Legislative Update: Extreme Dem bills assigned to committees

On Wednesday, hundreds of mostly Democrat-sponsored bills were read in on the House and Senate floors, moving far-left legislation to committees to be considered. 

H.B. 6, the “Clean Future Act” by Rep. Nathan Small (D-Doña Ana)

This radical bill that would further cripple energy producers in New Mexico by mandating the Environmental Improvement Board adopt rules that would force the reduction of “greenhouse gas emissions” by 2030 and completely by 2050 was referred to the House House Energy, Environment and Natural Resources Committee, to be then considered in the Government, Elections and Indian Affairs Committee. It has not yet gotten a date on the committee calendar.

H.B. 33, the “Cigarette and Tabacco Products Tax” by Rep. Joanne Ferrary (D-Doña Ana)

The extreme bill that would increase the tax rate on all tobacco products regardless of source, including an excise tax of 20 cents per cigarette sold was referred to the House Health and Human Services Committee to then be considered by the House Taxation and Revenue Committee. It has not yet been assigned a hearing date.


The bill that create a tax credit for people to purchase unsustainable electric vehicles was referred to the Senate Tax, Business, and Transportation Committee to be heard in the Senate Finance Committee. It has not yet been assigned a hearing date.

S.B. 43,“PROHIBITING LIFE WITHOUT PAROLE FOR A CHILD,” by Sen. Antoinette Sedillo-Lopez (D-Bernalillo)

This bill would allow youths who are sentenced for violent crimes, including murder, to be released in 15 years despite being given life sentences. The bill was referred to the Senate Health and Public Affairs Committee and then the Senate Judiciary Committee.

The Governor’s extreme election reform bill that would make New Mexico elections less secure has not dropped yet, but once it will, Republican legislators must focus on killing it as soon as possible. Also, anti-gun bills are rumored to drop, and the Piñon Post will keep readers informed of all these updates.

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