Santa Fe mayor, police chief defend their response after allowing anarchists to topple plaza obelisk

On Tuesday, Santa Fe Mayor Alan Webber and his police Chief Andrew Padilla responded to the anger from citizens that the Santa Fe Police Department refused to defend the obelisk, which violent anarchists toppled down, causing likely tens of thousands of dollars in damage to the federal landmark.

The obelisk, which has stood in the heart of New Mexico’s Capitol city since 1868 was erected to honor Union Army soldiers who fought against slavery — however, on Columbus Day, domestic terrorists toppled the statue, claiming to stand up for “indigenous” rights. They also claimed the land which the obelisk stood on was “stolen land” from the Tewa Native American people. 

Despite one kerfuffle with the anarchists where two men were arrested, the Santa Fe Police Department was nowhere to be found as they allowed the group of around 50 rioters to destroy the historic landmark. 

Webber defended the Police Department’s decision to “stand down” and allow the riot, saying, “The choice to not incite more violence was the correct one.”

“The city was unaware the peaceful demonstration by Native American activists and supporters in observance of Indigenous Peoples Day would turn disruptive and that some demonstrators were ‘well prepared and well rehearsed with equipment and material to tear down the obelisk,’ the mayor added,” Webber said, according to the Santa Fe New Mexican.

“The monument, yes, it’s historical, but it’s an object,” said Chief Padilla.

Padilla said that Santa Fe Police, in conjunction with the Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office, New Mexico State Police, and the FBI, are investigating the suspects who partook in the destruction and have been involved in criminal activity. 

The Three Sisters Collective, a radical group closely aligned with the anti-Hispanic hate group “The Red Nation” initiated the event on the plaza, which ultimately led to the toppling of the 152-year-old historical landmark. Previously, the group applauded vandalism of the obelisk in June, writing, “With regard to the graffiti written on the obelisk, although uncomfortable for some, the vandalism of this object pales in comparison to hate crimes against Indigenous, Black and Brown people.” There is ample evidence of the perpetrators, with some even live-streaming the whole debacle, such as the below video:

Webber and his Police Chief’s response comes months after the Mayor has promised a “Truth and Reconciliation Commission” to have conversations about taking down monuments. However, there has been no legitimate action taken, which has allowed terrorists to take matters into their own hands and rip down the historic landmarks. 

Watch the full press conference below: 


10 thoughts on “Santa Fe mayor, police chief defend their response after allowing anarchists to topple plaza obelisk”

  1. w0w GoOd JoB!
    Maybe you can bring Ted Wheeler in to help, he’s good at this too!
    So what’s next on the chopping block chief?

  2. Your department had actionable intelligence in advance that this was going to happen and chose to do nothing. The carpet bagger of a mayor doesn’t care at all about NM culture. After what he has done to Zazobra and Fiesta and now allowing basement dwelling scumbags from Portland and Seattle to tear down our monument, he needs to go.

  3. Get rid of them both! If they don’t want to do their job stop wasting taxpayers money on them and get someone who does!

  4. Enough is enough. Time to cut off ALL federal $$ for these injuns and let them starve. They’re barely above savage status. They’re all fat, lazy, drunk, stupid and are a parasite on society.

    1. Injuns??? Barely above savage status??? Cant you do better than that in your racist description of Indigenous people. If you dont like Indigenous people we can use our “Federal $$” and buy you a one way ticket back to Transylvania.

  5. We are seeing the desecration of our Constitution. The governor, mayor and other democrats are bent on making us a socialist country and stripping our freedoms. The governor, mayor and the police chief knew this would happen. We have the wrong people protecting us. They need to be removed from office. This dereliction of duty is happening around the country with the current democratic leadership states. The lock downs are just the start. The mask of the beast is testing the waters to see who will follow blindly. The scare tactics around covid19 and the deaths – do real research (6%). Everything that has happened is about the election. There are to many career life long politicians who have become extremely wealthy while we have worked harder or received more welfare to keep us struggling. It’s all part of lining their pockets and keeping them lined. It has never been about us the American people succeeding. Finally we have a God, Country, American loving Patriot running this country not a career politician!!! Four more years!!! Amen

  6. It appears that the persons responsible for this act are not even New Mexico born and raised individuals and had no vested interest in their actions. Our young protestors’/rioters need a history and a geography lesson.

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