Anti-life ‘Catholic’ Tim Keller endorsed by abortion up-to-birth group

On Monday, anti-life “Catholic” Albuquerque Mayor Tim Keller was endorsed by the abortion up-to-birth group Planned Parenthood, which commits hundreds of thousands of abortions upon innocent children in the womb each year.

Planned Parenthood wrote, “We are thrilled to endorse [Tim Keller] in Albuquerque’s mayoral race. Mayor Keller will fight for our health and our rights — and will work to make sure everyone has access to quality, comprehensive sex education.”

Albuquerque has been known for many years as the abortion capital of the nation, known especially for extreme late-term abortions going past 32 weeks at facilities such as Southwestern Women’s Options.

Keller faces two opponents who have hit the threshold of signatures to get on the ballot, Bernalillo County Sheriff Manny Gonzales and talk radio host Eddy Aragon. 

In a Facebook post in 2019, Keller was overjoyed about a 90% save rate for a local shelter, writing, “A save rate of over 90% is definitely something to wag about. Our Albuquerque Animal Welfare department has worked hard to get to this point and we’re proud to have them on our #OneAlbuquerque team.” But Keller supports full-term abortion and infanticide, the only way he would have earned a Planned Parenthood endorsement. 

2 thoughts on “Anti-life ‘Catholic’ Tim Keller endorsed by abortion up-to-birth group”

  1. Keller is a-Baby Killer

    Keller is scum. You can’t be catholic and a baby murderer at the same time. ABQ’s crime rate is out of control and he does nothing, He does not support our police officers or our people. Time for him to go ABQ, he wants to murder our children before they are born, or force them to cover their beautiful faces once they are here.To hell with NM demon-crats across our state and the USA.

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