Tucker ponders if Biden regime will shoot down ABQ balloon fiesta balloons

On Friday, Tucker Carlson, host of Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Tonight, pondered what a “helpful” balloon is after Kamala Harris recently said in an interview that the Chinese spy balloon was “not helpful.”

 “Surely and certainly, that balloon was not helpful, which is why we shot it down,” Harris said in an interview with NBC News.

Carlson said in his monologue, “A new policy has been announced by Kamala Harris, and that is that all ‘non-helpful’ balloons will be shot down.”

“Now, unfortunately, hot air balloon season is starting soon in Albuquerque and around the country. Are they going to be shot down? Are they helpful balloons or non-helpful balloons ‘in terms of’ shooting them down?” 

He added, “Balloonists across America need some clarification on that.” 

Although tongue in cheek, Carlson’s point notes how apparently clueless the Joe Biden administration is in handling the Chinese spy balloon, which crossed over the entire country and likely took aerial photographs of key United States military installments before being shot down in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of South Carolina.

This week, multiple unidentified flying objects have also been shot down by the Department of Defense, and others have been shot down over the country of Canada.

Watch Carlson’s monologue here:


5 thoughts on “Tucker ponders if Biden regime will shoot down ABQ balloon fiesta balloons”

    1. Nice China’s puppet, His Fraudulency, Jao Xidung allows his masters balloon to complete it’s mission, filming military bases across our Republic and then has it shot down in deep water so it can’t be recovered.
      I thought the clinton’s were corrupt, but they were pikers in comparison. The Biden cartel corruption is astonishing, all the family is shoveling in bribes from around the world. Can you spell

  1. Tucker jokes, we get it, the sad thing is the socialists in NM fully support CCP loving Biden, our POS governor is up Biden but agreeing with every thing he says. She is also on board with that ever corrupt socialist California wants. Heck our democrat party is trying to vote in laws that are against our NM and federal constitution. We are rabidly going down the toilet. The only good thing is NM cannot be worse than 49 other states. We are number 50 in almost every aspect or in some cases number 1 in case of the worst case. NM need to get involved and realize they are conservatives and vote the socialists out of office. Yes socialist, they want our guns, they want our children, they want parents out of our children’s life decisions, they want to reward be lazy, smoking dope, killing babies, poor schools, and allowing none citizens, illegals to decide our life for us. If NMs do not get off their asses NM will be destroyed.

  2. Stephanie McKenzie

    I know Tucker was being a little ‘tongue in cheek’ with shooting down the hot air balloons but it’s a valid question in the light of Kamala’s statement. What is a ‘helpful balloon?’ Is it a balloon that brings adults and children joy? Is that not helpful enough? Until we shot it down we didn’t know if it was a ‘helpful’ or ‘non-helpful.’ But since it was from an enemy country, flying without permission over our country it should have been shot down immediately it was on our radar – hint, when it was over Alaska. And I am ignoring Kamala’s stupidity, she makes so many stupid statements it’s not hardly worth pointing them out anymore.

  3. This is just further proof that Kamala Harris should not be in elected office. Or any office, for that matter. Communications are critical to life with others and she fails so well.

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