Lujan Grisham vows to snatch gun rights during next legislative session

In a recent development, U.S. District Judge David Urias, a Joe Biden appointee, has upheld far-left Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s amended public health order, which temporarily prohibits the carrying of firearms in public parks and playgrounds in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Governor Lujan Grisham tried to take a victory lap following the ruling, writing, “Bold change is not easy.”

“We must continue this effort with comprehensive public safety actions now and into the upcoming legislative session, where we will work to make these gun violence prevention measures permanent,” she added, vowing to snatch New Mexicans’ gun rights in the next legislative session.

The decision by Judge Urias has implications for the upcoming legislative session, a short 30-day session primarily focused on financial issues. Political expert Brian Sanderoff explained that for anti-gun prevention measures to be considered during this session, the governor would need to include them in the agenda. 

While acknowledging the challenges of passing nonfinancial bills in a short session, Sanderoff expressed optimism that her agenda could be rammed through.

The backdrop of this legal battle involves a city ordinance implemented in 2020 under the Keller administration, which prohibits firearms and other dangerous weapons at public parks and playgrounds. Legal analyst John Day highlighted the sensitivity of areas like playgrounds and parks in the eyes of the law, emphasizing that both the city of Albuquerque and the state governor share the stance of restricting firearms in such locations. Now, only lawbreakers who already don’t follow laws will be able to possess illegal guns in such restricted places while the law-abiding will be disarmed.

Day noted that not all aspects of the governor’s initial gun order survived legal scrutiny, but the ban on guns in areas with children, such as playgrounds and parks, remains a specific area where restrictions are deemed permissible.

While the court’s decision reinforces the city’s existing ordinance, it also underscores the ongoing legal and societal debate surrounding the balance between individual rights and public safety. 

The governor still faces impending impeachment begun by Reps. Stefani Lord (R-Sandia Park) and John Block (R-Alamogordo), who are leading the charge over her unconstitutional order and flagrant abuse of her office. Multiple other lawsuits are targeting Lujan Grisham’s abuse of emergency powers. 


50 thoughts on “Lujan Grisham vows to snatch gun rights during next legislative session”

    1. Yes, and why is it taking them so long to boot her out of office? Oh right, the legislature is run by her comrades and fellow Democrats. Maybe some could be turned around to vote her out of office.

    2. gruesome should have been removed per articles 2 and 3 of the 14th amendment but our sheriffs have no cojones to do so. the legislature and the people can also do this. it s self executing no need for trial or anything. the republicans are worthless and liars pretending to be different than the dems. they do nothing and just shill for money and donations,

      1. American Girl,,,maybe but definitely not any kind of patriot. How close are you to the border and how far away from our glorious sanctuary city? Still waiting for the violence to reach you before you get a clue is my bet 🤓

  1. Why hasn’t she been removed from office. She has the worst behavior, has made the worst decisions and pushes the worst agendas!

    1. the executive branch can not make law. they can only make administrative law for their department. only the legislative branch can make law and it must be constitutional to be valid. her butt should have been removed 3 years ago for violating her oath.

      1. I totally agree with you! She is really over stepping her and the legislation’s authority over law abiding citizens of New Mexico.

  2. See Article 2 Section 6 of the New Mexico Constitution. She can’t restrict firearms in parks etc. It explicitly says so. I don’t care what Keller did a few years ago. What he did was unconstitutional as well. Either we allow these tyrants to take our Constitutional rights away…..or we don’t allow it. The choice is ours.

    1. Exactly. Ignore the laws and learn about jury nullification. It should be called for by all conservative representatives and activists.

  3. They’re already gone, the choice is made by the morons in this state who vote “D” no matter what, every damn time

  4. The right to defend oneself is a natural not constitutional right. It can be taken from you only with consent. Ballet box, jury box, cartridge box…

    1. Your God given rights can never be taken away. They were given to us by God, and only God can take them away. We have no constitutional rights. our organic original constitution of 1787 as amended in 1791 with the bill of rights is the supreme law of the land and protects our rights. these servants took an oath to uphold our God given rights and can not violate them in any way.

