16 arrested after barricades, graffiti, and NMSP intervention at UNM protest

Across the country, university campuses have become epicenters for anti-Israel demonstrations, with activists calling for institutions to sever all affiliations with companies and organizations that back the Israeli government amid its ongoing conflicts. These demonstrations have led to blockades and occupations of university buildings, prompting some schools to transition to online classes and even cancel graduation ceremonies.

On April 29, 2024, the University of New Mexico (UNM) experienced significant disruptions when over 100 anti-Israel activists gathered. They conducted workshops on protest tactics at the university’s Duck Pond and raised funds via social media to support their day-long occupation of the campus. The activists later occupied the Student Union Building (SUB), where they set up tents and chanted, clearly intending to stay for an extended period.

A poignant moment captured on social media depicted a student, surrounded by protesters in the SUB, desperately pleading for quiet to study, his words drowned out by the chants. This scene, amidst the chaos, resonates with the struggle of maintaining academic focus in such disruptive circumstances. Interestingly, the equipment used by the protesters was sourced from companies with pro-Israel affiliations, a stark irony given the protesters’ cause, as these companies are the primary manufacturers of such materials, with no comparable pro-Palestine firms found.

Following the occupation, UNM issued a LoboAlert advising the community to avoid the SUB area and announced its closure. As protesters built barricades inside the SUB, the UNM Regents requested assistance from the New Mexico State Police to clear the building. The confrontation concluded in the early hours of April 30, 2024, with state police arresting 16 people after a brief skirmish.

Cinnamon Blair, UNM’s Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, remarked on the university’s planned response, “We’ll follow our normal processes regarding violations of the student code of conduct, which are handled by the Dean of Students. This includes investigating allegations and any discipline.” The arrested protesters were charged with criminal trespass and wrongful use of public property, both misdemeanor offenses. A legal fund to assist the protesters has been established.

Those arrested include Emery Schmidt, 33, of Albuquerque; Stephanie Mendoza, 32, of Brush Prairie, Washington; Sophia Ellis-Young, 23, of Albuquerque; Alexander Schlesinger, 27, of Albuquerque; Hope Alvarado, 28, of Albuquerque; Naomi Meiseles, 22, a UNM undergraduate student; Athenx Lindlan, 39, of Albuquerque; Isabel Spafford, 25, of Albuquerque; Devin Ray, 22, of Albuquerque; Abbey Myrick, 36, a UNM graduate student from Placitas; Abigail Merhege, 19, a Regent’s Scholar at the UNM Honors College and UNMH Department of Pathology employee; Nicholas Martin, 21, a UNM undergraduate from Los Alamos; Anton Oliver Becker-Stumpf, 21, of Albuquerque; Samantha Hughes-Hobbs, 35, of Albuquerque; Cassidy Boe, 28, a graduate assistant at UNM, of Albuquerque; and Dakota Steele, 22, of Albuquerque.

No charges have been filed regarding the SUB’s vandalism, including graffiti and furniture damage, although assessments suggest that the damages may exceed felony levels. With the SUB closed indefinitely during a critical period like Finals Week, the impact on student activities is considerable.


26 thoughts on “16 arrested after barricades, graffiti, and NMSP intervention at UNM protest”

  1. I support their right to free speech and their right to be jailed/fined when they otherwise misbehave.

  2. I do give credit when it is earned. UNM and the State Police cleared it quickly. UNM has always been extremely left, and history has provided past lessons on that campus.

    Viva Israel!

  3. Take a long look at the picture of those 16 halfwits with the collective mentality of a peanut.
    I’d bet there is not one of them that could even show you Israel on a map.

  4. I have three questions for people on this site ;
    1. How many arrests were made here at UNM Albuquerque and nationwide when Antifa communists burned whole cities to the ground?
    2 . Why was there no public outcry to censor the communists? Instead we had the elitist media preaching from all of their same owned newsrooms about “freedom of speech “and expression (burning and looting)!
    3. Why are some peoples lives worth more than others on this site ?

