Lt. Gov. Howie Morales in charge as Lujan Grisham once again leaves state

Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s office announced that she had fled New Mexico for various travels, rounding her trip out by visiting Washington, D.C. 

On Tuesday, she traveled to Atlantic City, New Jersey, for Joe Biden’s Council of Governors, a role Biden nominated her for. 

She then will go to Michigan for a meeting of female Democrat governors. The executive’s office did not note the specific event, but it likely is an excursion planned by the abortion up-to-birth group EMILY’s List, which has bankrolled Democrat women running for office, including Lujan Grisham.

“On Sunday, the governor will travel to Washington, D.C., where she will meet with federal officials at the White House. On Wednesday morning, she will deliver a keynote address during a White House event on early childhood education and child care,” the governor’s press release continued. 

It noted, “She is expected to return on Wednesday, July 19.” The events that will take place from Sunday to Wednesday were not disclosed. 

The governor is well-known for her out-of-state and out-of-country excursions. In May 2022, while wildfires plagued New Mexico, she fled to Washington, D.C., to get married, with Kamala Harris officiating her nuptials.

She has repeatedly traveled to Washington to attend events and functions put on by Joe Biden’s regime and far-left organizations’ events.

Other notable trips from the governor include a 2019 excursion to a Spanish island, which was not disclosed to the public until open records requests revealed she had fled the state without notice to the citizenry. 

In 2021, she flew to Scotland for a “climate change” excursion while also stopping in Washington to meet with Joe Biden officials and held an anti-coal event with Washington State’s Democrat Gov. Jay Inslee.

She has also made multiple trips to Washington, D.C., to get tests and surgery on her knee, to the ire of New Mexicans, many of whom cannot afford to take trips out-of-state for medical care, much less trips paid for by taxpayers.

For her current trip, as with others before, Lt. Gov. Howie Morales will assume the role of governor in Lujan Grisham’s absence.


34 thoughts on “Lt. Gov. Howie Morales in charge as Lujan Grisham once again leaves state”

  1. She’ll give a speech on early childhood education & welfare??? Like, how to come in LAST in those areas (not to mention many others)????

    1. Yes, she figures if the rest of the states will follow her lead then NM might not be last again. Wonder if she is planning to run for Senate so she can continue her grift under Pulosi’s tutoring

    2. People act as though SHE created the LACK of everythihnjg in this state! It’s been happeneing ever since the first time I was here back in the 70’s. NOT her fault. This state is POOR! and always HAS been. THAT is the reason and is what should be discussed. and changed/. There’s no way to make any $$$.

  2. Unbelievable! MLG is going to speak on childhood education and we are 50th in the nation??? She needs to sit down and listen to Mississippi and what they have done. What a disgrace; she should be ashamed!!!

  3. Her “childhood education” speech is likely going to be about killing the children to avoid the responsibility of educating them.

  4. Her pandering and boondoggles are a waste of taxpayers monies! Add to that her lack of knowledge on child welfare,or elderly welfare. Seems her train of thought is killing children and elderly solves the issue of caring for them. It’s time she is dragged out of the roundhouse in handcuffs!

  5. I wonder if the subject she will push on early childhood development is death? She seems to love killing our children in the womb, which is where early childhood development begins.

  6. Down here in God’s Country we call him
    St Howie…. Every time someone had an issue with a barking ex, or, cat, or, dog people would be taggin him on facebook to fix it. He was the patron saint of the Mining District. Truth be told at one time Howie was a Good Politician. He listened to everyone and kept things honest. After he was seduced to run for governor he changed. Poor Fool sold his soul to mlg and company. Oh well there’s room enough in Hell for all of us…
    Here Lies St Howie……

  7. It’s a good thing she has been well connected in Washington DC and those are way around! She has helped many concerning the hermits peak fires! But you don’t seem to pay attention to that because you’re just a bunch of haters!!

  8. She’s just up there smoozing the DemoRats for her next political appointment. She’s only worried about herself and her future income. She doesn’t give a rats butt about New Mexico

  9. BEC….hey Howie, while you are in charge why don’t you give Akela Flats their CASINO LICENSE so the southwest can get some action for economic stability!! After all you are from here, why not carry a banner for you home county!! Do something great for the area who built you up as a teacher and coach. It’s about time we can cash in on your laurels. We need help down here!!

  10. Vivienne L White

    Being governor of ANY state is a difficult task. I mostly read criticism . We have been last in education,last in just about everything ,except murder and crime for a lot longer than governor Grisham has been around. Washington DC is hardly aware of our existence. I love it here. Trying moving to Texas if you don’t like it will soon realize how horribly corrupt and dictatorial government can be.

  11. See Vivienne L. White’s comments. Our Governor is doing the best she can with the tools she has. This country and it’s population are divided because of intense criticism, a lack of education and idiots promoting conspiracy theories. Since common sense, manners and listening are evidently considered passe’ , I’ll stay in New Mexico. Having lived in LA and OC, I feel very blessed to live here.

  12. I cannot believe all the nasty comments about this article and our Governor. Do people realize that it takes money from taxes for any state to have the kind of programs to educate and improve the lives of it’s citizens? When there is and has been only ONE main source for those taxes, i.e. the oil and gas industry? then how can ONE governor be blamed for the LACK of education and other programs here in N.Mexico? Gov. Grisham has done her best to get solar and wind here. She has attracted more jobs thru the movie industry. Until there are industries that provide wide spread jobs in the state, New Mexico will continue to be at the bottom of the ALL the lists. We are a service economy with pathetic, low paying jobs serving people who don’t even live here. But, all she gets in pushback for any inroads she’s made, which mainly comes from all those UNeducated people.

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