Poll shows Keller’s $50M soccer stadium headed for defeat

A new Albuquerque Journal poll is shedding a little more light on where voters in Albuquerque are swayed in the bond issue for the voters to shell out $50 million to prop up the millionaire-owned “New Mexico United” team’s proposed stadium.

According to the poll, only 37% of voters say they support the measure, while an overwhelming 55% oppose it, with most having strong disapproval for it. “​​Only a fraction (3%) say that it depends or that they are undecided (4%),” the Journal writes.

“Democrats are fairly evenly split on the bond measure, with 46% in support and 45% opposed. There is much less parity among Republicans, as only 22% support it, compared with 71% who oppose it.” 

“All interviews were conducted by live, professional interviewers, with multiple callbacks to households that did not initially answer the phone,” according to the report. 

The report notes that United has dunked nearly $1 million into a political action committee sending out pro-stadium bond propaganda to voters in the mail and on television.

Embattled Democrat Mayor Tim Keller proposed the bond measure which will be a political blow to him if it fails, as the poll suggests it will. Keller will also be on the ballot for reelection, being challenged by a local radio show host and the Bernalillo County sheriff. The Journal’s polling shows Keller leading with 53% of the vote, while his opponents trail him. If he does not reach 50% of the vote, a runoff will take place.


1 thought on “Poll shows Keller’s $50M soccer stadium headed for defeat”

  1. Albuquerque DOES NOT NEED Heller for mayor

    Keller is a typical scum bag attorney. People need to find out exactly why he wants the stadium so badly. Just like all democraps he has probably found another way to fill his own pockets. Or he is pandering to certain people to buy their votes. Albuquerque is a crime ridden disaster and Keller hates police officers. Wake up Albuquerque. Vote to throw Keller out of office.

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