    1. Carlos Del Valle

      Felicitaciones, Norteno. You ask three very salient questions. I’ll preface this by saying that I believe disruptive protests should be reasonably controlled by those with authority to do so. Having said that, you have noticed something that cannot be denied. Generally speaking, these anti-Zionist protests have been shut down a lot more quickly than the riots of 2020 and they have generally been far more heavily criticized in the media. It is legitimate to ponder why that might be.
      As to your last question that is a very good one as well. I suspect your question is rhetorical and you already know the answer.

  5. Agree with all except censoring the communists. We do have free speech and should hear all sides. Personally think communism only works for ants and when used with men it is never true communism. I could be wrong but the article read like they were trying to keep the charges misdemeanors, heck charge them for what they did if it is a felony too bad. It is a university, they are adults, maybe they will learn that some (most) of there brain washing professors are cowards, life is hard and making bad decisions make it worse, combine that listening and acting on what idiots tell u makes life a living hell.

    1. My point was that the state media and all of the paid prostitutes in politics are now calling for “laws” restricting free speech from college students and by default us. I never agree that burning and looting are acceptable methods of expression, however I believe that free speech is integral to our nation and defines us as a free people. I believe that no group of people should be exempt from the opinion of their peers. To pass such “laws” keeps the status quo and prevents these people from modifying their horrific behavior to the betterment of humanity!

  6. Any LGBTQ+ among these morons? If so, somebody needs to tell them they would be DEAD in PALESTINE… HAMAS would throw them from tall buildings and behead them. But prior to that they would be tortured and raped – men and women and xxx…. all.

  7. It is wonderful that the names and faces of those arrested are made public so we know who to identify as NAZI sympathizers. I urge HR departments across NM to ban those arrested from employment. It is notable that Columbia protestors gave up peacefully when officers arrived with nightsticks. I remember Chicago 1968 when protestors wore helmets. Get out the popcorn for Democrat Convention.

    1. Armando Guerra

      Funny. I have noticed how much Zionists actually resemble Nazis. “Chosen Race”/”Master Race”. Invading the countries of other people and rounding them up and locking them behind walls and systematically exterminating them.

  8. ANY person who disrupts education and disrespects universities should be arrested and jailed!!! Those who are NOT students should be charged with criminal trespass and held criminally accountable to include fines and restitution! Those who are students should have their student status suspended and possible explosion with criminal trespass charges! These punks need a reminder that their behavior is NOT ACCEPTABLE!! My tax dollars support education NOT destruction!

  9. I have a solution….take all of them….the 2020 rioters along with these idiots, put them on a plane and drop them off in Iran, North Korea, etc. That’s who they are supporting and that’s who they love. If they want that type of government and that type of life, then let’s help them with that! They hate America. They hate anyone but them having any freedom. They hate….period.

  10. Also, what do these universities expect? They have been Woke Indoctrination Centers for years…even decades! Why are they surprised when woke indoctrinated extremists act like the woke indoctrinated extremists that they trained them to be? Who is it that rioted, burned, pillaged etc in 2020? Who is it that is rioting now? Woke indoctrinated extremists….isn’t this the product that universities have been grooming people to be for years? You don’t see any of this outside conservative organizations….ever!

  11. Over a third not current UNM students? Kick the current students out. Prosecute all of them to the full extent of the law for trespass and vandalism.

    Essentially the protesters support the murder, rape and terrorism of Hamas. Even when they have no idea!

    I have no use for these bums.

