Extreme abortion, ‘gender-affirming care,’ election bills to have Tues. House votes

On Tuesday, two extreme Democrat proposals to weaken New Mexico election laws and force state entities to facilitate abortions and “gender-affirming care” will face final consideration on the state House floor during the evening session starting at approximately 4:30 p.m. 

H.B. 4 is a major elections measure sponsored by Speaker Javier Martínez (D-Bernalillo) and House Majority Floor Leader Gail Chasey (D-Bernalillo), among other Democrats from both chambers. 

The bill would create an automatic absentee voter registry and automatic registration at the Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) without customers’ consent and allow felon voting, among other measures that would be ripe for fraud. 

H.B. 7 by Rep. Linda Serrato (D-Santa Fe) would force public bodies to facilitate abortions and transgenderism, dubbed “gender-affirming care,” or face lawsuits. 

The bill also explicitly bans municipalities and counties from passing local laws to protect children in the womb from being aborted, meaning places like Roosevelt County would be banned from enforcing their ordinances.

The bill would “prohibit public bodies from discriminating against persons based on their use or non-use of reproductive or gender-affirming care,” meaning it could push teachers and any other public workers to support body mutilation for all ages, including children, as well as abortion, according to the bill’s fiscal impact report. 

So-called “gender-affirming care” means “psychological, behavioral, surgical, medication, and other medical services to support a person’s gender identity,” while “public bodies” are defined as “state and local governments, commissions, or boards established by the state and any branches of state government, such as school districts and universities, that receive state funding.” It would also open up conscientious objectors to civil suits.

On Monday, pro-lifers rallied at the Capitol to support the right to life and parental rights while rejecting the extreme H.B. 7, which would harm children inside and outside of the womb.

The bills will be a major test of how moderate Democrats vote regarding abortion and weakening New Mexico elections. All legislators’ contact information can be found here


10 thoughts on “Extreme abortion, ‘gender-affirming care,’ election bills to have Tues. House votes”

  1. “Gender affirming care” destroys children’s bodies. It’s criminal. I’ve been studying this for 6 years, and a child cannot consent to subverting puberty and losing body parts they don’t have an adult understanding of.

  2. Discernment says that HB 7 is pure evil. Deepest, blackest evil. Do those people have no souls? How else could they promote this bill? They’re not even embarrassed.

  3. All I can say is many folks I know that pay taxes (retirees making top 5 and 6 figures) are starting to look for better pastures. With NMs wanting to kill babies, change sexes of children, punishing people that might help confused children, taking our guns away all make for an easy decision. If we wanted to live in California we would move there. When I talk to fellow citizens, no I have talked to are for these leftest policies, are the nut jobs and fruit loops in Santa Fe and Albuquerque leading this charge? It will be hard for these nuts to collect taxes if it is only non working welfare folks on the tax roles.

  4. I am BEYOND pissed off at HB4. HOW IS THIS ALLOWED TO PASS?!! Does public outcry and the facts that most people do not want this mean anything at all?! I’m frustrated. John, you voted no…this isn’t directed at you. New Mexicans will never have fair elections with this in place.

    And Katy Duhigg…doesn’t she have enough to do with managing the legislation of marijuana…or is she smoking the product? Don’t get me started on Javier.

  5. You so called leaders are deranged and insane. You are not leaders but destroyers. Are you even human? I pray that you come to your senses and repent to God for your sins against humanity! I am ashamed of all of you.

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