Amid radical woke agenda, NM House GOP offering parents legal option

On Monday, the New Mexico House of Representatives Republicans announced at a press conference featuring Rep. Luis Terrazas (R-Bayard) that they are offering parents in the state a parental/guardian consent form that attorneys have extensively reviewed to allow the option to forego the woke agenda being pushed in schools due to recent legislation, including H.B. 7 and S.B. 397.

The House Republicans wrote, “The following form is designed to help parents/guardians explicitly exercise their right to be fully informed prior to their child accessing medical and behavioral health services, or some instructional materials.”

“Parents/guardians are responsible for making educational and health care decisions for their children until they reach the age of majority. A minor child cannot consent to his/her own educational decisions or medical treatment. It is important for parents/guardians to remain engaged and informed with school district staff to ensure their children are receiving the appropriate education and health care. Parent/guardian engagement ensures the highest standard of care.”

The form gives multiple fields for notification, including “any health care services, referral for services, class, lesson, instruction, curriculum, assembly, guest speaker, activity, assignment, library material, online material, club, group, or association concerning transgender ideology, gender affirming care or gender identity,” “abortion,” “contraception and other family planning,” “primary health care,” and “mental or psychiatric care.”

The form concludes, “If I am not given prior notification and the ability to make an informed decision concerning the wellbeing of my child, I withhold consent for the items checked above.” 

In an op-ed by New Mexico House Republican Leader Greg Nibert wrote, “Parents have put up with a lot over the last few years, but take away their right to protect the health and safety of their kids, and it is clear that New Mexicans of all ethnic, social and political persuasions have had enough. The nonstop and aggressive march of progressive social policies in New Mexico has finally struck a nerve.”

“I and other Republicans are moving forward with an effort to advise parents on how to inform schools officials of their demands when it comes to their children’s welfare. Republicans are advocating that every parent of a minor child in New Mexico’s public schools sign and send a letter to their school’s administration requiring that they be notified before any gender ideology information, gender altering services, hormone blockers, psycho-tropic medications or abortion services are provided to their child. The recommended form letter has already been reviewed by lawyers who are ready and willing to engage on this important issue.”

The parental notification form to send to their school administrator can be found by following this link. Instructions on using the form are also available on the website (


26 thoughts on “Amid radical woke agenda, NM House GOP offering parents legal option”

  1. This is garbage. I can’t see the schools going for this very confusing form. You would think the schools already have something in place to notify parents about such cases. Schools already know they can’t do anything without parent’s permission in the first place so where is this coming from anyway?

    1. HB 7 is law and it lists a fine if the parents are notified. I’m not sure how patents can opt out of this. These same Republicans refused to help us with the Referendum Project to try and stop these laws. The also refused to show in court here in Roswell to help Lead Marker challenge the SOS on saying the awful bills were needed for the public good and safety. Make no.mistake the Governor will challenge this and probably win.

    2. Just asking – Have you read the new laws that require school authorities and other public officials to support the exploration, by a minor, of gendering affirming (or altering) care and reproductive health care … and not tell parents or guardians?

  2. Wrong! Recently, teachers across the nation have been informed that they are NOT to inform patents about what teachers are doing to their children.

  3. This is a bogus solution from ineffective, elitist politicians who have nothing to offer and won’t enter the real fight on behalf of their constituents. You cannot “opt-out” of a LAW with a letter. We couldn’t even opt-out of fraudulent mandates during Covid! The real fight is with the remedy our State Constitution gives us- The Referendum Project! We are signing petitions and fighting these issues through court- with no help from our legislators! Join the Real Fight and the Real Solution with the Real People’s Hero!

    1. Thank you, James. One of Larry’s biggest opponents is Greg Nibert. The judge asked Larry where the other legislators were. David Gallegos has been the only one to back Larry.

  4. The best solution is for everyone to pull their kids out of the public indoctrination centers and home-school them, thereby avoiding all the woke bull crap forced down our throats by the DemocRATS.

    1. I agree. If I had kids in the Albuquerque Public Schools I would immediately pull the out and enroll them in a school like Lagacy Academy. Where they would learn what they needed, and not be taught the other crappy stuff that the public schools are now teaching our children.

  5. So we are going to beg for the medical rights of our children instead of fighting for them??? How have we continued to elect ball-less wonders?????

  6. LOL! I can’t believe the Republican Caucus would even propose this “opt out” form. They were ineffective during the legislative session and just proved they have nothing to offer their constituents. Read the Law! There are laws on age of consent, the law on abortion and gender-affirming care is now “protected”. Read the law on mental health and sex issues the Department of Health statutes, you can’t “opt out”. If you can “opt” out of laws, I want to opt out of having to get a drivers license, or having insurance. Do you have a form for that? I want to “opt out” of having to obtain a license to fish since the state doesn’t own the fish, can you make a form for that? Why would you lie to the people and tell them they can just “opt out”? Rep. Nibert, supposedly a lawyer with the Hinkle Law Firm ( that is under contract with the state) is supporting a form to “opt out” of obeying laws.

    Instead, why didn’t the caucus state these are constitutional questions and file a law suit? Better yet, why don’t they just let the SOS know she doesn’t have the authority to designate these laws as for the preservation of public peace, health and safety (because your “opt out” form won’t work there either). Then help with the Referendum Project.

    Why didn’t they run the time out during debate, make them read the bills in their entirety, have more “experts” testify or even filibuster? Because they are ineffective and at this point irrelevant. Now, we will watch the response from the progressives. My guess is they will be laughing. If not, they are probably working together to slow down the will of the people. Shame on you for trying to stop the grassroots from protecting their children and their families.

  7. So New Mexico democrats are proud to steal children from their parents and groom them into homosexuality and perversion? A society like that won’t last more than one generation.

  8. Why don’t the demorats concentrate on reading and writing instead of their woke BS people need to wake up and vote them out

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