Pro-life lobby day at Capitol Monday, heartbeat bill hearing Wednesday

The upcoming week will be jam-packed for the right to life, with many events coming up to support life at the Roundhouse.

On Monday, pro-life groups, including the New Mexico Alliance for Life (NMAFL), will join family-focused groups, including the New Mexico Family Action Movement, among pro-life legislators. 

NMAFL wrote, “New Mexico Alliance for Life is proud to announce we are hosting the Pro-Life Lobby Day and Press Conference with New Mexico Legislators and New Mexico Family Action Movement at the Capitol on President’s Day, from 1:30 PM to 3:30 PM! Plan to arrive early in order to find parking, plan to visit legislative offices after the press conference, and invite others! Make your voice heard, and come hear from the experts about what you can do to stay involved!” 

Extremist Abortion and ‘Gender-Affirming Care’ Bill Vote Imminent

The advocacy day at the Roundhouse comes as Democrats seek to ram through an extremist bill, H.B. 7, to force state employees to facilitate abortions and transgender surgeries/hormone blockers, including for minors.

The bill would “prohibit public bodies from discriminating against persons based on their use or non-use of reproductive or gender-affirming care,” meaning it could push teachers and any other public workers to support body mutilation for all ages, including children, as well as abortion, according to the bill’s fiscal impact report. 

So-called “gender-affirming care” means “psychological, behavioral, surgical, medication, and other medical services to support a person’s gender identity,” while “public bodies” are defined as “state and local governments, commissions, or boards established by the state and any branches of state government, such as school districts and universities, that receive state funding.” It would also open up conscientious objectors to civil suits.

State Sen. Gregg Schmedes, M.D. (R-Albuquerque), commented about the bill, “As a parent and practicing physician, I am deeply concerned about HB 7 forcing teachers and public employees to facilitate elective procedures – despite the best interest of our children. There are negative impacts to the mental, physical, and emotional health of any elective procedure and HB 7 completely ignores the actual science.”

The bill could be heard on the House floor any day now, as it has passed two committees and now sits in contention to pass the lower chamber.

Heartbeat Bill

On Wednesday, the House Health and Human Services Committee will hear H.B. 258, also known as the “New Mexico Heartbeat Act,” sponsored by state Rep. John Block (R-Alamogordo), to protect human life in the womb from the moment a fetal heartbeat is detected. 

The meeting will likely take place at 8:30 a.m. in the Capitol’s Room 307, and the Zoom details will be soon available, so check back at this article for the credentials. The bill was previously scheduled for Friday, but it was pushed to this Wednesday due to time constraints. 


5 thoughts on “Pro-life lobby day at Capitol Monday, heartbeat bill hearing Wednesday”

  1. Someone ought to point out that, if a baby in the womb is not yet human, why, when a crazy person kills a pregnant woman, do the charges include “double homicide”?

    1. Someone ought to point out that the radicals from Texas who passed the bounty Hunter ban are now bullying city councils in eastern Nm. Texas is c sectioning 5th graders and bringing women to the brink of death in ICUs before therapeutic abortion can be offered. Republicans aren’t too smart to try this in NM.

  2. HB7 scares me the most. Government is taking over the raising of our children. As parents, if we look the wrong way we will be arrested for child abuse and endangerment. When you were 10 years old did you really know what you wanted to be when you were grown? The extent that this “gender affirming” includes altered surgery, toxic hormonal treatment, emotional and psychological warfare by the state agencies that is not reversible is alarming.
    Shame on any legislator that thinks this is a reasonable use of political power. I hope you truly listen to your heart and do the right thing.

  3. Heartbeat, the beginning of a soul.
    Life force, pure, untainted
    The future of the world
    All things are possible.
    The life that is taken
    Can never be returned
    Society will live with the shame of silence.

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