        1. And we have many of them…for me, the 2nd Amendment is Gospell, and no one, elected or not, will ever disarm me.

  5. I have many firearms and it is my legal right. No Government official or agency should be able to restrict that. It was ridiculous when MLG tried to ban firearms in Bernallio. From my understanding you have to have a concealed carry permit to hide your firearm and you can open carry as long as it’s visible. You can also carry in your car. Some of you may not agree with me but there is no place for guns in playgrounds that should be common sense. You obviously can’t take guns to school, bars, and certain stores. As far as a park. Do you really feel so threatened that you need to carry a firearm. If you feel so adamant about your gun rights and feel like this is the first step in MLG gun grab then voice your displeasure. All these politicians usually have contact information but it’s like talking to deaf ears.

    1. Yes to your question, you should feel threatened in ALBQ because of all the crime which has been going on there for years. That’s the place where you need a gun if you are a law abiding citizen. And you need a gun in other places in NM as well. Read the news.

    2. What this does is attempts to curve the rights of law abiding citizens to carry, either openly or concealed, in parks and playgrounds and to have them available to use when a criminal begins shooting in the parks and/or playground. The “good guy” with a gun can eliminate the threat of the “bad guy” with the gun. This has been proven several times, although the MSM will not cover it. Example: Appalachian School of Law Shooting, January 16, 2002. A failed student entered the school with a firearm and shot six people, killing three including the Dean and a professor. Two students with firearms in their vehicles retrieved them and held the shooter at bay until he could be arrested by authorities (I was there and witnessed this). We all should “feel so threatened that we need to carry a firearm.” It is for self-protection and the protection of others.

    3. Yes, and criminals know that guns are not allowed in bars, or schools, and now playgrounds. Shootings in and near bars are a commonplace occurrence, along with schools. Why not playgrounds now that Lujan Grisham is out to bar firearms from playgrounds. This is just the next gun range for criminals.

    4. gabriel you are a moron. your opinion is yours and you nor anyone else can not take away my God given rights whether you agree or not. Do not like guns? Then don’t use them. Why not put a sign up on your door that says gun free zone. You do not carry because you feel threatened, you do so, because it is your choice to do so. you are nothing but a worthless commie who does not know what God given rights mean. There was less crime when people carried their guns everywhere than today.

      1. Whatever if you didn’t read I have plenty of guns.. AR-15s, Glocks, Shotguns ,.M1 30. Carbine, Muzzleloaders, Hunting Rifles, a few .22 lr. and about 3-4 handguns . I carry in my truck. You’re an idiot it’s not a God given right. I have gone to Church since I was a child and go every Sunday and I am registered. Do you attend Church? You got it twisted God would never promote a person having a gun. What you meant to say is it’s a constitutional right. Show me an instance of a shooting on a playground or park. In my initial response I clearly said playgrounds are a no no. If all you want to carry in park then go for it. Thanks for lower casing my name. I’m not a commie I’m a proud Republican. This is a mostly Republican site and you’re calling me out.

          1. Luke, 22-36

            He said to them “But now one who has money bag should take it, and likewise a sack, and one who does not have a sword should sell his cloak to buy one.

        1. You’re wrong about what G-D has to say about arming yourself against your enemies and for protection against someone who wants to harm you. While guns didn’t exist during the time of Jesus, swords did. The Jesus said if you have no sword, sell your cloak and buy a sword. Exodus 22-2 and Luke 32 36-38

    5. Yes, they do not listen to their constituents any longer. They only push threw their own agendas whether they are legal or constitutional or not. They only see us as no better than mindless cattle to be herded which ever way they want!

    6. Interesting how many individuals pounce when an individual tries to make a perceived safe space actually safe for kids and families. Yes I understand that it will not deter the unlawful, it only keeps the honest, honest. I certainly would like to see a better method to cut down the high numbers of deaths and injuries in NM. Any of you that are criticizing have any ideas towards that goal? I’m sure MLG would appreciate your help over your criticism.