  12. The Leaders of these protests, their signs to prove it, are ANSWER, leader Bob Anderson, who I’ve known since the ’80s when he protested with GERRY BRADLEY, the Head of the NM Marxist Educators for Socialist Action and a KGB/CPUSA FRONT, the NM Peace Council, with the U.S. Peace Council run by the Communist Party USA, and the World Peace Council run by THE SOVIET KGB! He’s in everything but also SOLIDARITY NETWORK, an International Communist group, and Nukes out of the Duke City. I saw him at a protest three weekends ago at UNM so I called UNMPD since he’s banned from UNM. They removed him. Long story on him. I saw him at a news clip when he was at the Duck Pond. I visited that too. In both protests, I acted like I was a supporter: “I support Hamas.” Oh boy… the truth came out. Seven people at the bookstore, and three at the Duck Pond admitted they were pro-Hamas. One middle-aged lady, The Recruiter and Indoctrinator from Jewish Voice for Peace told me “They (Hamas) didn’t do enough.” This again, after pretending to be one of them to get them to open up. She then said that there were Jewish leaders telling the Jewish students to ACT like they are in fear and that people were intimidating them.

    One lady at the bookstore protest, I have photos, said that all the claims of Hamas atrocities were proven false by the New York Times. I said, “the concert too?” “Yes, overblown.” “What about the rapes, decapitations, and them putting a kid in the oven to bake him to death.” “All proven false.” So I agreed. “I thought so. Thanks for the info.”

    I’ve been covering protests since 1986, an expert on Communist front organizations, their leaders, their goals. In all those years, I’ve seen all kinds of protests against Central America, Iraq, Afghanistan, now today. The ones today are PYSCHOS, SCREAMING, EYES ARE EVIL, THE HATRED, SO HOW DID THEY GET THAT WAY??? From the old protesters who are brainwashing them into this vile hatred.

    At the bookstore protest, I asked a man in an orange vest, they were going to march east on Central, “What if a red MAGA HAT or a Jew walked through here?” “We wouldn’t recommend that.”

    LET’S RECALL IRAN’S AHMADINEJAD: “Wipe Israel off the Map!” That included The Great Satan. He was deemed a madman but during his pursuit of a Bomb and OBAMA’S negotiating with Iran’s nuke program. Now Biden is doing the same, also giving billions to them like Obama did in the dark of night!

    The World’s/American protesters: “FROM THE RIVER TO THE SEA!” Isn’t that the same as Ahmadinejad’s goal and yet these MAD PEOPLE ARE PRAISED even by members of Congress, University administrators who figure out ways to give them a pass… aka now they’re calling for Amnesty! Now Biden is handcuffing Israel who would be done with it if they finished it all in Rafah.

    LASTLY, let’s recall when four Muslims were killed here in ABQ.. MLG, Torres, Stansbury, all running for office, and then AHMAD ASSED, the President of the Islamic Center NM, all promoted ISLAMOPHOBIA, they desperately wanted the killer to a MAGA, a White, even a Jew. THEN, the killer was a MUSLIM. Their next news conference was more like a funeral… THEY WERE SO SAD! Assed was still mentioning Islamophobia. OKAY… ASSED, the legal advisor KOB news uses, is a man I’ve known since the ’80s, along with JOSEPH MASSAD, a radical Columbia professor who praised Hamas, now a petition with 37,000 signature to get him fired, WERE BOTH PRODUCTS OF GERRY BRADLEY/CPUSA/KGB! ASSED, about ten years ago, held a protest IN SUPPORT HAMAS, A FIRST AND OPENLY SUPPORTING A TERRORIST GROUP, as designated by the U.S. Government. SO, I’VE BEEN WRITING AND CALLING ALL ABQ NEWS TO GET THEM TO ASK ASSED IF HE STILL SUPPORTS HAMAS? Maybe they did, I doubt it, and he wouldn’t answer, or they’re covering that up since THAT MEANS HE RADICALIZING THE MOSQUE AND COULD BE SUBJECT TO AN FBI/DHS INVESTICATION… LOL YEA RIGHT! CAPS ARE ME YELLING… HAS HE EVER SENT ANY TYPE OF AID, DIRECTLY OR INDIRECTLY, TO A TERRORIST GROUP???


