Leftists cry ‘racist’ after Santa Fe County Sheriff emblazons ‘Thin Blue Line’ flag on recruitment truck

On Thursday, leftists at the Santa Fe Reporter published a story blasting the Santa Fe County Sheriff, Adan Mendoza, for emblazoning the patriotic pro-Police “Thin Blue Line” flag on a recruitment truck. The magazine and the person who reported it to the publication after seeing it parked outside of Tomasita’s Restaurant in Santa Fe claim it is a “dog whistle for racists.” 

“Its place in discriminatory and militarized policing against nonwhite and poor communities in the US renders it unusable on a taxpayer-funded vehicle,” says the email from the person who sent the video to the Reporter

The article contends that since people who attended a South Carolina “Unite the Right” rally used the flag, it is a racist symbol. They did not say the same of any leftist symbol, which may also be seen as offensive to those on the right, such as the hammer and sickle or the red fist symbol.

Thin Blue Line/Back The Blue pro-police flag

But Mendoza proudly stood up for his officers and the use of the patriotic pro-police flag, saying, “I don’t think there’s any law enforcement officer that you talk to that relates the thin blue line to any divisiveness or any separation between us and the community,” Mendoza says. “Ask them what it means to them. I think that there’s been a lot of twists in the narrative of what that means. I think there’s a lot of people that maybe aren’t in law enforcement, but have changed the original meaning of that symbol, unfortunately.”

Santa Fe County Sheriff Adan Mendoza

The article quotes a liberal professor from the University of Nebraska, Justin Nix, to claim the flag is racist. Nix says, “Really starting day one at the academy [Law Enforcement are] trained and they get it reinforced that they have to always establish control and be in charge and that every stop, every interaction, has the potential for danger…. It’s that unpredictability that helps lead officers down this path of it’s ‘us versus them.’… ‘We’re the sheepdogs protecting the sheep from the wolves; that thin blue line.’”

The article also quotes a liberal 18-year-old climate activist named Artemisio Romero y Carver, who says, “it’s ‘alarming’ that local law enforcement identifies with a symbol related to the support of racial violence.” 

The manufactured outrage by the Santa Fe Reporter over a benign symbol of unity and respect for Law Enforcers comes as radical far-left groups, including Black Lives Matter and Antifa, have embraced the “Defund the Police” movement. The movement aims to cut funds from Law Enforcement agencies working to protect the safety of communities. 

Cancel culture is in full swing in New Mexico, as seen last week on the Santa Fe Plaza, where anarchists toppled the 152-year-old obelisk in the heart of town. Simultaneously, the liberal Mayor, Alan Webber, ordered his Police Chief not to intervene, allowing the domestic terrorists to desecrate the Federally protected landmark. The anarchists are now targeting the Kit Carson obelisk sitting in front of the Federal Courthouse in Santa Fe.

Violent leftists have also been targeting Republican campaign signs, specifically those of President Trump. One man took a machete to a Trump sign in Albuquerque, while a Springer couple had their filly shot dead, possibly due to their pro-Trump display.


2 thoughts on “Leftists cry ‘racist’ after Santa Fe County Sheriff emblazons ‘Thin Blue Line’ flag on recruitment truck”

  1. Our Officers in this community are a diverse group of multiple ethnicitys. The recruiting truck in question is driven by a Hispanic person who only considers themselves a part of the community. The blue line was never a symbol of anything other than support and remembrance for Officers and their families who have sacrificed the ultimate sacrifice.

  2. Sadly the left are so angry and vulgar. All they see is hate and racism in anything patriotic. These leftist are the typical misfits that have no aspirations to do better in their lives. All they seem to accomplish is to blame everyone else for their downfalls. They are the least productive citizens who rely on the government handouts and try to control everyone around them. They are a disgrace to society! Misfits gone 😠 mad.

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