On her way to the unemployment line, Torres Small takes futile jab at President Trump

While President Donald Trump fights for $2,000 checks for struggling Americans and cuts to the pork-filled Democrat COVID-19 “relief” bill passed through the Congress, one-term Rep. Xochitl Torres Small is taking her last jabs at the President on her way to the unemployment line.

Torres Small, a consistent opponent of President Trump, said that she would stand with other obstructionist Congress members in opposing the President’s veto of the $600 stimulus checks and billions in foreign aid in the bill meant to serve as COVID-19 relief. The bill also included $25 million for democracy and “gender studies” programs in Pakistan, funding to the Kennedy Center, and other non-COVID items.

She tweeted, “I will continue to stand up for our service members and vote to override this veto.”

“This bill — passed by both the House & Senate — is a result of bipartisan, months-long negotiations & will support our troops by authorizing a well-deserved pay raise. It’s critical the President puts our nat’l security & service members 1st by signing the NDAA into law,” she added.

Torres Small votes with Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) 94% of the time, and she has bashed President Trump as a “racist,” while taking campaign cash from socialist Rep. Ilhan Omar and dark money fringe-groups. 

The people of New Mexico’s Second Congressional District, despite alleged massive fraud across the state, sent Torres Small packing after her radical agenda was uncovered by the Piñon Post and her opponent, incoming Rep.-elect Yvette Herrell of Alamogordo. 

Herrell will take office in January, while Torres Small takes bitter jabs at the 45th president on her way out the door. 


1 thought on “On her way to the unemployment line, Torres Small takes futile jab at President Trump”

  1. Good riddance to Socialist Torres Small. Her socialist agenda did not reflect the conservative values of her district in southern New Mexico, where I live. At last we have Yvette Herrell, who is pro God, pro guns, pro Trump and pro America, reflective of Congressional District 2.

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