Santa Fe Mayor Webber’s attempts to remove Kit Carson obelisk hit wall

For months, Santa Fe’s Mayor Alan Webber has been trying to rip down historical landmarks in his city to placate far-left anti-Hispanic hate groups like The Red Nation and Three Sisters Collective, which have applauded the vandalism and destruction of age-old monuments in the Capital City.

On October 12, violent anarchists toppled the 152-year-old obelisk in the heart of the Santa Fe Plaza, while under Mayor Webber’s directive, Police stood by and watched it happen. Police Chief Andrew Padilla defended the Department’s inaction, saying, “The monument, yes, it’s historical, but it’s an object.” 

Now, Mayor Webber has hit a wall with his longtime plans to remove the centuries-old monuments taht cave become a prominent piece of Northern New Mexico cultures and history. 

The 1883 monument to honor Kit Carson erected in front of the Federal Courthouse in Santa Fe is the latest subject of Webber’s path of destruction. However, the Federally owned monument will take more than just Webber’s words to remove. 

In 1973, the Carson statue and the Downtown obelisk were added to the National Register of Historic Places, and are under the protection of the Historic Preservation Act. 

“Due to the historic status of the obelisk and its control by a federal agency, what is called the ‘Section 106’ process would apply to a modification/removal of that obelisk,” said Kristine Mihelcic, a spokesperson for the mayor’s office.

According to KRQE 13:

The Section 106 process is administered by the National Parks Administration. “Our Attorney is scheduling time with the federal representatives to discuss what the City’s role can be in engaging the Section 106 process,” said Mihelcic.

It is not clear how long the removal process would take or if it will happen at all. 

The restrictions protect the Kit Carson monument. However, violent domestic terrorists may strike once again, this time at the monument sitting in front of the Federal Courthouse.

It is unclear if the Mayor’s Police Chief has an officer watching the monument, or if he will stand back and allow lawless criminals to once again deface or topple it, as they did with the Plaza obelisk. 

A Spanish cultural group is currently considering launching a recall petition to take out Mayor Webber for his dereliction of duty.


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