Report shows how New Mexico’s GDP changed

A new Axios report compared each state’s gross domestic product (GDP) numbers, showing where they stand from 2012 to 2022.

The report revealed that the “Northeast and Midwest regions saw widespread decreases in their states’ shares of national GDP while Southeastern and Western states saw marked increases.”

According to Bloomberg, “Some 2.2 million people moved to the Southeast in just over two years. That’s roughly the population of Houston.”

The Rio Grande Foundation wrote of the study, “It is hardly a surprise that GDP is moving south and west because PEOPLE are moving south and west.”

“North Dakota’s tremendous growth in its oil and gas sector over the last decade drove dramatic population growth, but that doesn’t seem to be happening in New Mexico (at least so far) with our shrinking share of the national economic pie.”

New Mexico’s GDP decreased approximately ten percent while all of its neighboring states, excluding Oklahoma, increased — Texas increasing around ten percent. 


13 thoughts on “Report shows how New Mexico’s GDP changed”

  1. HA! Ok Michelle Lujan-Gisham, explain this stat as you spew how NM is a leader… NM is a leader in abortion murders. NM is a leader in poor childcare and education at all grades. Now we are the least prosperous of the states that surround us. Common denominator, MLG!

  2. Nobody wants to move to a Blue State. as long as our state legislature is over loaded with leftist, liberal, wokie, halfwits wandering around with their head up and locked we will continue to maintain our position as last and next to last in everything.

  3. Who could possibly be surprised by this. Land of crime, critical race agenda, crappy schools, and cranial deficients.

    1. So true! It’s all these Demon Rats! Susana Martinez had us in a budget surplus. Then MLG spent it on cronyism. The only thing that bailed her out was all that Federal COVID money because she was a good little dictator. Now she’s buying votes with that state refund. Albuquerque and New Mexico are so attractive for weather and less expensive housing compared to say, Phoenix, I’d you want to live on the Sun! The only thing keeping this state I love, even though I came from Colorado, from being a destination is the Democrats and the ignorant people re-electing them. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over but expecting different results!

      1. You are so right. This state has all the markings of a great state, if we would just stop electing Demon0Brats for our leaders. If we continue doing this no matter how nice the area is, it will continue to fall under the guise of Demon0Brat leadership which is destroying any chance this state has to be a great state again.

  4. The New Mexico government, just as the Federal Government, is actually a labor union for a government-for-profit organization. Our government is not our servant, it is our ruler and we are the servants.

  5. Jennifer Collins

    This state will never get any better if we keep the democrats in office. We need someone in office who actually cares about this state and will make changes for the better.

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