UNM joins NMSU in refusing to condemn Hamas’ terrorist attacks on Israel

In another show of cowardice by New Mexico’s flagship university, the University of New Mexico’s “leadership” joined New Mexico State University in refusing to condemn Hamas’ unprovoked attacks on Israel, leading to over 1,200 people being murdered by the terrorist group.

The statement from UNM read, “As an inclusive and global institution, we recognize that many members of our community have experienced challenging and distressing circumstances related to social and political oppression, conflict, war, and genocide. Today, we unite as university leaders in response to the escalating conflict in Israel and Gaza, and the unfortunate violence affecting our fellow human beings,” refusing to condemn the violence.

“It is impossible not to be profoundly affected by the dramatic and deeply disturbing information and chilling images that continue to emerge from the region. We express our condolences for the loss of life and stand in solidarity with the members of our community who have family, friends, and colleagues in the affected area and who may be directly impacted by the conflict,” the statement continued. “These individuals have courageously shared their personal experiences, concerns, frustration and sadness, and we ask our Lobo community to keep them and their loved ones in their thoughts, especially during this time while they are far from home.”

The statement concluded, “As educators, we believe deeply that learning and discovery serve as the most powerful foundation for helping human communities realize their opportunities without causing harm to other members of the human family.”

NMSU’s interim president Jay Gogue’s recent statement had much of the same nondescript bloviation, reading, in part, “New Mexico State University is fortunate to have students, faculty, and staff from around the world, and acknowledge the direct and indirect impact this violence is having. Our thoughts are with those who are in the most need at this time—those who are experiencing anger, or pain, or worse.” 

Former Congresswoman Yvette Herrell blasted Gogue’s “spineless” statement as “beyond shameful.”

Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham, a Democrat, has yet to respond to the terrorism unleashed upon Israel, with murdered and raped corpses being dragged through the streets by Hamas terrorists and countless Israelis kidnapped by the radical Islamic group.


44 thoughts on “UNM joins NMSU in refusing to condemn Hamas’ terrorist attacks on Israel”

  1. What an insult to the people who lost family and friends to the unspeakable atrocities committed by Hamas in Israel. Their muted response is an embarrassment to the whole works. Instead of silence there should be crying to the heavens.

  2. Or perhaps some of us recognize that this is the same war propaganda that led our sons to their deaths in Iraq.

    I can’t believe you people still fall for the CIA and Mossad propaganda. They created Hamas to oppose the movements for a two-state solution.

    But why do you boomers care, you won’t be the ones dying in the middle east, let your children and grandchildren fight. What do you care?

    1. Where is your proof? You’re nothing but conspiracy theorist. In fact, Israel has many times tried to work with the Palestinians, and every time they have walked away. They don’t want a two-state solution, they want to wipe out the state of Israel. Educate yourself before you spout off about things you know nothing about.

          1. Oh, ya’ got me Robert. Now I’m mortally wounded. How could I have been so blind as to not see such a brilliant retort coming?

      1. 💯 correct! A lot of these anti Israel are not educated, learn the history before you make accusations. Ignorance prevails in many, many university students!!!

        1. TRUE! Plus, it is becoming apparent that most of these horrific students who side with Hamas or Palestine are of the marxist-socialist-progressive-communistic-death to America persuasion. Hummm… they will never realize their folly because THEY will not be exempt from being killed like a lot of us when or if the sleeper groups from “immigrant” invasions execute their nasty plans that were made long ago.

    2. Good for you JT. This whole conflict is far more complicated and the history of it not nearly as cut-and-dried as most of the comments as well as the original article suggest. Note that as soon as a person even suggests that there is more to it than “Palestinians bad, Israel good” that person is called an anti-semite. These supposed “conservatives” are unable to see that this is just as ludicrous as branding the anti-BLM folks as “racist”. There is a level of invincible ignorance here that will be difficult to allay.

      1. Wow. Your ignorance for all to see especially future employers. Harvard students losing potential jobs should be a caution.

  3. Notice they are already using this to try to shift to Iran. And I’m sure they have already drafted Patriot Act 2.0, ready to destroy our Constitution just like last time.

    1. It is very unfortunate, JT, that neo-conservatism gets confused with authentic conservatism, because, in reality, the two have little in common. Neo-conservatism actually gives authentic conservatism a bad name. It is obvious that you have seen through this.

