Piñon Post Editor: I am leaving Twitter FOREVER.

On Friday night, Twitter, President Trump’s once-preferred social media network, permanently suspended the 45th President’s account (@realDonaldTrump) and barred him from even posting on his official government account (@POTUS)—an unprecedented and dangerous assault on free speech. 

If these tech tyrants can suppress or “cancel” the United States’ sitting President, they can do the same to all of us—and they are. The mainstream media, aided by Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google, and the hyenas screeching from their Ivory towers on Capitol Hill, erroneously claimed President Trump began an “insurrection” on the U.S. Capitol. Now, many unhinged and deeply disturbed members of Congress believe these leftist lies and conspiracy theories are grounds for another impeachment (coup) attempt. Trump called for no insurrection, but that didn’t matter to the left-wing media. 

These cowards’ move is not because they are actually angered by the lives lost at the U.S. Capitol, but because their hatred for President Donald Trump is greater than their love for this great country. If they somehow manage to impeach the President, they would permanently bar him from ever holding elected office again. 

These rabid partisan leftists and Republicans in Name Only (RINOs) will do whatever it takes to tear down the President, uphold their illegitimate and fraudulent election results, and try to silence forever true Americans who duly elected and re-elected the 45th President of the United States. Aided by the tech giants, the fake news media, and the rabid cesspool rotting in the bowels of the D.C. Swamp, the Left started a civil war. Their first action: silence us.

On my personal Twitter account, which used to have nearly 5,000 followers, it now sits around the 3,600 follower mark, with over 1,100 followers are either suspended or left for another platform. On the Piñon Post Facebook and Twitter accounts, the platforms purged an editorial we wrote, claiming we “violated” their “community standards” and tanked our distribution. 

Note: the bloodthirsty terrorist Ayattolah Kamaine of Iran, anti-Semitic pastor Louis Farrakhan, white supremacist Richard Spencer, and Chinese Communist Party propagandists are still active on Twitter, yet the sitting U.S. President cannot post on the platform. 

But the mass exodus from the social media platforms wasn’t enough for these deranged, power-hungry tyrants. They couldn’t bear to see us leave their oh-so-precious Twitter and Facebook for another platform (the free speech application, Parler). So, these anti-free speech oligarchs colluded to effectively cripple Parler by removing it from both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. But even that wasn’t enough. Amazon, the application’s server provider, pulled their hosting services, leaving Parler stranded and searching for a new host service. This will result in the social media platform being offline beginning late Sunday night until Monday afternoon.

The shameless assault on the American peoples’ right to free speech and expression, not to mention the President of the United States’ suppression, is dangerous and against everything our country was founded on. These social media titans can hide in their dark rooms and plot against honest, hard-working, and decent American patriots, but they will not be rewarded by me or by millions of others.

For these reasons, I announced over the weekend to all my remaining followers that I will be effectively leaving Twitter forever effective 11:59 p.m. tonight (Sunday) due to their down-right assault on basic free speech rights bestowed upon every citizen. If anyone would like to follow me on Parler, MeWe, Gab, or any other platform, I have linked them there, or you can find me on each platform @JohnForNM. I follow back. The Piñon Post will still be available on these platforms until we are permanently banned (which we expect to be sooner than later). I encourage each and every reader to leave Twitter and take their business elsewhere.

We must stand strong by our President and for our First Amendment. The Elitist Democrat Establishment and the spineless anti-Trump traitors in the Republican Party must be stopped, and the first step is by bleeding their allies in Big Tech dry by leaving these unpatriotic platforms full of double standards and censorship. 

As I wrote on my Twitter today as one of my last posts on the platform, “If Davy Crockett lived today, he’d probably say, ‘You may all go to Hell, and I will go to Parler!’”

4 thoughts on “Piñon Post Editor: I am leaving Twitter FOREVER.”

  1. Tells you how many people were brainwashed and misinformed, young people need to wake up and get away from this trash. Learn from different news and websites, read a history book, talk to your parents before you totally destroy your future. It would be horrible to grow up like these kids today with no education of our history and to know freedom, SAD!

    1. I think that the editor of this “news” did not understand your thoughts correctly. The nonsense and trash he publishes here on this site are just shocking and mendacious.

  2. Good for you let the godless communists have their echo chamber while they still can. But I would suggest Gab because they have their own server.

  3. Laughable.

    You cannot compare random NON-STATE acts of vandalism with the pre-meditated and STATE-SANCTIONED horrors of Kristall Nacht.

    It is recklessly irresponsible to conflate these two incidents.

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