Heinrich slapped with ethics watchdog request over campaign methods

The Foundation for Accountability and Civic Trust (FACT), an ethics watchdog group, has requested that the Senate Select Committee on Ethics investigate New Mexico U.S. Sen. Martin Heinrich. FACT’s concerns center around allegations that Heinrich intertwined official legislative actions with campaign fundraising efforts.

In a detailed letter, FACT’s Executive Director, Kendra Arnold, pointed out to the committee chairs, Senators Chris Coons and James Lankford, that Heinrich’s campaign emails may have violated Senate ethics rules. These emails reportedly invited recipients to “co-sponsor” legislation by making donations to his campaign, suggesting donation amounts ranging from $10 to $1,000.

Arnold expressed concern over this practice, stating, “Federal law and Senate ethics rules do not allow senators to fundraise based upon their official duties, in part because it would lead to the public rightfully question whether the senator’s primary concern was their political campaign.” She highlighted the potential conflict this creates, as it may give the impression that legislative actions can be influenced by campaign contributions.

One specific email cited by FACT was sent on behalf of Heinrich’s principal campaign committee on March 18, promoting the First-Time Homebuyer Tax Credit Act. The email asked recipients to sign a petition supporting the legislation, which led to a page soliciting campaign donations. Similarly, another campaign email dated April 10 discussed the Infant Formula Made in America Act, also directing supporters to a donation page after prompting them to endorse the legislation.

These instances, Arnold argues, blur the lines between official duties and campaign activities, which could undermine public trust and violate ethical standards designed to maintain a clear separation between the two.

As of now, the Senate Ethics Committee has not publicly responded to FACT’s request for investigation. Heinrich, who has held his Senate seat since 2013 and is up for reelection in a district considered solidly Democratic, has also not commented on the allegations. His office and campaign were reached out to for responses by The Washington Times.


10 thoughts on “Heinrich slapped with ethics watchdog request over campaign methods”

  1. Democrats: “Nothing to see HERE.” Move on. They get caught and nothing happens.The ends always justifies the means. They really do get away with so much.

  2. That’s what happens when the foxes guard the henhouse. Those “ethic rules “ mentioned in the article are just an illusion to fool us into believing that there’s integrity in Washington, there’s not! Have you noticed that breaking rules never carry any penalty for politicos unless they’re on the “out” with the party line, in which case they can certainly invent some. This includes rinos and commies. That’s why nothing changes in America. Congress is a wholly owned subsidiary and not by the public.

    1. Spot on!
      Now let us hope that the mitoteros will pay as close attention to how many dead democrats vote this year. Like very close attention…

  3. Come on nothing will be done because he is a democrat. Nothing happened to Hillary and she had a private secrete server and she destroyed everything and nothing happened. Not only has Biden and his family been bought off by the CCP, Ukraine, and a few other countries he had secret documents as a senator in his home, in a CCP supported university, with no controls on who could view them and nothing happened. Heck Biden has weaponized the alphabet agencies to get his opponent and to include using the DOJ and congress looks the other way. The sad thing is Trump could fart in church and he would be up on charges. This is what we are leaving for our children, we should all meet in hell for our punishment.

  4. Ethics? Since when to DemocRats have ethics or principles or morals…or accountability or respect for the Rule of Law?

  5. All the more reason for LESS Federal government control, (i.e. education, health care, environmental, border-when the Feds ignore responsibility for national border, etc.) and more responsibility to state – it is not easier for us to watch our reps/senate at this level and hold them accountable to ‘us’ we the people of New Mexico. It’s hard enough to simply keep up with the war machine and law fare at the federal level. Even on the state level, so much waste … so much corruption. One thing for me, I can define what MY responsibility is when it comes to budgeting personal funds, and helping others – vice defining what is REALLY the state’s responsibility for budgeting – is there a finite definition (written in plain English, not deliberate lawyer-ise – says one thing in one section then contradicts in another) at state level – seems on state level any kind of spending (including vacation junkets) can be “justified” at state and Federal level – just depends on which section is applied. The one thing I keep forgetting, I ONLY matter when it is election time, otherwise, it is shut up and sit down because I’m too dumb to understand. HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of pages of rules (NOT laws) created by non-elected persons telling us what we can and can’t do. We the people could go on and on and on… if only we really mattered. We are buried in legislation. OH, I so digress.

  6. The situation doesn’t matter… riots, occupation of college campuses, tax evasion, ethics violations. The elitist far left must demonstrate their superiority and maintain their position above the rule of law.

  7. Would you,could you expect anything less from Hiney-lick? He’s as dirty as they come –just following suit of little Benny-boy Loserjan ,Moochie Loserjan Gruesome and their corrupt regime. No wonder New Mexico is last in education and highest in welfare recipients..

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