  6. Absolutely ridiculous! What is she thinking? Oh, that’s right, she doesn’t think the way most of us do. If we give up our guns, only the law-breaking criminals will have theirs. Children will be mor volnabrel than ever!
    So many law abiding New Mexicans put on their socks and guns when getting dressed in the morning. It’s just a natural thing to do, and I for one appreciate it! MLG, do you carry? probably not cuz you have body guards that do. Are they to give up their guns too?
    Legislators, we are counting on you to have some common sense during this short session and vote against this insane and idiotic idea she has.

  7. I think that anywhere Lujan Gresham is should be a gun free zone. That means she shouldn’t have Armed guards around her at any time. I for one value our children much more than her, and they should be the ones with armed guards instead of her.

  8. Why is she even being talked about?? Why is she still in office? NOTHING EVER CHANGES. Still talking and no action…like always.

  9. Jose Francisco Lopez

    She doesn’t care about guns in parks and playgrounds because she doesn’t care about children, just look at the abortion mills here in New Mexico that she is more than happy to provide. No, those Dems want to disarm the populas period, so the people will not be able to defend themselves from anyone.

    1. No truer words have been spoken about her! Thank you for stating what should be very obvious to everyone including the rest of our state government officials! The Supreme Court justices have overturned Roe verses Wade and yet our state continues to allow abortions. This is incredibly amazing but in a really bad way.

  10. Just a reminder on how she was elected governor. There was and still is complacency on the Republican Party, not all turned out to vote. The Independents as well as the Democrats came out in large numbers. If we don’t like what’s happening in Santa Fe, we have to work harder in getting the message out for 2024. The last time I checked the number of registered Independents is very close to the number of registered Republican voters. The process and time for impeachment is lengthy, MLG knows that and she will be out of office. Not on my watch will MLG confiscate my legally owned weapons, never going to happen.

    1. the republicans are nothing but democrat lite and do not deserve anyone’s votes. They have violated their oaths and committed treason and misprision of treason. you do not have to impeach. just use the constitution and have the sheriffs escort her out via sect 3 and 4 of the 14th amendment. know your rights and educate yourselves so tyrants no longer exist. citizens of the American constitution can teach you. dot net

    2. I have legally changed my party affiliation. My family has always been Democrats since the Democratic party first began. Once upon a time, the Democratic party was for the working class people. That; however, is no longer the case. The Democratic party now stands behind whoever has the most money and/or power! If my father was still alive today, I believe that he would have changed his mind about being a Democrat as well as most of my family and friends. I am standing with the Republicans now because they have shown that they do care about passing legislation that is for the working class and also the lower income class people of the United States! All I can truly say is I will always stay with whichever party is truly for all of the people, and not for only the rich or powerful people.

  11. Pray Pray Pray. She does not believe. If you follow what I’ve followed. It’s almost over for the good. Keep Praying.

  12. The Democrats don’t seem very bright.. with the open borders.. thanks to them.. there is a number of terrorists crossing the border.. which brings up the idea of.. remember the school shootings the shooter
    Went t only go after the schools that are gun free.. if those schools had guns for protection those children that were shot most likely could have been still alive today… So just imagine our gun rights taken away from us while these terrorists are crossing the borders.. like I said the Democrats are not a bright group

  13. Concerned citizen

    What just happened in Israel is a good example of why we don’t let the little commie mlg take weapons. Terrorists who killed babies would love to have a playground full of unprotected children and parents to kill.

  14. It’d be fun to watch mlg waddling into the legislative session with a fistful of gun control only to be met with a tidal wave of opposition and calls for her censorship or removal from office. I can’t wait. Lol

  15. She needs to be impeached and removed from office. Trials should follow with future jail time. Plus the judge upholding her amended order should be removed from the bench as well!

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