The battle has just begun. Stand up and fight like hell, patriots.

While American patriots marched from the White House to the U.S. Capitol to demand members of the U.S. House and U.S. Senate vote not to certify a certainly fraudulent election, those supposed “leaders,” including Vice President Mike Pence and traitorous members of Congress defied the will of the people and certified an illegitimate election in favor of Joe Biden.

All the information about how protesters got inside the U.S. Capitol and who they truly are is still a mystery. However, some Americans’ actions–good and bad–will forever remain in the history books as a monumental start to what will be a battle for our nation.

This was the point in history beyond reconciliation. Americans finally saw those in public office who are fighters for the Constitution and those who are sellouts to the Washington, D.C. swamp. Only 147 brave public officials in Congress stood up and rejected the stolen election, while the rest revealed their true colors.

This battle for our nation will be long, hard-fought, and be the start of many more clashes between crooks who look to cling to their power and those who get up every day to fight for Americans across our country who only want goodness and rightness for what is left of our republic. 

As they have done for the past four years, the Radical Left–aided by the biased media machine and big tech oligarchs–will continue to try and discredit us, shame us, and tear us down for supporting our President. They will doxx us, they will try to break our families apart, get us fired from our jobs, spread rumors about us, and maybe most importantly, try to kill our spirit.

These attacks, aided by a spineless and hollow “Republican” establishment, will not cease. If anything, they will get louder, more emboldened, and increasingly violent. Many GOP “leaders” will cry out against us, but their self-centered manufactured outrage must not matter to us. The bloodshed of patriots will not matter to them as they defile and curdle the very identity of our nation.

But we, as New Mexicans and Americans, must never stop fighting for our values and against fraudulent elections that happen far too often in our state. The crooks have been taking over our government for decades, but if we do not fight back now, there won’t be a country left to save.

Take courage, my fellow patriots. The fight will be long and hard, but I will be fighting right alongside you every step of the way. The enemy’s voice may be loud, but ours is louder. Never, ever stop fighting for our Country. Do it for our children and our children’s children. Their future depends on our actions now. 

What you can do:

Stand up and fight like hell, patriots. 

Join a pro-Trump protest in your community, such as one that happens each Saturday in front of the New Mexico state Capitol in Santa Fe. 

Connect with your local Republican Party, and if the leaders of that local chapter are RINOs (Republicans in Name Only), organize other patriots to attend meetings and vote the establishment out in numbers.

Despite Democrat leaders locking the public out of the Capitol for the upcoming Legislative Session, show up anyway in numbers and demand they hear your voices. Scream and shout as loud as your voices can carry you. Do not stop writing your legislators’ offices and inundating their inboxes about bills and amendments until they can’t take it anymore. 

Ram down these legislators’ throats the demand for free and fair elections, without crooked operating systems tallying votes and late-night ballot dumps of fraudulent “absentee” ballots that have been sitting in closets and suitcases. Demand Voter ID, purging of illegitimate voters on the rolls, and ballot harvesting. 

Consider runs for public office in your communities. Take out RINO politicians who vote with Democrats, such as many of the state representatives and senators who currently sit in the Santa Fe Capitol. Find those who did not stand up and fight and demand they tell you why. Why did they cower in fear while New Mexicans suffer? Look up their freedom scores on places like the Rio Grande Foundation and the American Conservative Union. If they don’t represent your values, mount primary challenges to them and boot them the hell out of office. The same thing goes for every other elected office across our state. If they don’t fight for us, then fire them.

If we organize in numbers to take back our government one step at a time, we will. Never stop resisting tyranny and never stop looking toward the horizon at what we can do if we work together and finally take out the trash that has been rotting in the Santa Fe and Washington, D.C. swamps. I am with you, my fellow patriots. We must all stick together and remember that there a lot more of us than there are of them. Stop the steal.


5 thoughts on “The battle has just begun. Stand up and fight like hell, patriots.”

    1. They were either paid to let the protestors in, or they were absolutely incompetent.

      How is a rock concert able to contain a crowd of fans, but the Capitol building, Washington DC can’t plan effective security ahead of a crowd of hundreds of thousands?

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  3. J. Nadine Hamilton
    I am interested in connecting with truly real genuine bleed red, white & blue American Patriots. Who are in the same like minded agreement. A real war has been waged against us by the left who are Standing, United Together, Organized & heavily engaged and FIGHTING in their war against us. They are proving to me as my enemy they mean what say say what they mean & acting showing me that I believe . my Enemy at this point. Unfornately we are not taking the left serious enough to know we need to have to must engage & FIGHT in this war literally if we want to win take our country back save our country our FREEDOM Everything that is at stake! Biden has made a clear statement. That our Constition is in danger by him to be absolve & no more. He said no admendment is absolute he intends to remove amendments in our Constition that are absolutely absolute! It is the supreme law of the land! He is supposed to protect it defend it not do away with it! It is every American Patriot oath taker or not responsibility to protect defend fight to save our Constition! It is our duty it is expected & we must not fail to do our duty! Look you should know I’m with apart off who has trying to wake & convey we have to we must fight. We are past talking working things out even I informed we are past casting a vote a battle at the ballot box. This digital soldiers meme war bs is absolutely ridiculous to believe this is a real battle areal fight in a real war that we can use to win! NO! ABSOLUTELY NOT! This only served the purpose of waking American Patriots up & distributing information, knowledge is power & all of us needed to know. However, it is 1776 again however, much worse! The time of using peace to peacefully resolve matters is not possible. It is time we must face the fact that it is time to use Force to enforce our law rule of law the law of the land & with force, make our Tyrannical TYRANNY TREASONOUS TRAITOROUS DOMESTIC ENEMY GOVERNMENT and TERRORISTS! Abide by our law our rule of law or we will loose it all! I am not one for violence however, it is time to actually go physically engage in this war LAWFULLY exercising our 2A right to use Force as our Forefathers intended us to have the power to be able to do so!!! Yes it will be bloody gory & over before it begins however it must be done by force is the only way or we loose our country FREEDOM all of it! So time is of essence for us to act! We need to organize immediately! Who? Who among you, will stand & fight with me for God & country our FREEDOM & our Constition? Is there any among you willing to do so? If so, please act quickly so we can organize immediately and take our country back!

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