Leftist lawmaker: Rep. Herrell’s Legislative speech would be a ‘prop’ to spread ‘conspiracy theories’

A far-left lawmaker who demanded state-funded security due to mean phone calls he got, state Sen. Jacob Candelaria, has been increasingly vocal on social media as tensions rise between conservatives and radical lefitsts.

During Candelaria’s melodramatic response to mean calls he got, he made multiple videos of him breaking into tears claiming his safety was at-risk. Bodycam footage from State Police officers responding to his calls revealed he referred to himself repeatedly as “Senator,” threatened to call the Governor on them, and then kicked out the officers who were there trying to assist him.

Later on, Candelaria posted on social media about his lavish shopping spree at Hermés, a luxury French fashion house, telling his followers, “Treat yo self. The road is long and the fights are hard—-celebrating your joy is a seditious act.” It is unclear what Candelaria meant here by “seditious act.” 

In one of Candelaria’s seemingly unhinged recent rants, he called for Princeton University to rescind U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz’s (R-TX) diploma for his vote to not certify an alleged fraudulent presidential election, while another tweet said he would oppose U.S. Rep. Yvette Herrell (R-NM) from speaking before a joint session of the New Mexico Legislature, as is customary for all congressional representatives. 

He wrote, “I will object to @RepHerrell addressing joint NM Leg session, as is our custom, now or ever. I will not allow our Senate to be yet another prop and forum for her to spread conspiracy theories and lies.”

The dramatic state legislator did not elaborate on what exactly he percieved as “conspiracy theories and lies,” however, it is clear that for some reason Candelaria appears to have a deep-seated hatred for Herrell, New Mexico’s newly elected congresswoman in the Second District. 


2 thoughts on “Leftist lawmaker: Rep. Herrell’s Legislative speech would be a ‘prop’ to spread ‘conspiracy theories’”

  1. Senator Candelario needs to grow a set of balls and stop being a “cry baby”! I still believe we live in the land of the free and have the right to express our opinions. I don’t agree with him, but I did not condemn him!

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