Planned Parenthood promotes pro-abortion municipal candidates

New Mexicans should check twice before filling in their ballots for the 2021 municipal election due to pro-abortion dark money groups, namely, Planned Parenthood, which has endorsed and been promoting school board candidates in major New Mexico cities.

According to New Mexico Alliance for Life (NMAFL), Planned Parenthood endorsed the following candidates:

  1. Tim Keller, ABQ Mayor
  2. Lan Sena, ABQ City Council 1
  3. Cynthia Borrego, ABQ City Council 5
  4. Mauro Walden-Montoya, ABQ City Council 7
  5. Rob Grilley, ABQ City Council 9
  6. Alan Weber, Santa Fe Mayor 
  7. Sig Lindell, Santa Fe City Council, District 1 
  8. Carol Romero Wirth, Santa Fe City Council, District 2 
  9. Roman Tiger Abeyta, Santa Fe City Council, District 3
  10. Amanda Chavez, Santa Fe City Council, District 4
  11. Becky Coran, Las Cruces City Council, District 5
  12. Danielle Gonzales and Jinx Baskerville, ABQ School Board, Dist 3
  13. Josie Dominguez, ABQ School Board, District 4
  14. Emma Jones, ABQ School Board, District 5
  15. Julie Brenning, ABQ School Board, District 7

“Based on public statements and electability, New Mexico Alliance for Life recommends the following candidates for Albuquerque Public School Board: Ali Enega for District 3, Crystal Tapia-Romero for District 5, Art Carrasco for District 6, Courtney Jackson for District 7,” wrote NMAFL. 

For the Albuquerque City Council, the group recommends Dan Lewis for District 5, Lori Robertson for District 7, and Renee Grout for District 9. For the mayoral election, the group does not recommend supporting Tim Keller.

NMAFL wrote, “Tim Keller has taken campaign money from Curtis Boyd – the owner of Albuquerque’s scandal ridden, late-term abortion business Southwestern Women’s Options. In 2013, then-state senator Tim Keller also endorsed “Respect ABQ Women,” a group that worked to keep abortion up-to-birth legal in the Albuquerque city election.” 

As the Piñon Post previously reported, Planned Parenthood said it was thrilled to endorse the embattled mayor.

5 thoughts on “Planned Parenthood promotes pro-abortion municipal candidates”

  1. Planned Murderhood of NM Democrap supporters

    Democraps and planned parenthood are doing all they can to murder and indoctrinate New Mexicos children. Until conservatives and other sane New Mexico democrats (don’t think there are many) rise up and stop voting these morons into office, babies will continue to be murdered in our state. Keller is a worthless human being. He is just as disgusting as MLG. They care about themselves not New Mexico.

  2. These are the times you see true evil in our world walking and talking. They state choice, medical freedom, keep care between patient and doctor. Then they scream and mandate dangerous shots. When confronted they say no its not the same thing. Well it is not the same thing: abortion is murder and declining a shot is a human rights medical choice.

  3. Dan Lewis is the candidate for council 5 not Cynthia Borrego who voted to give stem;las checks to illegals and money for housing.

  4. Anything or anyone that Planned Parenthood supports, I will vote against without any hesitation. Evil is alive and well in this nation and in our beloved Albuquerque. It has been made a state law that convicted murderers and others who commit capital offenses cannot face the death penalty in New Mexico. The most innocent of our society, the unborn, they can automatically be condemned to a dehumanizing death without the pretense of due process of law. Protecting woman’s health? Who protects the health of those humans who have no say in their being alive? Planned Parenthood? Isn’t sad that the hope of the future and the pride of the family, the unborn child, is held to be of so little value? As Satan hates God’s greatest creation, Satan has a willing partner in Planned Parent and in those who support any aspect of abortion at any stage.

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