Biden-appointed judge rules on Gov. Lujan Grisham’s updated anti-gun order

In a shocking development, U.S. District Judge David Urias has given the green light to enforce a public health order that suspends the right to carry guns at public parks and playgrounds in New Mexico’s largest metropolitan area. The decision comes in response to gun rights advocates’ request to block these temporary firearms restrictions during the ongoing legal challenges.

Far-left Democrat Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham sees this as a triumph for public safety, especially in light of recent shootings across the state resulting in tragic outcomes, particularly for children. The move underscores the governor’s obsession with implementing anti-gun edicts, cloaking her actions in recent tragedies.

The attempted restrictions in New Mexico have sparked public protests and elicited calls for the governor’s impeachment from Republicans, led by Reps. Stefani Lord of Sandia Park and John Block of Alamogordo. The issue has also led to increased discord among top Democratic officials. Governor Lujan Grisham, a Democrat, maintains her stance that certain public spaces, deemed sensitive, should restrict the open or concealed carry of firearms.

Despite legal pushback from gun rights advocates, who argue that even a scaled-back version would infringe on Second Amendment rights, Judge Urias denied the request for an injunction. The judge ruled that the plaintiffs had not demonstrated a substantial likelihood of success in court. He rejected the argument that restrictions for “sensitive” places should only apply to locations serving core government functions.

Judge Urias suggested that determining what constitutes a sensitive place might hinge on factors such as the type of function occurring at those locations and whether vulnerable populations, like children, utilize them. He also acknowledged the possibility that the governor could demonstrate a national historical tradition of firearm restrictions at public parks within cities.

The initial order sought to suspend gun-carry rights in most public places in the Albuquerque area, while the current version narrows the scope to public parks and playgrounds. Notably, an exception ensures access to a municipal shooting range park. The restrictions are tied to a statistical threshold for violent crime specific to the Albuquerque area.

Although state police have the authority to assess civil penalties and fines under the order, the sheriff and Albuquerque’s police chief have previously refused to enforce it. Other aspects of the public health order, including monthly inspections of firearms dealers, reports on gunshot victims, and safe-surrender programs, remain intact.

As a temporary restraining order blocking the gun restrictions was set to expire, this decision by Judge Urias signifies a significant development in the ongoing legal battle surrounding firearms regulations in New Mexico.


30 thoughts on “Biden-appointed judge rules on Gov. Lujan Grisham’s updated anti-gun order”

  1. Why?? Cause the people have backed off in protesting these unconstitutional mandates. Tyrants will continue if they think they can get way with it.

  2. Children Should NOT be her Pawns

    So it’s ok to kill unborn children, but now use them to say you’re “protecting” them by banning guns, say if someone tries to snatch them in a park? And at the same time, we can’t enforce capital punishment for murderers, child abusers, drug dealers, rapists, sex traffickers, etc. CYFD needs serious clean up and yet she can’t enforce anything to prevent child abuse?

    1. This is what I have been saying all along. Almost 7000 babies were aborted this year under her protection..people if NM need to wake up.

    2. The N.W.O. Plans first on disarming you then replacing you with illegal immigrants wake up and smell the turd sandwich.

  3. When someone wants to take this crap to the supreme court please put out a go fund me notice, I will donate, it will not be much as I am on a fixed income but so when everyone that believes in the constitution donates it should cover the cost. Please let us know.

    1. The Communist left wing uses the Constitution as toilet paper. Their agenda is by any means necessary. They will destroy this country and build it in their image.

  4. A socialist judge demolishing Constitutional Rights, and eliminating law abiding citizens ability to defend themselves from the violent thugs the socialists keep on the streets!? Not surprising at all.

    Does the cow think that someone bent on murder will stop because of a no gun policy?
    Take note – all law abiding firearms owners have just been accused and sentenced by this tyrant. It found YOU guilty of ALL firearms related crime- and without due process. The rest of the socialists will surely think this is a victory, not realizing what stripping rights from citizens will result in…

  5. Add this marxist traitor judge to the LONG list of federal criminals that must immediately be impeached by a Permanent Committee on Impeachment under a new Congress when Trump returns.

  6. The recent shooting of 2 young boys in Albuquerque was a result of mistaken identity by one of the GANGS in Albuquerque!!!
    Not one single law-abiding citizen was involved!!!
    Yet MLG slaps an unconstitutional “public health” order on the law-abiding gun owners of that city and the county.
    All NM citizens need to support every effort to slap HER size with every legal tool available to us!!!
    Support the NMRP, and all other citizens’ groups, as they push forward to protect the Constitutional rights of all of us!!!

  7. Could pinion post publish the ‘legal’ details? The injunction failed but is there a ‘final judgement’ on this v2.0? Ccw permit holders already have restrictions regarding carry at school functions (last I looked) and NM has no written ‘stand your ground’ or ‘castle doctrine’ provisions, for instance. Where’s the ‘gray area’ for permit holders now?


    When anyone orders an unconstitutional order it is invalid and therefore a moot order that has no standing and doesn’t need to be obeyed.

  9. Stephanie McKenzie

    I know this sounds like a conspiracy theory but it seems ‘coincidental’ that MLG has been trying to take our guns away just before Hamas attacked Israel and then declared ‘Jihad’ (war) against America. What gives them confidence to declare war against America? The thousands of illegal immigrants (mostly of young men) that have been crossing the border then shipped to big ‘sanctuary’ cities around the USA. MLG wants to be a big player in the leftist cult, so why wouldn’t she try to please the leftist leaders by making our biggest city vulnerable.

  10. Mlg Biden and this idiot judge I will say one thing your all democrats trying to take my lawful rights away this will never happen I will never comply with tyrants ever!!!!!!!

  11. …and they just gave one of the murderer’s, of the child that sparked this issue, pre-trial release. Ridiculous!!

  12. So do you really think the punks and thugs are going to obey ANOTHER unconstitutional ruling by a leftist judge? “Homeboy gotta meet my Vato drug dealer at the park so I’m gonna leave my stolen gun at home so I don’t get a ticket for carrying a gun in the park.” What fantasy land does this judge live in and what has he been smoking?

  13. What do leftist Communist governments do first? They disarm the people so they cannot fight back pr protect themselves from the bad guys or the leftist government. It is all about power and absolute control over the people. If people like MLG are not voted out we the people will see all our freedoms gone. The communist poliiticians want the control and power over all of us and the people better wake up before we become another Cuba.

  14. If you think this is the end of her unconstitutional orders then you are living in LaLa land. She will push to see how far she can go. And just wait until the January session of the legislators. Many unconstitutional laws will b passed against the citizens of NM.

  15. “ In a shocking development, U.S. District Judge David Urias has given the green light to enforce a public health order that suspends the right to carry guns at public parks and playgrounds in New Mexico’s largest metropolitan area”

    Just as Hamas calls for jihad worldwide…

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