    2. Iran funds Hamas and Hezbollah for decades. Death to the US and Israel. Shouted by Iranian leaders every chance they get. All don’t recognize Israel’s right to exist. I guess you support that

  4. Why wouldn’t they? Our universities are nothing but leftist indoctrination centers who believe men can be women and women can be men and there is no such thing as babies in the womb, so you can kill it like you would a virus. Our money runs these garbage institutions, and we should stop funding them. I am so sick of their shit and they don’t deserve their bloated salaries.

    1. G Matthew (Matt) Allen

      You are dead on the money. I graduated from UNM. I’d never send one of my kids or grandkids to virtually any university at this point. They are better off learning a skill and starting a business. Liberal college students are basically, not unintelligent but they are ignorant as hell.

  5. Ashamed of their embarrassing muted response in the wake of unspeakable atrocious committed by Hamas against the Israeli innocents. Instead of their silence the universities should be crying to the universe for justice.

  6. I would never encourage my grandchildren to go to college. It’s just an indoctrination training center. We should not fund any university or college. MLG is a traitor to New Mexico and to the constitution of the United States!

  7. This just shows you what the Democrats stand for.. it is kind of funny that the Democrats calls the Republicans Nazis.. they are still talking about a peaceful event on January 6.. but when it comes to something like this they do not blink an eye

    Just when you thought the news out of Israel couldn’t get any worse, reports emerged Tuesday morning that 40 babies had been executed by the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas. Some of these babies were reportedly beheaded. Read that again: So-called Palestinian resistance fighters, cowards targeting the most vulnerable, cut off the heads of babies.

    1. Sounds like the “incubator babies” testimony by Nayirah in 1990. At any rate, the “40 babies beheaded” hoax wound up developing wings of lead. It had less shelf-life than Nayirah’s fairy tale.

        1. Well, David, it goes like this. I don’t know how old you are, but I have had over 70 years to watch the reporting on events like this and I have learned that when it reeks of sensationalism, the best thing to do is to doubt it and wait a couple of days. I have now seen in a couple of my trusted sources how this hoax was created. My concern is that if I were to mention the sources those people who simply prefer to believe this because it serves their narrative will reject the information. So I will say that the discrediting of this fairy tale is out there and I’ll let you find it for yourself or simply reject it. It would serve anyone well to spend a little time tracing the roots of the story.

          1. This is actually a reply to David, below. There was not a reply button on his comment. So, David, I mean this with all respect. I explained my position to you above. Were we face-to-face I could judge the reason behind your asking. If you have genuine curiosity and are willing to alter your view in the face of evidence then I would happily help you access that evidence. On the other hand, if you simply wish to argue the point and will reject any information I send then it would be a waste of time. The veracity of the claim that decapitated babies were found is out there and you can find it for yourself. I would also make another observation. It is a generally accepted principle in discussion that the burden of proof is upon the person claiming something. If you find anything beyond a reporter telling them what someone else told them about decapitated babies then it would be interesting to peruse that. The burden of proof here is upon those claiming babies were decapitated.

  8. It is refreshing to hear real American patriots like JT and CarlosDel Valle set the record straight on this issue. While neo Bolshevik’s shred the constitution and fellow commie judges uphold their crimes, Americans are focusing on which ethnic group to worship and which should be genocided. America is in real crisis, we should get our house in order before sending the flower of our youth to die in another useless war that does not benefit Americans but only further deteriorates our freedom.

    1. Norteno – very interesting to see someone mention neo-Bolsheviks in connection with neo-conservatism. What few of these good people who believe they are espousing “conservatism” understand is that the “spiritual father” of neo-conservatism is Leon Trotsky. I don’t blame the individuals too much. They listen to morons like Hannity, Levin, Beck and O’Reilly and think that that is conservatism. As you correctly point out, these well-meaning people are perfectly willing to see the Bill of Rights shredded as long as they believe it is for a “conservative” reason.

  9. I just read and this is confirmed that two babies were burned beyond recognition. I don’t understand how people can be so cruel. I believe in God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. Although in is written I don’t believe in their God Allah and prophecy Muhammad. It pretty much seems like killing is the norm for that religion. I believe God will be the ultimate judge.

  10. HEY UNMN, NMSU: Where do you draw the line? RAPING BABIES? BURNING ALIVE BABIES? CUTTING THEIR HEADS OFF? While you endorse and tolerate STONE AGE CULTISTS in the destruction of WESTERN CIVILIZATION, I hope your wives and children, and grandparents are safe in their own houses. You HYPOCRITES and COLLABORATORS.

  11. Gee, why is New Mexico consistently a step or two above dead last in education, compared to the rest of the country…? Gee, look at the people in charge of “higher education”…

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