‘Thinking small is a curse’: MLG delivers cringeworthy ‘State of the State’ speech

On Tuesday, scandal-ridden alleged serial groper Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham delivered the annual “State of the State” speech to open up the 2022 Legislative Session via virtual video conference.

During the speech, she claimed, “We’ve made so much progress,” despite New Mexico’s education at the bottom of the list, the state breaking violent crime records, 40% of small businesses being closed, and immense poverty and devastation ravaging through the Land of Enchantment.

“In the last three years, this Legislature and this administration have gotten a lot done,” the Governor said, citing the passage of extreme social programs like free pre-k and an increase to minimum wage, which is harming already hurting small businesses.

“Unlike in the aftermath of the Great Recession, we’re not gonna let the pandemic stall us and take away years of growth; we will not have another lost decade – in fact, despite the challenges of the last two years, we’ve hardly lost a step. The fact is: Unemployment has gone down every month for 10 straight months,” she continued, despite ignoring the fact that New Mexico’s unemployment rate remains at the top nationally. Currently, it is the fifth-worst unemployment rate in the nation, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

In true Lujan Grisham fashion, she touted other extreme anti-energy and anti-jobs initiatives, claiming not completely wrecking the economy would be “thinking small.”

She said, “Dating back decades, a timid mindset has afflicted people in this capitol building, a pessimism that can be self-fulfilling. Thinking small is a curse. Big and meaningful changes are possible, but the biggest change may be our attitude, our perspective. At a moment in time when we have the money to do it all, let’s not limit ourselves; let’s not be unnecessarily incremental. Can’t New Mexico be a state – can’t we be the state – where everything is possible?”

But spending big on recurring costs of her social programs, such as free daycare and free-for-all recreational pot, when times get tough in New Mexico after the oil and gas industry is completely annihilated (which is the whole reason for a surplus in revenue), there will, indeed, be a “limit” on how she can spend money.

While she gives out breadcrumbs via a 0.25% gross receipts tax decrease, New Mexicans will have to carry the burden of these failed policies she has already passed or is proposing for years to come. 

The Republican Party of New Mexico’s Chairman Steve Pearce opined, “I really don’t know which state this Governor thinks she’s in. She speaks of successes but fails to admit that New Mexico’s economy has been driven into the ground, our education system remains at the bottom, thousands have lost jobs and crime is out of control,” a sentiment many New Mexicans have agreed with.

This comes after Lujan Grisham’s very first State of the State speech in 2019, which we reported on. Then, the made similar statements, claiming she would spend money like it’s going out of style. Not much has changed, except as her agenda has been rammed through the Legislature, New Mexicans’ freedom has eroded and devastation has come to the Land of Enchantment.


6 thoughts on “‘Thinking small is a curse’: MLG delivers cringeworthy ‘State of the State’ speech”

  1. Evil crazy MLG and her minions

    MLG is insane. She thinks the people of NM are stupid. She’s had money all her life, she has no idea nor does she care about what it’s like to live a normal life. She is killing NM, and laughs while she’s doing it. The Republicans can make all the statements they want. They are just words, they mean nothing.

  2. Very soon New Mexico will look like exactly like California: legions of homeless, a destroyed middle-class, a tiny but wealthy elite, schools teaching communist propaganda, and rampant crime.

  3. Until and unless this communist mass murderer is stopped, nothing will change and the destruction will continue. I have almost completely lost faith in the vast majority of Americans and regard them as imbeciles, useful idiots, and cowards. This state defies explanation as being anything except a poverty-ridden wasteland filled with morons incapable of comprehending anything resembling common sense, courage, or truth. I want to go home to Texas but will not leave without my daughter and grandson. And to those who criticize people who want to leave but don’t, it takes money to leave and many of us have family who can’t leave either.

  4. Pathetic. She promises the moon, says how great the state is doing even though were last at everything except for crime, death and abortions. This Gov. doesn’t represent New Mexicans, she’s selling our state to big business and foreign outsiders, threatening NM citizens and even calling them names. Says “we are going to pay more, we are going to invest more” (Translation: New Mexicans will pay a lot more and have a lot less).

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