NMSU professor and fmr. ‘NeverTrumper’ jumps on Trump Train, blasts leftist school president’s letter

Over the weekend, David K. Clements, a business law professor at New Mexico State University (NMSU) and former candidate for U.S. Senate in 2014, broke his silence on a left-wing letter the University President, John D. Floros, was disseminating.

Clements, who described himself as a “NeverTrumper,” said he did not vote for Trump or Clinton in 2016, but he did vote for the 45th President in 2020. 

In the video, he describes the double-standards he sees reeking from the left as they work to discredit and lie about the protesters who entered the U.S. Capitol on January 6th, interrupting a joint session of Congress as they prepared to vote on certification of the allegedly fraudulent presidential election.

“I don’t like making these type[s] of videos. I like my privacy. I don’t like confrontation, but I feel compelled to respond to an email that was sent yesterday by the President of the University because I feel someone needs to speak up for a large segment of the University that is silent,” said Clements. He added, “I hope to give you an idea of what a Trump voter might look like because right now, I’m seeing all kinds of things being sent through social media online that has equated Trump voters as ‘traitors,’ as ‘treasonous scum,’ as ‘racist.’” 

“75 million people–at least–voted for President Trump,” Clements noted. He mentioned one of these liberals dehumanizing Trump voters, state Rep. Liz Thomson (D-Albuquerque), who wrote on her Twitter account that Trump voters should be “forever branded with a Scarlet S for seditionist.” The Piñon Post previously reported on this statement by Thomson. 

He then read from the letter NMSU President Floros penned. 

“Wednesday was a scary and difficult day. The heart of our democratic institutions, in the building that symbolizes freedom and democratic ideals around the world, was brutally attacked by an angry mob incited by a group of demagogues claiming to represent ‘true’ American values.” wrote Floros in the letter.

Clements opined, “Let me stop right there. Our cities were on fire… Kenosha, Wisconsin, was on fire. Parts of Minneapolis were burned to the ground. Courthouses were set on fire, police precincts were destroyed. I never got an email from the president condemning mob violence that was perpetrated by Antifa or Black Lives Matter, but we get this now. Hundreds of millions of dollars in damage and we are told time and time again that ‘riots are the voice of the unheard.’”  

Clements added how he was “offended that this is the email you’re going to send to faculty when you have been largely silent while cities have burned–people have lost their businesses, homes.” 

He went on to go through the rest of the NMSU president’s letter and explained that when he ran for U.S. Senate, he dealt with people who tried to push him around. He said, “I don’t have tolerance for bullies,” regarding a lawsuit one of his opponents filed against him, and he got dismissed with prejudice. 

Watch Clements’ full video below:

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  3. Morgan O'Donnell Jr

    The education system has set the tone and the message with the media. If you do not follow that narrative, you are anti-american and racisit.

    1. Thank you for speaking out. I have a teenager and my husband and I are considering military instead of higher education because of indoctrination. I would rather she fight on a battlefield for her country, rather than college in this democratic-forced age. Please let these kids find a position and be able to defend regardless of what side they choose. That is why we want them to join higher education.

    2. Yes thank you to this professor. I have expressed similar sentiments to family and close friends as I know I would be fired if I said anything publicly. The frustration that led to the mob is rooted in the same frustration that let to the previous riots but rather than deal with the inequality all around the media and leadership keeps pitting group against group deepening the divide

  4. Refreshing to hear a professor be on the side of truth. Thank you for speaking out to correct the false narrative.. I applaud your bravery – standing up to your “boss”.

  5. Thank you for your courageous voice professor! We stand with you. Our son is a proud graduate of NMSU. We sent our hard earned dollars there. We believe most of Southeastern and rural New Mexico stands with you! We needed to hear this! Everyone needs to hear video! Very well done!
    With appreciation,
    Robert & Susan Garnett

  6. Dear Professor Clements: Thank you for speaking up to defend the truth. It takes courage these days just to simply say the truth. If more people did that, we would not be in the situation we are now. I hope that you keep up the resistance to the false narrative. My son graduated from NMSU. It makes me happy to know that there is at least one honest professor there. Maybe more professors will speak up because of your example.

  7. Thank you for your video and speaking out. In this country it gets harder each day to keep courage as the false outrage from the left gets worse as days go by. I too received a similar emai at work today and responding to it would indeed cost me my job. I honestly don’t know how much longer I can endure such responses from my company, which has 12k employees and lauds itself on being good to those employees. Everyone, even a CEO has a right to their opinion but when they voice it in an email as their CEO it it nothing more than oppression to those that do not agree with them. I’ve taken a cynical view of college professors so your video has completely shocked my system and has forced me to keep an open mind. Keep up your good work, it is wonderful to know professors like you are still out there..

  8. I am a NMSU Alumni and was a strong supporter of the university until the hiring of this left wing socialist as the President. I am no longer a supporter and will not support the Socialist agenda. I applaud Professor Clements for having the courage to stand up to the Left. We need more and more educators to take a stand.

  9. This guy is a hack and truly drinking the conservative trump flavored koolaid.

    I wonder how many other people will throw away their lives, their jobs, and represent cognitive dissonance in the name of trump.

    1. Yep, this is where we find ourselves now in America. If you speak out with a view that isn’t in line with people like “NEVER EVER TRUMP,” you must be silenced. But not just silenced, you must be terminated, and your life ruined, Is Professor Clement the only faculty member at NMSU who can actually think for himself or is the indoctrination process complete (except for this one renegade)?