  13. PART TWO: The Damage to the SUB and UNM.
    I went to a speech by Milo Yiannapolus, a conservative, and ANTIFA was there for the first time, LED BY JOEL MARCOS GALLEGOS from The Party for Socialism and Liberation. All Black and covered up. I was going in but I talked to the APD Police Captain to inform him that Gallegos was writing on his FB page: “SHUT IT DOWN!” Not only the speech but also the corner on Central and Bookstore/Frontier. He wanted proof so he took me into the SUB, not through the metal detectors, and two officers had laptops so I went to his page, proved it. He said that I could stay inside for the speech. I went back outside. There were four police agencies. State, City, UNM, Sheriffs. I asked one lady to ask him a question for me, she had an extra ticket, I took it and eventually went in. THE MOB WAS HEARD, POUNDING ON THE DOORS. He finished but we were stuck inside for forty-five minutes. We were escorted out, NOW A SWAT TEAM IN GEAR, AND ON HORSES, with all making a tunnel to go through. They herded the MOB to the courtyard in front of Zimmerman.

    The next morning I went to survey the damage. EXTENSIVE DAMAGE to tables and chairs that were on the lower level of the SUB, outside. No spray painting but all the tables had dents like hail damage. I called KOB radio which was having a live show at a restaurant, so I went and spoke live. Now they had a face to my calls. Many people praised my calls. I exposed the ANTIFA and the damage.

    It takes about two weeks to get police reports, so I called UNM PD for the reports of that night and the damage to UNM property… NONE WERE FILED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I talked to the SUB DIRECTOR, he didn’t see damage and didn’t want to go look at the tables and chairs. I went back to UNM PD to file my own, they said I wasn’t a victim so I couldn’t file one. “What about the damage to UNM property?” “The SUB has to file one and any person who was a victim can.” NADA!

    TOMI LAHREN came to speak, I got a ticket, went early to see what security measures there were, two Rent-a-Cops were inside and they had three metal barriers on the East side of the SUB. I looked out there and very few protesters. Two UNM PD came, I asked them about security, “The doors are locked and they can’t get in.” ONLY MINUTES into her speech, SCREAMING AND VERY LOUD POUNDING ON THE WALLS. She stopped and asked the organizers if we were safe. They said we were. There was panic and then SOMEONE PULLED FIRE ALARM! End of speech. UNM PD took her out the back but we couldn’t leave. Students were crying, hugging, as the pounding on the walls continued. I CALLED 911 THREE TIMES! I went to the front entrance and I could see they were pushing a UNM PD who was blocking the door. Two audience members were also holding the door closed. NOT LOCKED and neither were the main doors, or someone let them in!

    ONE TWO-FOOT HOLE in the wall and four small ones, several dents. I HAVE PHOTOS! Now I filed police reports and waited to get it back, AND THE SUB, A NEW DIRECTOR, NONE FILED. I went and asked her why… “We took care of it internally. We couldn’t identify them!” “THERE ARE THEIR YOUTUBE VIDEOS AND THERE ARE POLICE CAMS TOO!” So I said, “Wow, I’m glad you don’t do anything so I’m going to trash UNM myself! Nothing every happens to these protesters… why… YOU AGREE WITH THEM!”

    NOW THIS DAMAGE which was the worst damage in the SUB. Don’t worry… I’ll be there to ask who, what, and where! I’ve already contacted the State Police and I’ll wait to talk to UNM PD. I heard on the noon news, that no one has contacted the DA to file charges on them. Any dollar amount for the damage? Any case filed against the leaders of the protests who encouraged the mob when they were at the Duck Pond since they had advance knowledge of the action since they had tents and supplies!

    ALSO, JUST REMEMBERING, I listed all of the BROKEN Code of Conduct Rules for all the protests I’ve mentioned, NO PENALTY for these, PLUS MANY MORE where skateboards, a weapon, smashed glass display cases and damaged walls and stucco.

    UNM HAS BEEN TAKEN OVER BY THE FAR-LEFT! I was in music and now the entire music department is FAR-LEFT! HOW? They hire them, not for their talent, but for their radical writings and agenda and recommended by profs from where they got their degrees. When a Far-Left radical gets into a hiring position, they only hire their own.


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