ??? ABQ has 2 PHX has 4 ??? PHX is closer to the border & AZ has More border with Mexico and 2 major cartels using it ! The only explaination is Management & RIGHTS PROTECTED IN AZ. and not in NM.

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