  10. If the Left is so righteous, why are they fighting against a special congressional commission to investigate alleged electoral fraud? They are so sure (well, only 60% are so sure there was no election fraud according to recent polls) there was no fraud or little fraud (exactly how much is tolerable?), allow a fair, witnessed forensic audit. They won’t because they know in their hearts there’s no way their candidates won; they are not as ignorant to the truth as they would have everyone believe. On Wednesday, January 20, 2021, by the grace of God I hope it is proven that ‘cheaters never win and liars never prosper’ and instead of welcoming Beijing Biden into our honorable White House, they welcome him back to his basement, or jail for knowingly participating in the election fraud, afterall, if he believed in the outcome he could of himself called for an investigation.

  11. You might consider looking at the facts and avoid your fake news. Professor Clements was kind enough to provide them for you and your fellow doubters before the documents were scrubbed to suppress them from the public.

    Your comments about wondering ‘how many other people will throw away their lives, their jobs, and represent cognitive dissonance in the name of trump’ sounds absolutely communistic, threatening, and ridiculous when you consider over 73 million support President Donald Trump. A Democracy is not about censorship, or have you forgotten?

    Come on man, you really believe Bunker Biden, who campaigned from his basement, eventually appeared at rallies to few supporters and sometimes had no idea where he was or if he was running for Senate or President (It’s a FACT your mainstream media rarely showed; look it up)? Beijing Biden picked fights with those who questioned his and his son’s corruption (it’s a FACT, look it up), back-peddled on his campaign promises, and at times refused to answer his position on key issues stating “elect me and you will find out my position” this guy? You honestly believe this joke received more votes than any other candidate in history despite President Trump having earned a huge lead at the end of November 3rd election day (another proven FACT)?

    “Trump flavored koolaid”? How genious of you.

    1. William Memphis Allen

      You are an idiot. We can see clearly that you cannot think properly for yourself. You have to plagiarize other’s opinions who only care about money. and they understand how ignorant and misguided you really are; a mindless zombie.

  12. Support the Professor!! Universities are hot beds of hate America teaching!! Support David Clements!! Thank you Sir.

  13. Thank you Professor Clements for telling the truth of what you have seen and experienced . It’s time to stand for what we believe in .Violence over the summer was tremendous with not many eyes on it. It was also terrible at the event at the capital. Why isn’t it treated the same ? Violence is violence ! Wrong is wrong .

  14. Thank you for your courage, sir. We in corporate America get tired of insinuations and outright statements that come down from on high that we are all somehow inherently racist as if it is the modern day original sin. There is but one truth and it doesn’t matter who speaks it or their political affiliation. If you are against violence them it must be for all violence.

  15. Professor Clements, Thank you for speaking out against the political and social bias in Academia. Your courage is admirable. I pray you won’t have to suffer professional consequences. I’m concerned about this growing attitude on our politics and culture. I back you 100%.

  16. Thank God there are reasonable and courageous people like you that are willing to take a stand and speak up for what is right.

  17. I found the remarks of the Chancellor on Jan 7 to be even more divisive:

    It has also become a tool to amplify the power of one. It has grown into an instrument of influence with no filter and no accountability. In the hands of the current president, it has become a means of endlessly repeating patently false information, sowing discord and contempt, and inciting violence – so much so that major social media platforms have now taken the extraordinary measure of blocking his access.

    Yesterday, President-elect Joe Biden summarized it this way: “At their best, the words of a president can inspire. At their worst, they can incite.”

    The voices of our leaders matter. Their words, shared and amplified by social media, have tremendous power. As I reflect on the events in Washington yesterday and the legacy of this president, I am reminded of how important it is for leaders to be ever mindful of the impact of our words. Are we striving to inspire or to incite?

  18. Thank you, Professor, for your courage to speak the truth. I pray you will not be silenced by those who SHOULD defend free speech and who SHOULD want students to be able to discuss issues and reach thoughtful decisions. I hope your students appreciate how fortunate they are to have someone with your bravery who is not afraid to speak up in this cancel culture we now find ourselves. God bless you.

  19. Thank you, Professor, for your courage and your regard for the truth. I wish there were some like you here at my University. The refusal of many in power to engage in honest and inclusive(!) dialog will prolong the division and unrest in this country. We could be so much better than this.

  20. Thank you Professor Clements for standing when so many are cowering out of fear of retaliation for speaking their mind. I believe this silencing started with me during the Obama administration. If you didn’t like the president or his policies often I was given a label ( one not deserved)! You know history repeats itself, but with a different twist. I keep rembering Germany before WWII and what gradually happened to the Jews. Are we heading in a similar direction? We all need to stand up and be counted for freedom!

  21. Thank you Professor Clements for speaking out. My husband and I sent our youngest child to NMSU in the Fall of 2015. She graduated in the Summer of 2020 with two Bachelor’s degrees and a Master’s degree. We thought she was lucky since she received a scholarship where NMSU paid for her tuition and most of her expenses; she was able to graduate without any student loans. What I realize now is that the “full ride” came at a cost:: she now considers me her enemy. If I could do one thing in my life over, I would not have sent her to NMSU.

  22. Professor Clements: You did not name the less Constitutionally and less critical-thinking-inclined faculty. For this reason, I am positive that most of them dwell in the Breland Hall. But then, most NMSU graduates who listened to you here probably say the same thing about their own experience on this campus.

    You did not question funding for the football/basketball programs, so your job is safe.

  23. Well said, Prof. Clements. You are a modern patriot who would make the Founders proud.
    The dems are using Orwell’s novels 1984 and The Animal Farm as guidebooks instead of warnings of tyrannical excesses. Politically the Republicans have been disgustingly self serving in their failure to support the Trump agenda and the Constitution, and dems’ tyranny, arrogance and ignorance is the result.

  24. Charlotte Crompton

    Thank you, Professor Clements, for speaking up on behalf of all who believe in having honest discussions about important matters. Too many have been silenced by those who want to control those who disagree with them. I hope you have given courage to others who have been reluctant to speak out.

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