Toulouse Oliver, MLG grab national headlines for attempt to weaken NM elections

Scandal-ridden alleged serial groper Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham and socialist Secretary of State Maggie Toulouse Oliver have made headlines over their recent push to make it easier to win through election fraud in New Mexico that they are passing off as “voter rights.”

Lujan Grisham was featured in a write-up from the leftist news outlet Axios for being one of the far-left governors pushing to make it easier to cheat at the ballot box. 

The outlet reported, “Democrats also are shifting their sights because they expect to lose the House and Senate” in 2022. In New Mexico, Lujan Grisham is running for reelection and with newly gerrymandered U.S. House maps passed by the legislature and signed into law by the Governor, Democrats could lose two of these seats after they tried to weaken the Second Congressional District represented by Republican Congresswoman Yvette Herrell. Two of New Mexico’s congressional seats are now a D+5 and one is a D+11 — all potential GOP pickups.

Maggie Toulouse Oliver, who signed onto the voter fraud plan by Lujan Grisham joined MSNBC’s Ali Velshi of the show Velshi to tout her plan to de-securitize New Mexico’s already sketchy election practices. The segment was ironically titled, “GOP Pushs New Voter Restrictions Despite No Evidence of Fraud.”

In New Mexico, election fraud is rampant and well-documented. Read more about Piñon Post’s reporting on the fraud here

“We need a bare minimum standard across the nation as to access to the ballot box,” claimed Toulouse Oliver while on the program. 

Some of the voter fraud measures pushed by Lujan Grisham and Toulouse Oliver include:

  • Increasing voter access by extending the early voting period through the Sunday before Election Day, designating Election Day as a state holiday, and allowing 16 year-olds to participate in local elections;
  • Creating a permanent absentee voter list that allows individuals to voluntarily receive mail ballots for each election without needing to make individual requests;
  • Expanding online voter registration opportunities by allowing individuals without MVD-issued ID to register online using their full social security number;
  • Extending the timeline for mailing ballots to voters to 35 days before an election and extending the deadline for accepting voted ballots to 7 p.m. the Friday after an election to accommodate for mail delivery time;
  • Supporting Native voting access by expanding the timeline for indigenous nations, tribes, and pueblos to request alternate voting sites;
  • Improving automatic voter registration by adopting a system that provides a mechanism for eligible individuals to become automatically registered to vote upon completing a transaction at the Motor Vehicle Department;
  • Enabling nominating petition signatures to be securely submitted electronically;
  • Automatically restoring the voting rights of those convicted of a felony who are not currently incarcerated; and
  • Creating an option to vote a straight party ballot.

The two aim to have the radical legislation rammed through during the 2022 Legislative Session. Piñon Post will track this bill closely and send out action alerts on how New Mexicans can help stop it. Make sure you are subscribed to our email list. The subscription form is on the front page of our website or at the bottom of this screen. 


6 thoughts on “Toulouse Oliver, MLG grab national headlines for attempt to weaken NM elections”

  1. New Mexico wrote the book on voter fraud and that is what has kept New Mexico barefoot, poor and communist. If you think the current comrades in office have any intention of relinquishing their I’ll gotten office’s to the will of the people, think again! I believe it was the communist tyrant Stalin that said “ people who vote mean nothing, people that count the votes mean everything “ We definitely need voter reform but not the type these communists have in mind.

  2. NM Legal Voters don't matter

    Not sure what the people of NM can do. These evil democraps have their claws all over our state. The only wY they can keep winning is to cheat. NM voters have no rights. Now they want to make it more difficult for our true votes to matter. NM needs help, but the question is who, how and will it really change anything? The evil is in both parties. They have a been paid off.

    1. I agree NM needs help, but the GOP seems to have given the state over to the Marxists. I’ve posted about his on Parler several times, but am not on FB or Twitter. We need to use every means we can to spread the word.

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